Types of Readings

You have several Intuitive Readings to choose from.

An Akashic Record Reading is a broad overview of your soul gifts and soul urges that shape who you truly are.

If you have seek guidance and direction in a specific area of your life you can choose a:

  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Career Reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Decision Reading
  • General Intuitive Reading
  • Deceased Loved One Reading
  • Past Life Reading

    Spirit Guide Readings

    These are not Akashic Record Readings and connect directly with Spirit for messages and guidance. This can be a:


    Akashic Record Readings

    Akashic Record Readings give you a deep understanding of your soul’s essence, your souls gifts ad urges.

    The Akashic Records is the clearest, most practical and down to earth source of guidance. They are one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today to help you remember who you truly are and your personal and collective power to create exactly what you desire.

    Discover who you truly are on a soul level and how to create a life aligned with your highest path and purpose!

    Gain perspective on why you are the way you are and why you have attracted the life you’ve led. It is helpful and healing to see your life as a whole rather than a series of random events and to accept your participation for your soul to learn.

    With newfound awareness and perspective you can consciously choose your future with greater confidence and certainty.

What To Expect

All Akashic Record Readings include:

  1. Your unique personality traits, your soul gifts and soul urge
  2. What underlies your way of being in the world and how you relate to others
  3. What your life lessons are and how these may manifest in your life
  4. What role your soul has been performing for other souls between incarnations
  5. Past lives, looking at the earthly place and period in history as well as the earthly spiritual paths where you experienced great strides in growth and shaped who you are on the soul level.
  6. Whether you hold a secondary Godspark, where it is connected and why the Universe deemed it necessary for you to have extra support
  7. The Archetypes you hold in this lifetime
  8. What your most significant Intuitive Gifts are
  9. What your most significant Empatic Gifts are

You will learn:

  • What underlies your way of being in the world and how you relate to others.
  • Your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and how they manifest in your life.
  • Your soul purpose
  • Your most significant past life and how it affects you.

Debra will research and write the Reading before the face to face Skype meeting (research takes too long to conduct live) where you discuss your reading for about 1 hour.

Afterwards you will be emailed the completed reading so that you can read it at your leisure and use it as a reference in future.

Debra offers another two weeks for you to ask questions to gain clarity on any aspect of your Reading.

Start living with a whole new perspective. Discover what really matters in your life.

Be open to the inspiring, uplifting, life affirming experience that awaits you.
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Akashic Reading

A comprehensive description of your soul gifts, life lessons and life purpose. Your life as a whole on a soul level to understand your higher path and purpose.

An Akashic Record Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $259 US.

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Spirit Guide Profile Reading

A description of each Spirit Guide in your team; their chosen appearance, personality traits and name in order to build up a profile of their character, along with how you interact and relate to them in your current life.

An Spirit Guide Profile Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $259 US.

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Career Reading

You will receive a description of your soul’s gifts with a clear description your soul urge that directs you towards certain career paths. Explore whether your current career path best serves you, whether it needs adjusting or whether you are ready to go in a new direction to be more aligned with your highest path and purpose.

An Career Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $259 US.

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Decision Reading

A description of what most benefits your highest path and purpose, along with any relevant messages and clarification from your Spirit Guides.

An Decision Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $149 US.

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Relationship Reading

Helpful guidance, clarity and understanding for singles, couples or families, covering all forms of love relationships, looking at aspects such as soul group and past life connections in order to form a broader understanding of your current life and why you have chosen this path.

An Relationship Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $259 US.

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General Intuitive Reading

An overview of your life in all its aspects offering a combination of all readings to look at specific areas in your life that you would like clarity.

An General Intuitive Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $259 US.

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Insight Reading

An Insight Reading gives you the opportunity to ask questions to your Spirit Guides, along with a general message. Gain clarity on any life events that have left you feeling frustrated or perplexed to understand the deeper meaning.

An Insight Reading is recommended for those who have already received a full Akashic Record Reading.

An Insight Reading lasts for 60 minutes and costs $149 US.

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