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Meet Faery Folk

It is possible to have a personal relationship with a faery. This faery can act as a bridge between you and this unseen world, with other faery folk and all the other creatures who reside in their realm. Building a new friendship with a faery is the same as with anyone else. There’s bound to…

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Tune In with Faery Folk

“The Elementals are not properly spirits, because they have flesh, blood and bones; they live and propagate offspring; they eat and talk, act and sleep. They are beings occupying a space between men and spirits, resembling men and women in their organization and form and resembling spirits in the rapidity of their locomotion.” Paracelsus (1493-1541)…

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Enlisting the help of Nature ElementaIs

Are you blessed with a green thumb? Do you have a veggie garden that’s feasted on by native animals or insects? Alas, I am not blessed with a green thumb and have a terrible track record of killing plants. Our rabbits free range and help themselves and our dogs tend to run through the garden,…

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