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Enlisting the help of Nature ElementaIs

Are you blessed with a green thumb? Do you have a veggie garden that’s feasted on by native animals or insects?

Alas, I am not blessed with a green thumb and have a terrible track record of killing plants. Our rabbits free range and help themselves and our dogs tend to run through the garden, trampling everything in sight. As a result we don’t have a veggie patch and tend to limit our gardening endeavours.

I read about enlisting the help of Nature ElementaIs in the ‘Soul on Fire’ by Peter Calhoun and felt I needed to pass it on to those less challenged than myself!

Try asking the Elementals to help you keep pests away:
– Plant the garden
– Hold a ceremony giving offerings to the Nature Elementals (in USA it’s tobacco and cornmeal)
– Ask the spirits of the natural world, the Nature Elementals, to not only bless your garden but to help keep away animals, birds and insects to stop them from plundering the new shoots.
– Promise not to harm any living creature (no pesticides) and to leave an area untamed as a gift for the animals, birds and insects.
– Make promises of equal or more value for the land or community.
This is a spiritual contract with Nature Elementals. If you do not fulfil your side of the agreement then the Nature Elementals will feel entitled to break their side of the contract also.

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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