Akashic Reading Praise

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“For almost my whole life time I have been in search of a spiritual guide. The moment I came across Debra’s website I knew that she was the one! I had been longing to explore my Akashic Records for years and knew that the Universe had guided me to Debra. I was so overjoyed! Debra possesses a special gift along with an abundance of kindness, compassion and patience.
During the reading I felt very safe and comfortable to let go. After the reading it was a lot of information to take in. Thanks to Debra’s amazing in depth notes all about my soul I was able to reflect and focus on how to apply all the information that was given to me. Since then anytime I have had a question or concern Debra has been there. I have already felt the shift in my life. Debra’s reading gave me the encouragement to change my doubtful thought pattern I can get when I feel anxious or stress. It’s as if my threshold has been raised. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am better able to feel and connect to thoughts, symbols and guidance.

I have also had the Astral Entity Clearing with Debra as well. That too was an amazing gift to see how getting out of ones rational mind can look like. It is inspirational to listen to Debra communicate with the guides, angels and astral beings. After a session with Debra you will feel the abundance of joy. This is a promise.” Brooke

“Thanks so much Debra for the General Intuitive Reading. I really love and appreciate that my Primary Spirit Guide came forward and has gifted me with their name. I love how you described her so that now I can picture her in my head. I feel a great sense of calm knowing she is here to help me. Your reading has cemented and clarified my soul purpose for life and I couldn’t be happier knowing I am on the right track. You are a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful that you have supplied me with tools I can use to hone my spiritual skills and protect my aura.” Meagan ūüôā

“Dear Debra, ¬†thank you so much for my thorough and best reading I have ever had in my life! ¬†I am going to take each word you wrote to me and digest them. ¬†I want to take my time. ¬†It was a pleasure meeting you via Skype. ¬†Out of ten, I give you ten points. ¬†Your soul, I feel is very beautiful and so full of life! ¬†All the very best to you!” Jeffrey

“I really enjoyed having this Akashic reading done. Particularly because it highlights parts of yourself that may not have been obvious before, but as soon as you have this done you realize that they’ve been quite major aspects of your journey so far.

I really enjoyed the way you delivered this by using positive examples of what each part of the reading related too. I’ve had one reading in the past (numerology) where I actually walked away thinking wow I’m not a very nice person. So to walk away from this feeling Liberated and in control of my future was great.

I’ve reread your work several times now, and each time I read it there’s something new that hits home that I realize is extremely relevant to my life stage right now or how I’ve viewed and tackled things in the past.

It’s also made me more aware of my feelings towards certain situations and my reactions. So the “boundaries” that I need to work on are very obvious to me now. Like you said though it’s always changing, so even though I may feel I’m at a certain point now, that could change at any time and a new lesson will become apparent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. I can appreciate it’s taken a lot of hard work and effort on your part. Your love and passion for other people and helping them along their journey is truly inspirational.” Brody

“I had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic Reading from Debra. Prior to having the reading done I was not familiar with Akashic Readings. Debra kindly informed me what it was all about so I was more familiar when I had the reading done. Debra was very professional through out the reading and was willing to clarify any aspect of the reading when needed. I found the reading very informative with a few little surprises along the way! I would certainly recommend anyone wishing to have an Akashic Reading, done by Debra.” Annalise

“I found Deb’s Akashic reading truly fascinating. ¬†For a topic so complex and potentially difficult to fathom, I really felt that Deb explained the information she was sharing with an extraordinary amount of insight and an interpretation that made it clear to understand. It answered questions I had on a subconscious level and I’m left with a feeling that life is as it should be. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with Deb.” Lucy

“I found the reading insightful, informative and a valuable confirmation of where I am at and where I am headed. A wonderful opportunity for reflection and re-calibration!” Louise

“The truth is the Akashic Reading has had a profound effect on me. Whilst I am not yet sure how to process some of the information as it is very new to me, much of the reading confirmed a lot about myself I knew on some level. The most important thing the reading demonstrated to me is the significance of my soul. I’m uncertain about many things, not least of all whether life forms have souls, what a soul is and the nature of a soul’s journey. Although I have so many questions, I am beginning to learn the importance of having faith in that which I don’t understand. The reading has reinvigorated my interest in the spirit world.

At this stage, I need to look after myself better and regain my energy then I want to learn as much as I can about myself and how to connect with this world that is so mysterious to me.” Jessica

“I found the Akashic reading very interesting and pretty much all of it resonated with me –¬†so much of it was like “hitting the nail right on the head”, only 2 things I would say aren’t from my perspective “me” and that is the comment that I am a spectator to life rather than engaging fully-I’d say I am the opposite and like to be involved and engage fully in all I do. And the other comment about water-yes I love to be around water and I don’t like dark deep water but I also have an urge to be in water-I can’t resist swimming in rivers and the ocean, even cold water won’t usually deter me. The rest seems to me to be amazingly “spot-on”!

I love that my primary life lesson is Authenticity. I am so trying to work on that in all my relationships and I know from experience that when I don’t it damages me. I’m grateful to you for doing this for me. I find it really useful and if I’m unsure of something I can check in with it and always in there is the answer.” Jenny

“Thank you for accessing and reading my Akashic records. I found it very exciting, fulfilling and enlightening, and have not really thought about anything else since my reading, lol!

It was very detailed and accurate, with a couple of surprises thrown in such as my past life and my soul group. The realisations that the reading has brought to me about my life, particular events and memories have been enlightening to say the least! The reading has been amazing for me, as it has opened up so much about the whys and what’s in my life. I have had many memories come back to me and I understand why I felt the way I did and why things happened the way they did. I am beginning to let go too (mostly) lol! A lot of things make so much sense now and I feel more peaceful, accepting and much less frightened.

I realised that I have actually always been in tune with my higher self but doubted the messages that I received, but no more! I now have clear guidelines to work towards, and I feel I am on a very exciting path now :)” Beth

Earthbound Spirit Rescue Praise

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“I contacted Debra after experiencing unsettling activity at a friend’s house that, to be honest, frightened me. I have been very sensitive my whole life – I can feel what others are feeling; I sometimes have prophetic dreams; I’ve had profoundly impactful experiences of deep connection while in meditative states – but the idea of having direct contact with disembodied spirits was not something I had ever considered, as I am mostly a “I’ll believe it when I see it (or experience it)” type person. And while the accumulated experiences of my life had convinced me that there is much, much more to reality than our five senses can perceive, I just wasn’t quite ready to include paranormal activity as being another very real aspect of that reality. Needless to say, I am now doubt free.


So if you’re unsure about what you are experiencing, know that you are not alone. And know that with Debra, you will be guided with compassion and a deep understanding of how the world of spirit functions. I was way outside of my comfort zone when I reached out for help and Debra gave me the confidence to trust my role in what was occurring.


End result? The house is quiet now and we are in awe over what occurred. Not only was peace restored, but I have grown and am deeply grateful for the entire experience. Thank you, Debra!” Jeanne

Spirit Guide Profile Reading Praise

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“I have been seeing green-white smoky lights when I close my eyes, 2 days after this reading. I see these every day now, and my Primary Spirit Guide tells me it is his way of showing himself to me. He gives me answers (yes or no) regarding day to day issues by moving to the left or right of my vision. He also gives me yes – no answers when I use my crystal pendulum.

He has confirmed that we’ve had moreover than 100 earthly reincarnations together, as lovers, rivals, friends & family. He tells me that he will always be with me, as we are soul mates.

He told me he’ll be with me when I pass into Spirit, and will guide me.

This a great comfort to me at this time, when I’m struggling to make sense of my life after losing my mother, father & husband.

I want to thank you so much for facilitating this meeting with my Spirit Guides.” Victoria

“Thank you, Debra, for a truly life changing Spirit Guide Reading!

The messages from my Guides were profound, relevant & encouraging, and were delivered with so much love, loyalty, patience & passion. Never in my life have I experienced such deep, true & profound love‚ĶI am truly feeling ‚Äúloved up!‚ÄĚ The insights & advice my Guides shared about events in my current daily life were so poignant & accurate – they read me like a book – that I feel transparent before them! After losing both parents, and with my partner overseas indefinitely, plus having to undergo painful major surgery, the past few months have been unbearably challenging for me. With so much love & support on offer 24/7 from these beautiful souls, I feel a new lease on life & no longer fear the future. I am so grateful to you for introducing me to these loving beings, who are now an integral part of my daily life.

God bless you Debra, I feel blessed having you in my life.” Victoria

“I really appreciated Debra’s warmth and compassion, I felt at ease throughout my reading with her. The detail she offered in her reading was amazing and everything she said resonated strongly for me. In the time since the reading I have felt more closely connected to my spirit guides and feel that I am operating with greater awareness of my heart space. I also have a renewed sense of reverence for everyone I meet.” Melanie

“Thank you so much for your reading and the time we have spent together on Skype. Not only did you help me know my spirit guides better but you did it with a curious mind and an understanding heart. You helped me see more clearly something I had already felt deep inside but was a bit shy to acknowledge fully. Now I’m willing to learn and remember to trust because I know that me and my spirit guides are in this together.¬†

Days go by and my unfolding stil continues. I wouldn’t have thought that I could learn so much about myself by knowing who my spirit guides are and what influence they may have on me in my life. To know why I feel the way I feel and how to start working with these energies is incredibly empowering.” Daniela

“I was honored to have a reading by Debra. The reading that Debra gave¬†was above and beyond any reading that I ever had. Not only was it¬†thorough and in depth but she also had taken the time to write all the¬†details down and was given to me in print out so that I can easily¬†recapture moments of juicy conversation about my guides. And¬†juicy conversation it was! It was as if Debra was able to tap into¬†secret parts of my spiritual personality and passions that I never¬†revealed to anybody for fear of being ridiculed. I found it so¬†liberating and up lifting to know that “secrets” were actually¬†connections with spirit guides and angels. The accuracy of Debra’s¬†information was startling it was as though she was introducing me to my¬†true family in such glorious detail. In all the detail there was such¬†truth that resonated in a deep feeling of coming home and in¬†knowing that I never was as truly alone as I have sometimes felt. I¬†believe that in the culmination of meeting Debra and my guides and¬†angels that I have truly been uplifted and I now resonate in a state of¬†higher vibration and joy. Debra again I give so much thanks, you have¬†shifted me into a new paradigm.” Stefanie

“WOW so much information. You certainly have a wonderful gift Debra. I have reread¬†it many times, and there will be a few more times still, until I can remember ‘who is¬†teaching me what’ enabling me then to verbally acknowledge their guidance, and my¬†progress!!!

When I am working with a Client, I invoke healing energy assistance from ‘the Divine¬†Source’ and don’t extend that to stipulate any one guide in particular. I used to, but now¬†work with the awareness of ‘oneness’.

As I mentioned to you last Monday, I do often get messages from souls who have¬†recently ‘passed over’ to pass on to their loved ones. Just sitting here now, thinking¬†about my guides, there is no doubt that several of my Guides ‘give me words’ of advice¬†& also some new and impressive massage moves through claircognizance. Now that I¬†have the awareness of ‘who’ is available, I will certainly be calling on their assistance on¬†a regular basis, for my own growth, and also for my clients.

It is really encouraging to know the % I have progressed with a particular life lesson, so¬†now I can focus on the areas where I would love to achieve completion in this lifetime.¬†I have been needing a prompt for sometime, to focus on my growth, and giving less¬†of my time to others. It is a natural trait for ‘a mother’ to put the ‘other person’ first. It¬†is very clear that ‘now’ is primarily ‘my time’. I can’t thank you enough Debra, for your¬†directions.” Carolyn

“As you shared my reading, the content showed a remarkable resemblance to who I perceive I am. For most of my life I have had what I call a ‘nervous tummy’ with profound sinking or uplifting sensations. I have always ‘felt’ that something or someone has been watching out for me. To use and example; during my life I have had a nervous stammer in my speech. When asked to read during a church service the sweaty palm syndrome took over. When I started to speak I felt ‘something’ take over and reading went smoothly without any stammer. I have since been healed of this speech impediment.

I now know that active Spirit Guides have been and are guiding every moment of my life. And not to the point of removing my free will. I have always felt comfortable working alone. I’m not sure if I am supposed to be similar to my Spirit Guides but the similarities are uncanny.

I feel comfortable with all the information given to me. I have always known that something or someone is watching over me. There are far to many ‘coincidences’ for me to discount happenings as being things that just happen. Thank you Debra for giving me a clear understanding of what is happening in the Spiritual realm.” Frank

“It was really great to finally “meet” my guides with your help. You certainly picked up the themes of my life, and I can now better understand the energetic personalities that have steered my choices. Knowing who my guides are, and how they influence my life has helped me to not feel quite so alone, as in “me against the world.” I now know I have a team, and that we’re doing this together. Thank you for your great work.” Marlowe

Career Reading Praise

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“Since my first career reading with Debra, about 3 months ago, I have felt a shift in my awareness. With her guidance, I sensed the room of Guides who are with me always. I began seeing flashes of light, in a range of colours, at significant moments, and still do so.¬†The wisdom from this source has helped me look outwards for career options after 25 years with the same organisation. It has also given me the courage and confidence to invest a lot of energy in writing an anniversary piece for the CEO, as is required.¬†I will be exploring alternative career options next year, when I take three months Long Service Leave. Coincidentally, soon after my last session with Debra I got word of a yoga retreat at Rishikesh in India next May. That will begin another journey.¬†Debra has helped me on many levels and I look forward to our meetings in the future.”¬†Susan

“When Deb undertook a Career Reading for me I had no idea what to expect. I was very impressed with the range and depth of the reading. She gave me a broad and esoteric overview of my spiritual origins and key energy, which was both intriguing and affirming. The reading then got down to specifics as Deb consulted my spirit guides. This was probably the most valuable part of the reading for me. I felt quite overwhelmed to hear from my spirit guides so directly, as I have never explored this before nor considered the possibility of talking to them. The support, love and insight they gave through Deb was overwhelming and made me cry tears of joy. I am very grateful for Deb’s gift facilitating this contact. Deb also used dowsing to find out what career path would best suit me. It gave me some options to explore and let me know what is worth pursuing in terms of further training. I found this very helpful. I highly recommend a Career Reading for anyone at a cross-roads in their career, or anyone wondering if they have chosen the right career path from the get-go.” Rebecca

“The Akashic Record-based Career Reading Debra provided was incredibly worthwhile, and my overall experience with her was wonderful. I sought a Career Reading being newly at a rather significant crossroads in my life and wanting to take in as much relevant and varied information from which to base some potentially big decisions.

What struck me about the Reading was how it thoroughly captured the ground I’ve traversed in my life thus far. The challenges that the Reading pointed out (e.g., soul lessons, life lessons) have indeed been major things I’ve struggled with and overcome in the past, with still a few as-yet unresolved issues, which are currently being worked on quite consciously.

The Reading also reflected that I’m going through a period of significant change currently, which is quite accurate. And finally, it definitely provided very useful information that I can utilize as I move forward, not only from an idea standpoint, but Debra also included practical things I can incorporate on the day-to-day that will support me and my goals.

Truly an excellent rendering of my past, present, and future paths, and Debra was such a pleasure to work with ‚ÄĒ I found her to be refreshingly grounded, genuinely interested, supportive and open, and very professional.”¬†Carol

“Debra did a combined career / general intuitive reading for me and I loved it! Debra had obviously spent quite a bit of time beforehand gathering the information for me and then we went over it together over Skype… she was very personable, and very positive, and answered all my questions very thoroughly. And I thought it was really great that she gives you a typed version of it the reading as well as the face to face interpretation, both were so important in getting the most out of it, I think.

Best part of course was that it was super accurate too! I had never had a “real” reading before (something I had always wanted to do) and I was very impressed with all the information and how well it actually matched what I was feeling. I felt really excited about the whole thing because it gave me confirmation of what I already knew …. sometimes all you need is that little bit of confirmation to help you feel perfectly confident moving forward. It was also really cool being introduced to my main spirit guide, which I had always been curious about! Thanks again Debra :)”¬†Tracy

Tune In Session Praise

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“Thank you for your sessions they have been helpful in coming to terms with my new situation and dealing with ongoing concerns. I don‚Äôt have any real negative feedback to date so I will list a bunch of positive points I have taken from our sessions:
‚ÄĘ The guided meditation has been helpful in getting through my day and overcoming stressful encounters.
‚ÄĘ It has offered an alternative outlet from counselling by connecting me to my self which has aided my recovery by building on my confidence, self worth, intuition and trusting my self.
‚ÄĘ I feel our sessions build on my ability to help myself and they do not make me feel reliant on others.
‚ÄĘ I can take away what I have learnt through our sessions and continue to use the techniques to assist me throughout my life.
‚ÄĘ One suggestion could be that maybe you should do a 3 session price for clients because I think each week builds on the previous and creates a stronger effect than if clients were just coming one time to try your services.”¬†Belinda

Relationship Reading Praise

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“Meeting Debra was wonderful and I found her reading in depth and insightful. I was surprised and impressed about how much information she was able to provide based on an email and photograph. The reading was a gift I gave to myself and will continue to be a source of guidance. Debra was able to shine a light on some of the ‘why’ and ‘what to do about it’ of my behaviour, enabling me to lighten up, have a little more faith and be kinder and more realistic with myself and others.”¬†Amy

General Intuitive Reading Praise

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“You’re not going to believe it-(well, maybe you will!)… Today at the grocery store, there was an elderly lady walking so slow in front of me. The back of her shirt said this: “Because you’re worth it.” I felt like the front of her shirt was going to say, “Love yourself.” Haha! I didn’t catch what it said on the front because I didn’t want to seem odd. Your words and interpretation were very powerful yesterday. I do feel full with answers and I look forward to all the forward movement and positive changes that are to come. You are a real treasure in this world!

Also, I can’t believe that my spirit animal is a white heron. I’ve been seeing white herons all year this year (probably 10 in total). And actually saw one fly over head while I was driving to work Tuesday morning (the day of my reading). I looked them up to confirm it wasn’t a crane. Wild!” Kristina

“Things have shifted significantly for me. My energy is different as is my perspective and presence. My client flow has radically increased as well as students showing an interest and enrolling in my classes.


The session has opened up the channels even more for my ability to clearly hear and see which greatly enhances my sessions with the animals without it being overwhelming.


Being introduced to one of my guides and having a better understanding of the wisdom I carry, has created a sense of safety and support for me that is huge!


Of course I am still absorbing and putting the information into use in my life so I’m excited to see what else transpires.” Tracy

“Thanks so much Debra for the general reading. I really love and appreciate that my my primary spirit guide came forward and has gifted me with their name. I love how you described her so that now I can picture her in my head. I feel a great sense of calm knowing she is here to help me. Your reading has cemented and clarified my soul purpose for life and I couldn’t be happier knowing I am on the right track. You are a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful that you have supplied me with tools I can use to hone my spiritual skills and protect my aura. Thanks,

Meagan :)’’ Meagan

“Debra was friendly and very genuine. ¬†She communicated with my Spirit Guides and provided many answers for me that I have been searching for. ¬†I was impressed with the accuracy of the reading, as well as the fact that I was able to received help and guidance for both my career and my relationships. Debra also provided a multi-page document so that I can always refer back to the session.” Cecily

“I encountered an accurate and clear representation of how I understand myself and was made aware of I may need help, support and understanding in areas of life that sometimes confound me. The reading presented me with a tangible connection through Deb, to a spiritual realm, one I have connected with previously. But this allowed me to hear messages, delve into aspects of myself that needed clarification and deeper insight.

The prayers and protective messages left me feeling safe, watched over and that there is indeed something greater beyond our human experience to rely on for spiritual sustenance and encouragement during difficult and challenging times. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity Deb…..your warmth and enthusiasm, passion and tenderness….a true gift. My heart felt thoughts!” Ani

“Debra revealed insight into my soul’s journey, which was amazing and encouraging. The details demonstrated her spiritual knowledge as an authentic medium. Your reading of my intuitive gifts was spot on, I agreed with you, which was very encouraging. Debra, you gave me the incentive to pursue my soul challenges further, with suggestions to help me. Also you gave me points to learn my life lessons, how to develop and explore my own character and values to become authentic, learn self-love and charity. Relationships were discussed too, all very helpful to me at this time, thank you. My past, present and future were told with complete honesty. There was so much detail that rang true with me and I appreciated the prayer for restful sleep. Best of all were the personal messages related through you from my Primary Spirit Guide which gave me a lot to think about and work on. Her Reading was excellent and very worthwhile. Thank you so very much Debra. You are fantastic!” Jill

“Your General Intuitive Reading has been most accurate. It’s given me a perspective that has been helpful in my everyday life, as well as some practical steps to take. The answers to my questions were telling and very reassuring in my situation and for the future.

And if I wanted a sign that you are special in what you do, the raven swooping over you to get your attention or mine, was remarkable. Just weeks later, in just one place I visited in Canada, (and I had been commenting on the strange absence of birdlife in a National Park) I was confronted with 4 of these beautiful large birds, only one of which continued to hang around me in the short time I was stopped at this particular place. I never saw another one. But I took heart from this one that I am on the right track! Gratitude always.” Gail

Insight Reading Praise

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“I’ve been working with Debra for 3 years now and her readings always bring new insights into my life. ¬†Debra is very gifted at connecting me with my Spirit Guides, and her interpretation as well as supplemental material are also extremely helpful. ¬†My last reading guided me towards a direction that made me feel more at peace with myself, and more clarity in my future paths.” Cecily

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Debra! I was worried about finding the right person to teach and guide me in my intuitive and spiritual path and Debra is definitely the right person. She is incredibly skilled and trained. She gives me the insight and tools I need to keep going. I have recommended her to several friends already and you shouldn’t wait to book with her RIGHT NOW. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” Stephanie

“Debra,¬†Thank you SO VERY much for the lovely email after our FABULOUS reading Monday. I was so nervous before we talked and very scared of what I might hear. However, I came away from your reading with a real sense of purpose, calm, and confidence. I couldn’t wait to go home and look into my spirit animal and other information you gave me. I’m not scared to call on my spirit guides and I’m really practicing listening. My aunt tragically passed away yesterday and so I view her passing as an even greater capacity to trust my inner voice and listen. I actually had a dream¬†Monday morning¬†(about¬†2am) about a beautiful dark haired angel who was trying to fly but her wings were so big that she had a hard time getting them going. She suddenly made a huge FLAP and was off into heaven. The sound of the flap was so loud that it woke me from my sleep and I laid in bed contemplating the dream. It made no sense to me but when we found out that my aunt was found deceased yesterday after having passed a day or two before I suddenly thought it could be her. And it brought me great comfort.¬†

I also have been asking for assistance with my father in law’s aurora and mine interfering and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in both of us. Thank you.

I look forward to learning to listen to my guides as I begin this journey and I know I’ll be back with you soon for more readings!

Thank you for your time and wonderful work. It was an experience of a lifetime.”¬†Stephanie

“Hi Debra, Thank you so much for this reading. It‚Äôs so detailed. I have participated in other readings before and none have been as good as this. It‚Äôs also very exciting and eye opening. It has answered a few questions I have been thinking about too, such as what my animal guide is.

I did an automatic writing last week and asked my guides their names. I got Ethereal and Globular, which I thought was a bit different, but Earnest definitely resonates better. I also got his personality coming through the same as you described. In fact he was quite forthright with me at times and I thought I must have been channelling my ego, but this reading has given me the confidence to know it was him, lol‚ĶThanks again, you are a wonderful gift for the world and I wish you all the best.” Beth

Spirit Animal Reading Praise

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“Initially I was unsure of what to expect during my session with Debra but within the first few minutes she completely put my mind and heart at ease with her nurturing and compassionate nature. Debra was the perfect guide and I felt 100% supported throughout. I feel so much lighter and free after our session and I’m excited by the renewed energy I have going forward on my path.” Siobhan

“I had the chance to work with Debra for an Astral Entity Clearing Session.

It has been a great experience for me, a turning point in my life.


Debra has led me through the session in such a way that I was able to become aware of subtle realities and to discover my intuitive gift. She applies a process-oriented approach to intuitive healing, which I have found empowering and grounding.


Right after the session I could feel that I had retrieved my life force; I could perceive my energy field more integrated and balanced. She has been able to tune in with me in such a way that I could feel supported when I needed to, but also encouraged to push boundaries beyond ordinary reality.


I have learned that Astral Entities are not necessarily negative;  what is negative is the disconnection we might have from our divine nature, that causes the loss of energetic boundaries.


Debra has taught me to reinforce my energetic boundaries in such a way that I could integrate my learning and expand my consciousness.


After the session, I was left with a sense that there is much more I can learn from Debra and probably I will go back to her in the future for further reading.” Caterina, Italy.

“Debra’s clearing really changed everything for me. I knew something was very wrong with me the last year particularly in a way I had never experienced before but had no idea how much entity attachments had crescendoed to be impacting me in my day to day existence in a really, really extreme way.


Since my clearing my love of music, feelings of gratitude, peace and feeling of “lightness” have returned to me. I no longer wake every morning having to battle suicidal thoughts and a constant flow of negative thoughts and feelings.


I have worked with and learned from many amazing healers but for me, this incredibly simple process with Debra was the most immediate, dramatic and life-changing. Thank you Debra!” Claire

“Debra, my session with you was absolutely fantastic! I didn’t think my clairvoyance was strong, but the messages I received were so vivid and so real. You helped confirm a lot for me and now I don’t doubt my psychic abilities. Because I’m very sensitive to the emotions of others, I often feel lethargic and stressed. But after our session I felt lighter, happier, and less distracted (and still do). Thank you very much. I have a feeling I’m going to have a good week.”¬†Abby

“We went through an Astral Entity Clearing and when we were finished, I literally felt lighter and brighter, relaxed. Strangely enough, I could see everything was brighter!

Not only did I feel an immense shift in my energy, I learned a lot from Debra.”¬†Amanda

“The process that Debra led me through of removing the two astral entities in my aura was special. A lot of information came through that I didn’t expect, and I felt like I even got a snapshot about each of their lives. I was delighted to get messages from them and even a gift. I am grateful for the experience and for helping those two souls finally cross over in a peaceful, loving way. What a great feeling! Plus, I now feel more compassion toward all entities that just need love and to be shown the way to the light.” Kim