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Nature Elementals

“There’s a whole energetic world that surrounds us that is teeming with life and is vaster, more complex, and more ancient than the physical world with which we are so identified. The energies and entities of this unseen world impinge on and influence our world in countless ways. Many of our human problems come from…

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Tune In with the Land

“Every rock, every sagebrush, every lofty pine and blazing aspen, as well as the mountain itself, was bathed in a yellowish-gold light connected to luminous threads. I felt as if I were enveloped in soft down. ‘This is not a vision,’ I said to myself. ‘I am seeing the world as it really is!’” ‘Soul…

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Animal Communication

“When I discovered that it was possible to directly communicate with virtually any species of animal, a whole new world opened up for me. I discovered that animals in the wild know our intent and the degree to which we are in harmony with our surroundings. When our minds are still and we are at…

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