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Spirit Guide Profile Reading

This Reading gives you detailed information on your spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and any astral beings present with you in spirit. Receiving a Spirit Guide Profile Reading can increase your sense of emotional and spiritual well being, knowing that you are not alone on your path through life.

Debra will include as many details as possible, building a clear and accurate profile of each individual spirit guide. These are all clues that build up a clear profile of each guide individually to enable you to identify them for yourself by how to recognise each guide when they contact you. Debra will relate this profile with what role they play and how they assist and guide you.

This makes it easier to connect with your personal spirit team. You will find it easier to recognise spiritual guidance when it comes to you and feel a deeper connection to your spirit guide team.

Your Spirit Guide Profile Reading will include:

  1. A full description of each Spirit Guide’s appearance, personality, soul gifts, name
  2. Spirit Guide’s role in your life, including life lessons they are assisting you with, shared past lives, role in your life, any intuitive gifts used to communicate with you, and any messages they wish to share.
  3. Temporary Guides who have all come into your life to help you in a transition period.
  4. Guardian Angels or Archangels present who have a message for you
  5. An Ascended Master you have a particular affinity with.
  6. Astral beings present who wished to be known and have a message for you.
  7. Messages from your Spirit Guides to receive general messages of encouragement and support. Debra then asks any specific questions you would like clarity on.

A Spirit Guide Profile Reading lasts for 60 minutes and cost US$260 (please specify which you would like).

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