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Is this Paranormal Activity or am I Going Crazy?

I was approached recently by a woman for a session. She wasn’t sure what she needed as she wasn’t sure what was going on. This client (let’s call her Madge) had been having ongoing paranormal activity for about 9 years! She’s been generous enough to share her story with you all, having read this blog and agreeing to everything that’s been written.

Despite asking many people, none had been able to tell her what it is or isn’t. Madge described the activity as kinetic that came and went. She was unsure whether it was malevolent or benevolent. Sometimes the activity was protective and sometimes destructive, making her wonder whether there were many.

Through emails, Madge’s story began to unfold. In 2008 she and her family had “endured about 8 months of intense activity in the house. Furniture was spontaneously broken, huge crashing noises, smoke detectors sounding in odd ways at odd times, and this horrible oppressive feeling in the house.” Wow this was getting interesting! That’s one very talented soul who’s gained some pretty impressive poltergeist techniques to scare and intimidate.

Eventually, the energy started to feel really menacing, which is when she called in a person to clean the house. Madge attempted to confront the source of the energy, using her most adamant and protective formidable energy. It seemed to backfire. After the house was cleaned the malicious energy was gone and seemed to stay gone but Madge believed that the mischievous energy remained but only attached to her. It has been this way since 2008. Even when Madge has moved or taken a vacation it has stayed with her.

Most people would feel like they were going crazy! Madge was intuitive and sensitive enough to understand it was an external source and wasn’t just a figment of her imagination. What was most significant was that it interfered with her attempts to rebuild her life and career “in terrible ways”. She noted “It can be interesting or wildly destructive, either of my path or of physical things, but not menacing, per se. I’ve spent years trying to understand the source of this activity. I’m a little worried that this connection will be obstructed by whatever it is.”

Madge was resigned to the constant interference until a couple of weeks ago when something she’d needed for an appointment went missing “almost in front of my eyes (I dropped it between my knees onto the floor at my feet and when I bent down to retrieve it, it was gone) and I missed the appointment.” This was the last straw for Madge and motivated her to ask for help again.

I would describe this paranormal interference as an astral entity; a soul that’s attached to her. I tend to use the term ‘astral entity’ when they are attached to your energy field and ‘earthbound spirit’ when they are attached to your home. I perform Astral Entity Clearings to locate and release any spirits/souls attached to a person or their home.

An Astral Entity Clearing is beneficial for both you and the entities involved. We are all soul, all Beings of Love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. An Astral Entity Clearing is a wondrous and powerful healing that enables a lost soul to be reunited with Source, to continue it’s transmigration to it’s next right place of expression.

Even when an entity is wreaking havoc and sounds scary and fearsome (like this one!) I always go in with the same intention – to treat them as lost and confused souls who need to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Some need to be blasted with love so all the shields, that tough scary exterior, just falls away. To her credit, Madge never spoke of psychic attack or using language that suggested fear of something sinister out to get her. I imagine it felt like that often but she had a strong sense of self that made it harder to feel ‘attacked’ and needing to be defended or saved.

This session was jinxed from the start, to the point where Madge gave up and decided she couldn’t persevere! Despite being pretty good with technology, Madge ran into online interference and obstacles to setting up a Skype or Messenger account that we could have our session with. Her experience in the past was that these blocks tended to be impenetrable.

She ran into this more often when attempting to communicate with someone who can help her eliminate this energy. This entity (or entities) were either highly protective of Madge or defending their attachment to her, and skilled at distorting and interfering with technology to get their way! Any reasonable person would have felt like they were mentally unhinged with all of this going on in their life so regularly.

In preparation, I gave her words and prayers to say just so we could have the session. I didn’t feel any fear so I guessed that this tactic will have an affect and wouldn’t exacerbate the situation. We didn’t want to upset the entity and make them go on the defensive but then again, Madge didn’t need to put up with this a moment longer! These words served as a clear shift in her tolerance levels. It’s funny what we can put up with! It’s funny how something that’s annoying can become normal if it persists long enough. And then one day you are ready to shout “ENOUGH! This ends now. This has gone in too long. This behaviour is unacceptable! I will not tolerate your interference in my life. You do NOT have my permission. You do NOT impose on me and my sovereign right Stop it NOW!” By putting her foot down and using the clear conviction of intent, Madge put them on notice.

I also recommended she call in Archangel Michael for assistance and support too if she needed: “I call on Archangel Michael to assist and support me in releasing this Astral Entity and stopping ALL interference. I ask that Archangel Michael remove this being from every level, layer and dimension – through time and space – so that it is no longer a part of my life.”

I have to admit I was thoroughly intrigued by now and was really looking forward to the Astral Entity Clearing session. It is always a mystery unfolding for me too!

The first entity that announced her presence was an aunt of Madge’s. This isn’t unusual – a soul will look for the most familiar, most comforting people first before looking further afield. This aunt was attracted to Madge because she felt like a kindred spirit. She was there to protect Madge, to teach her that she deserved to be protected, and to teach her love and care. This aunt said that Madge needed to be more accepting to receive this love and care rather than just being of service to others.

The next was a male, who Madge also recognised as a lover and friend from the past, Henry. Henry was attracted to her because he’s been trying to fix her up with his brother. He worried about his brother. She needed the confirmation that he was there because he loved women in a beautiful affirming loving way. He wanted her to know that. He died after suffering for about 20 years of addiction and confusion. Henry put others in harm’s way and felt bad. He trusted Madge. He’s here to teach Madge that she was loveable. He needed her more than she needed him.

Finally, Madge was drawn to two souls together who she easily identified as her grandfather (who died before she was born) and her father. Her father had suffered post war PTSD that had not been well regulated and so he’d been scary to be around as a child.

Now he was ashamed of himself because he hadn’t known how to control himself in life. He hadn’t known what was wrong with him and hadn’t known what to do. He was proud of being a good soldier but not of how he behaved afterwards. Madge’s father was there to tell her how much he loved all his children, and that he couldn’t express this in life.

Madge’s grandfather was protecting her father’s dignity. Madge’s grandfather thanked Madge for taking care and acting as an advocate for his wife. Madge’s grandfather was there to teach her compassion, empathy, caring for others that can’t care for themselves. He wanted her to take responsibility to care for the souls of the people around her. He wanted her to protect the dignity of those people. He understood this was already part of her ethics as a nurse and mom.

After the clearing, Madge had three days of increased “obnoxious activity”- her television went on by itself one morning. She felt her aunt, father and grandfather had all passed, but that her ex-lover and the two other unidentified souls present, hence the residual activity. Then around day three, she felt a shift and it seemed that the unidentified souls also departed.

Madge described: “Life has become easier and I have really noticed that my thought process is significantly clearer. Organization and execution is much smoother…

The hardest thing I had to do was let Henry go. I pretty much sobbed every time I thought of him for about two weeks. It was very surprising for me. There was this intense grief for him, his life ending sooner than it should and seemingly without a clear purpose because of his addiction, and the end of my youth and that first real important love. Then one day, he indicated to me that he had done for me what he wanted to do, opening my heart to the possibility of new love and purpose. Then in my minds eye, he turned around and walked away. And I haven’t wept since.

Life is currently quieter and simpler at the moment. I don’t feel as if I am going to get sick again any time soon. I think that I will have just the normal obstacles and challenges.”

That’s such a great outcome! It’s great that interference has reduced and she’s made peace with these souls…especially Henry. It’s so beautiful that she’s been able (and willing!) to assist him to finally cross over fully. It sounds like it was deeply healing on both sides. That’s the ideal; to assist these souls to transition to their next right place of expression and freeing the person up to have all of their energy where they see fit.

Art by David Heskin

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What a Difference a Year Makes

In 2017 my focus shifted from professional intuitive/Akashic Record Reader towards spiritual coach/healer. It was such a subtle shift I didn’t even notice it happening!

It began by creating a Tune In Session – to coach clients one on one with the help of their spirit guides. This was one part spirit guide message and one part exercise – often an approach given to me by their spirit guides.

My work started becoming more and more experiential and creative. I started to accumulate a huge resource of channeled exercises and practices. I needed to change my title so I started using ‘professional intuitive and spiritual coach’ to better reflect what I was being called to do.

I was already offering Astral Entity Clearings; guiding clients to connect with and communicate with the earthbound spirits that had attached to their energy body, then assist these souls to cross over. We are all soul, all Beings of love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. Now I was being called on to offer new energy clearings.

2017 was very much about clearing old patterns and beliefs. This was clear by my work. I was approached by clients needing to relinquish toxic or dysfunctional ties to loved ones and ex lovers. So I started offering Cord Cutting sessions to energetically release these draining and depleting psychic cords.

I began to attract more and more Deceased Loved Ones Readings – where clients needed to check on their loved ones who’d recently passed over and check they were doing well. These became a regular Reading and gave me the most profound experiences along with my client’s (read: )

I began unpacking my own family: writing about ‘Ancestors – Skeletons in the Family Closet’. I shared my fascination with genealogy and epigenetics as a way to fully understand myself.

This led to more channeled resources – this time an energy clearing that specifically cleared generational patterns: a Generational Patterns Clearing. It is an incredible session I heartily recommend to anyone with a difficult family dynamic…so just about everyone!

I was also approached by a beautiful client to assist her through her spiritual awakening. She was becoming frustrated by how easily affected she was by external events and people. She would loose her high vibration and be sucked into other people’s stuff too easily.

I wrote a new ‘Raise Your Vibration’ course designed for those experiencing spiritual awakening or who’ve been on the spiritual path a long time without training and the spiritual tools to help them help themselves. It became over 300 pages of theory and practice – giving my client loads to background before bringing it into the physical with real spiritual tools she now has at her disposal.

The ‘Raise Your Vibration’ course has also helped me to really understand the beliefs I had learned in my own spiritual awakening and my own core practices developed over the past 26 years (and counting!). It was like doing a spiritual life review!! It raised all the subtle shifts in perspective needed to not just have spiritual beliefs but to live a spiritual life…that’s being and living your spiritual beliefs all day every day!

In the process I used the revelations from the 21 day retreat I participated in in India at the beginning of 2017. This was such a life changing experience I am still processing it!! One year on! During the retreat I remembered traumatic childhood events where I popped out of my body to float above, at ceiling level, cradled in the arms of my guardian angel. This ability came in handy for spiritual work – I could slip easily from my shell and felt intimately connected to myself on a soul level as well as my spirit guides. I’d been hanging out with them ever since I could remember!

I had spent my life developing my upper chakras, training in how to leave my body at will and meet spirit. I had developed my intuitive gifts (working hard night after night as a spirit rescue worker) and learned how to channel their information for the benefit of others.

I also discovered the downside to this ability…I had all but abandoned my lower chakras! I was pretty much numb from the waist down! In the the 21 day retreat I discovered I needed to remember how to embody my physical form more fully and not pop out of my body when the going got tough.

The ‘Raise Your Vibration’ course gives others on the spiritual path the spiritual tools to access themselves on a soul level THROUGH the body – not out of it. It used all the wisdom I’d learned – what to do but most importantly what not to do!

I continue to learn and explore this for myself and am returning to India to participate in 12 days of the retreat in mid February. Chameli Ardagh has become my most trusted teacher and I also look forward to going to satsang with Chameli’s teacher, Shantimayi for a few days after the retreat. My own personal and professional development continues!

But it kept on! 2017 just relentless and kept pushing me on! My Akashic Record teacher, Anna Sayce, contacted me to be a guest blogger on her website (I really love writing!) followed by a request to offer energy clearings for empaths. Another energy clearing! In consultation with Anna, I created the Empath Aura Cleanse. This is a huge multifaceted energy clearing that has incredible far-reaching results.

So here I was, a ‘professional intuitive and spiritual coach’ doing more energy clearings than Akashic Record Readings! My role had subtly shifted through the year, so imperceptibly I hadn’t even noticed! By December I was scratching my head and recoiling at the thought of having inadvertently become a healer (past life stuff, don’t ask!!).

I felt deeply uncomfortable with the new role and unsure whether I could genuinely help people to heal. I’d spent years telling everyone “I am not a healer” and referring them to others! Yet here I was being lured unsuspectingly into this role. Yes, it was really pushing my buttons.

You can’t imagine what the future holds! Even with an absolutely intimate connection with my spirit guides nothing they could have said would have prepared me for this. So rather than give me the chance to panic my spirit guides stayed quiet and told me to “wait and see!”. They have just allowed this healer aspect to unfold so gently and easily. I do love my spirit guides! They know how I would have fought this and no doubt rebelled and tried to thwart it!!

So what does 2018 hold for me? Who knows!! I’m wise enough not to ask! I’d much rather allow it to unfold gently and easily. I know I’m loved, guided and protected. There’s absolutely nothing to fear. And I am so passionately on fire with all that I want to achieve in my work! If anything, there’s not enough hours in the day for all that I’m driven to achieve!

I absolutely love seeing the shifts, both subtle and dramatic, in my beautiful clients. It’s a thrill I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. I love assisting others. I meet the most amazing soulful women from all over the world and share raw moments of connection and revelation on a deep and profound level.

Even healers need healers. We all need an external helping hand to validate and confirm we’re on the right track and to inspire us towards even greater things! I am an open and clear channel for Spirit to work with me and through me. I hold myself to very high standards and work with great integrity, honesty and as much authenticity as I can.

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How to Attract Abundance in 2018

Welcome to 2018! How has the new year celebrations and reflections been for you?

If you’re anything like me you’ll have spent a lot of time reflecting on your 2017 successes and failures: to see what you want to attract more of – and less of!

My achievements in 2017 would be my tenaciousness and passion to stick to what I am doing. I have absolute conviction that I am doing exactly what I came here to do and all I need to do is to keep on keeping on and see the opportunities as they arise.

2018 on the other hand is another story altogether. I am hoping to really push the envelope and stretch waaay outside of my comfort zone…still with absolute ease and flow if my spirit guides have anything to do about it! They’re busy lining up the ducks now in preparation…it’s just up to me to step up to the challenge!!

2018 is an opportunity to attract all that you want in life. So what do you choose?

I choose:
• To create ever greater connection with my loved ones

• Abundance in all areas of my life

• To be a spiritual thought leader

• To be a catalyst for change in the lives of others

• To create a sense of peacefulness in the lives of others

• To experience great strides in my growth with ease and flow

• To reach a wider audience to connect with those who resonate with me

• To continue to learn and grow in my connection to Spirit that never stops inspiring me!

This time, this portal, sets you up for the coming year. This portal sets your intentions for 2018. So it’s really important to reflect and choose. It remains open well into January…so there’s still time! It is an opportunity to look back over the past 12 months and reflect on what has been.

This is such an incredibly creative portal right now. You are a co-creator of your own reality. The options are endless. You are only limited by your imagination! Choose carefully and choose well!

All that’s needed is for you to decide. Choose what you want. You just need to know what you want and how to get it.
Are you ready to sink into a new level of reality that truly reflects who you truly and celebrates your soul’s gifts and passion?

This is your time to choose. The steps will come when awareness is there. Do not write a ‘to do’ list of New Years resolutions to guilt trip yourself over in a few months.

How you choose to use this time is entirely up to you.

In order to attract abundance in 2018 you need to look back over 2017, before setting on motion exactly what you choose to attract for are a few steps to get you started…

Step 1
Reflect on 2017. What was your purpose? What brought meaning to your life? What brought happiness and excitement into your life? What made your heart sing? Where did you have successes? Do you want more of that? How do you attract more of that into your life?

Are you ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer? Do you want to engage with life on a deeper more inspiring level?

Step 2
What needs to change?

Maybe your job/career hasn’t fulfilled you and you’re looking for something new where you would feel appreciated and stimulated.

Maybe your relationships aren’t fulfilling and you crave greater connection.

Maybe you are looking for greater connection in your relationship with yourself.

Maybe after reflecting you can see the self-limiting patterns and beliefs holding you back from love.

Maybe after reflecting you can see the underlying patterns and beliefs holding you back from happiness…

So, how to break the patterns? (hint: I’ll help you in the following steps!)

Step 3
Ask your spirit guides to assist you in any way they can.

They really aren’t invested in any one direction or choice. All that matters is that you choose! Then they have a clear direction to set the ducks up for you!

Step 4
Exercise: How to Attract Abundance in 2018

This is an exercise to help you clarify exactly what you want to attract into your life in 2018.

Write a letter as if describing the life you already have. Share intimate details of your love, laughter and special moments shared on a day to day basis as if you are writing to a trusted friend and confidante.

Describe your life as if your friend hasn’t seen you in a long time and you are filling them in on all that’s changed in your life. Be careful what you wish for! Be thorough and try not to miss anything out.

Look at the life style you lead and how you would like to improve it. Roll it into a container under your pillow. Spend a few minutes before sleep holding the container and feeling the love and happiness that you give and receive from this life.

Describe how you see yourself FEELING as if it’s already happened. Imagine what you have as if it is already occurring (a happy, loving relationship) rather than what you want or hope or wish for as this only leads the Universe to fulfull your need to want or hope or wish.

Take note of the gaps in you and your ability to give and receive this kind of relationship. This exercise is also helpful in seeing who you are most attracting to being yourself and aspects you need to work on yourself.

Your purpose is great…now is the time to step into your soul’s higher purpose. If you are ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer, if you want to engage with life on a deeper more inspiring level, I am here for you.

If you need to really understand what’s in store for you in 2018 and how to squeeze the most out of this year then consider having a session with me. Spiritual coaching addresses what’s coming up for you now, with exercises and practices to help you bring it to fruition. You will see real results!

I am available for face to face spiritual coaching sessions via Skype from the comfort of your home.

Contact me for a 15 minute free consultation to find out more…

Art By Dimitra Milan

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