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Spiritual Practice

The spiritual path is not a destination. It is a journey through ever changing terrain. I continue to learn and explore for myself and am returning to India to participate in 12 days of a retreat from mid February to early March. My own personal and professional development continues!

Chameli Ardagh has become my most trusted teacher. Chameli is a teacher, author, and founder of The Awakening Women Institute. Chameli is a master story-teller, using metaphor to explore archetypal truths that were as true centuries ago as they are now.

Spiritual principles can be translated into a practical methodology to use in life. They are not esoteric abstract mythologies or practices.

The myths and stories are metaphors for life. She describes the ancient goddess myths of India, bringing a fresh perspective and her own profound inner wisdom. Myths document patterns, web consciousness. They describe different maps beyond the physical. They point at connections and patterns that aren’t anchored within our perceived reality. Chameli enriches and expands my worldview in life changing ways. She uses these stories to teach, entertain and to move, combining communication and teaching.

As Chameli puts it, these ancient goddess myths are used as a map to understand “how we came to build our identity upon the imagined split between form and the formless. The longing to integrate our fragmented knowledge can be fulfilled through a descent of consciousness into the body. We discover the spaciousness inside the density of form and awaken our capacity to embrace all of ourselves and the world in the luminous intelligence of the heart.”

The true joy of spiritual practice is that it is so uniquely individual. There is no one-size-fits-all. We are all such a unique cocktail of soul gifts and urges, what works for one person will not necessarily work for anyone else.

This incredibly personal experience is often described in terms that make spiritual practice seem mysterious and obscure. Spiritual practice is experienced differently and uniquely for each individual. This is not done to hide the truth or to be purposely difficult to imitate! It is because most spiritual experience goes so far beyond words, so far beyond everyday experience, as to be near impossible to describe! The very essence of spiritual practice is that it offers the individual a firsthand experience of something that cannot—and should not—be articulated.

Exploring Spiritual Practices
Are you ready? Are you willing to step into the great unknown?
Do you want to have your own direct spiritual experience?

Can you set aside your fears and truly embrace what cannot be described in words or theories or philosophies? Can you embrace Spirit in all of its mystery and magnificence? For us to truly explore this life in every level, layer and dimension takes great courage.

Three Tips to Embrace your Spiritual Experiences:
1. Shed the belief that you know anything. If you come with your long list of beliefs then you will judge and criticise and be unable to approach what Spirit offers you with openness.

2. Be vulnerable. Openness – again – is key. To be vulnerable and open is perhaps the hardest part because it says that you are open to the good AND the bad- open to all experience.

3. Be curious: to have the curiosity of a child! This allows you to respond to whatever is offered by Spirit with a positive attitude: yes let’s!

Without these 3 things you hold too many boundaries and barriers for Spirit to truly deeply connect and commune with you.This is how you can embrace Spirit and be truly willing and ready to have a direct experience of Spirit.

The spiritual life needs to be integrated. It is not an ideal or an aspiration for some time in the future when life allows. It is not for when the kids grow up, or life calms down or when your career is more successful.

Being spiritual, being on your spiritual path, is a journey without a destination. It is an enlightening rather than an enlightenment. I would go so far as to describe being spiritual is more a state of doing than being! It is a never-ending unfolding, unravelling of all the false thoughts you ever had about yourself, others and the world around you.

Spirituality is very active and a state of motion, always within first and rippling out beyond into your world. Your unfolding and unravelling can occur in beautiful revelations, epiphanies, that fundamentally change your perspective. It can occur in beautiful radical or subtle shifts in energy that reassess what you believed to be true.Often it comes though challenges, crises and heart ache. This is where spiritual transformation can be most felt. It all requires conscious awareness. We cannot float through life. No one is spared heart ache.

We are called on again and again to step up! No excuses! You can’t pretend to be spiritual and not walk your talk. Do what needs to be done. Do the hard task of peering into the darkness in order to bring in more light.

It’s not easy this enlightening process! It’s not all rainbows and unicorns!

But when you’ve transformed that heart ache consciously into love there’s absolutely no feeling like it! The light that shines from within illuminates even the darkest corner. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it!

I can’t wait to explore all that this retreat has in store for me! I can’t wait! I am so excited!

So what about you? Are you ready to expand further in your spiritual practice? What spiritual practices do you do now? How do they benefit you? Are you ready to be guided further?

If you are ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer, if you want to engage with life on a deeper more inspiring level, I am here for you.

I work with the most amazing soulful people to help them remember who they truly are on a soul level and to express this in their life.

I am available for face to face spiritual coaching sessions to guide you deeper on your spiritual path via Skype from the comfort of your home. Contact me for a 15 minute free consultation to find out more…

If you would like to come along on my journey please be sure to join my facebook page (Tune In with Debra Reeves), as I will do my best to use the patchy wifi while I’m in India to give you a bit of a peek at where I am and What I’m up to! I have a few days before and after the retreat to enjoy the scenery in Rishikesh and go to satsang with Chameli’s teacher, Shantimayi. I can’t wait!

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How Does a Soul Become an Astral Entity?

“What happened? Why am I still here? Why won’t anyone talk to me? Why is no one looking at me? Did I die?”

If a soul can have that flash of recognition and realise that what once was their life, their reality, their conscious existence is finished and ended, if they can shift into the understanding that although they are dead they are still conscious, then they can transition.

Then the soul goes to the spirit realms, progressing higher and higher as the soul sheds the accumulated unresolved baggage from the previous life. The various layers of psychic energy is shed and the low vibrating aspects dissolve. The soul or light body frees itself from all low vibrating addictions or mindsets that are not in alignment in order to ascend into the higher dimensions. Before reincarnating again, the astral body or energy body is then reassembled as the soul travels through the astral realms on its return to Earth. The astral body becomes the soul’s vehicle for incarnation into a physical body and the personality level is dependent on the astral body.

But what if they lived in a rigid belief in what happens after death – a belief that wasn’t fulfilled?

What if they spiral into denial?

The old patterns return.

Then the fear kicks in.

The soul falters in its transition. Stumbles. Stops. Freezes.



We are an amazing creative beings. We can create whatever we wish as our reality with our or dead. We can create whatever we want. When we go into the light it is our choice what we create. When we are no longer tied to the earth plane we are free! We are a soul, in spirit.

This soul can shed their life, this personality they created in their most recent lifetime, and drop loop they are in. They are not the body. They are not this life they had. They have left this body, this life. It is finished, completed.

Imagine them stepping out of their physical body, like shedding an old coat. Let it go. This is not them. See. See where they are. Look at their surroundings. They are free. They can imagine their own heaven – or hell. They can create their ideal heaven if they choose to. They can imagine somewhere they will feel most content and happy. Imagine feeling loved unconditionally and safe. This is what they can create for themselves.

Or they can hold firm, reimagining to the old body they once had, recreating the old routines and going through the motions as they once did. They can stay in this loop for as long as they like, stuck in an old ingrained patterns and beliefs they had while alive.

It is their choice. They can stay in denial as long as they like. It just means they can’t progress, evolve, transmute all the low vibration beliefs. Until they shed this old life they can’t go into the light, they can’t fully transition to their next right place of expression.

They are stuck.

What’s a Soul To Do?
Just imagine how this soul feels. Just imagine the trauma. The loss. The shock. The terror! We’re not talking a conscious rational mind. We’re talking a soul in crisis. Hanging onto the last shred of rational thought they can muster. So what would you do in this situation?

Seek comfort. Seek security, love, normality. Belonging.

An entity will gravitate towards family members they resonated with and shared similar mindsets, world views or addictions with when alive. If it cannot find someone it knows it will begin searching for someone else that it feels an affinity with. If there is no one available they may choose to return to old haunts in the hope of finding a likely host.

People with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or in emotionally vulnerable states make the easiest targets so pubs and clubs are good places for entities. If you go into old pubs and look up at the ceiling you can often see earth bound spirits swirling around seeking a likeminded host. Often the atmosphere will seem dark and dingy (as if there’s smoke in the air) due to the number of astral entities!

This is Where You Come In
I offer an energy clearing to investigate whether you have astral entities, to find the root cause within you that has attracted them, and to release the entity into the light. An Astral Entity Clearing is a beautiful ritual that is amazing to be part of. Witnessing the entity transform from a dark, hot mess of fear, loathing or confusion into a being of light is incredible.

Entities have their own free will. They are not just astral energy. The entity cannot be destroyed by force or by demanding it to be cleared. This can only remove it temporarily and it will not be truly cleared. The risk is that it will either return to the same person or find another likely host, perpetuating their cycle and not offering the entity any release from the earth plane.

The only way for an entity to be truly cleared is for it to choose to go into the light. For an entity to want to go into the light it must first realise that there is a light to go into and that it is for their highest good to do so. The problem is that often an entity has no idea that there is a light and no desire to go there. Often, they need to accept their state in order for them to be able to see who is waiting patiently to guide them towards the light.

Sometimes the pain is too traumatic for the entity to face so it continues to hide from their feelings. To release the entity means helping them to release them from their deeper underlying emotions. Entities need to be reminded of who they truly are – a Being of Love and Light. Some need to be loved up and given forgiven fo anything they feel they did wrong in their most recent life time. It is a huge burden lifted off their shoulders – lightening their soul’s burden to be capable to rising their vibration once more.

Following an Astral Entity Clearing you will feel lighter with less mind chatter, more connected to your physical body and grounded, a weight lifted off your shoulders, a feeling of peace or bliss, and a feeling of release of anxiety and fear.

You may feel more aligned to Spirit or to your Higher-Self, Guides and Masters. Some experience the diminishing of back pain, neck pain, headaches and general aches and pain if was trapped or responding to the entity.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give anyone is to tell them you see them, you hear them and you acknowledge them. This is the greatest gift you can give an astral entity.

This is the most incredible gift of all. You are part of a wondrous and powerful healing that enables a lost soul to be reunited with Source, to continue its transmigration to its next right place of expression. We are all soul, all Beings of Love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home.

Art by Jason Engle

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Is There Life After Death?

There are those who believe in an afterlife and those who don’t. If you don’t believe in an afterlife then you won’t believe in the eternal nature of soul. If you don’t believe in the eternal nature of soul then death spells the end of life as you know it. There’s no afterlife, so no consciousness after death.

Before I was twenty and experienced my first earthbound spirit I was not particularly spiritual. A religious school had killed all spiritual belief in me and made me really cynical towards institutional religion.

My earthbound spirit experience was a reintroduction into the mysterious world of Spirit. This was tangible, irrefutable proof of life after death!

I felt pretty awestruck at first. I went through a period of shock and inner turmoil, reconciling this new truth with what I had previously thought true. Wow. Life exists after death! There’s more than meets the eye. She’s there. I just can’t see her! But she’s there.

If it weren’t for the experiences of my housemates I might have questioned my sanity. But when everyone is experiencing paranormal activity it is so reassuring! We all saw her, felt her presence and heard her differently.

In time, I started telling my family about this earthbound spirit. I began tentatively sharing with others, fearful they would not believe me. But something surprising happened. Each time I told the story I received stories in return. Rather than laughing at my experiences they shared equally compelling proof of life after death.

My uncle described seeing a bright light pass over the family farm hours after the death of his grandmother; seeing it one last time. My sister’s child age 2, pointing and staring at something moving about high in the church ceiling during her great grandfather’s funeral.

I became more and more brave, sharing with friends and acquaintances. And each time the stories poured in. The guy who had endured being “tucked into bed so tight I could barely move by a grandmother”, the woman who had seen her father standing at the foot of her bed, clear as day, just after he’d died, the woman who dreamed of her uncle saying his good byes weeks after his suicide.

I discovered these stories existed. Everyone either had a story or knew someone who did. It just wasn’t talked about. People just didn’t have the space to talk about it. It just never popped up in conversation! It took someone to broach the subject to give others the opportunity to share their own experiences.

Without the opportunity to share, in time these experiences become more and more implausible in your own head until they were shelved as unlikely flights of fancy and forgotten. We discredit our own mystical experiences!

And so I decided to be open and honest and to talk, hoping that by sharing my own experiences it would give others the chance to explore their own.

I knew what a can of worms this opened! For me accepting that earthbound spirits even existed had a massive impact of me. I had to accept life after death. I had to accept that souls live on after death, that our soul is not dependent on our body.

This led to the realisation that our souls are eternal, leading still further to the revelation that if we could shed a body and keep on living with a consciousness then surely we could be reborn again and again. And so through this one earthbound spirit I was suddenly a believer in reincarnation. This was huge! Being brought up Christian, these were concepts I’d never even considered before.

Living with an earthbound spirit brought spirituality to me. I wasn’t heading to a church on Sunday to experience that feeling of a spiritual presence, of something else, something greater than me. It was in my bedroom most days!! I could feel the presence. It was palpable. I suddenly understood that I didn’t need a minister of religion as an intermediary- Spirit wasn’t distant or impenetrable. It was literally a breath away!

All that was required was acceptance, awareness, curiosity and practice. I would never have developed my intuitive gifts and explored this spiritual dimension, right there in my bedroom, if I’d stayed in denial. So for me acceptance of what is was the first massive step. Realising exactly what’s going on and putting it into words was crucial to develop my own personal spirituality, my own connection to Spirit.

But then came practice! I worked damn hard to develop my intuitive gifts. In the beginning I could feel her presence and I could sense exactly where she was in my room. But I couldn’t see her or hear her.

I learned to use my body and feelings as a barometer. My heart would thump and the hair would stand up when she was way too close! I would feel her sadness and frustration. I could feel her when she would sit in my armchair and psych me out for hours! It was unnerving. But within a year she’d given me a way to practice. It was the beginning of a brave new world that I was absolutely fascinated by!

For me, earthbound spirits are a tool for higher insight and spiritual development. The process of Spirit Rescue Work or Astral Entity Clearing is to assist these lost souls to transition fully to their next right place of expression. At the same time, these souls are an incredible opportunity to develop your intuitive abilities and really connect with the spirit realm.

I am so grateful to that first earthbound spirit who startled me out of my slumber and shook me to my senses! Without her who knows where I’d be!

Do you have your own experiences you struggle to reconcile? Are there times you’ve wanted to tell others but have been too afraid to do so? We’d love to hear your stories!

If you are ready to experience Spirit for yourself then check out the ‘Astral Entity Clearing’ on the Energy Clearings Page or the ‘Meet Your Spirit Guides’ session on the Tune In Sessions Page.

Art by Nik Helbig

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