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Is Self-Doubt Getting in the Way of Contacting your Spirit Guides?

Are you ready? Are you willing to step into the great unknown? Do you want to have your own direct spiritual experience? Are you hampered by self-doubt? Do you find yourself second guessing whether your imagination is just running rampant when trying to contact spirit? Do you have an annoying inner critic? Don’t worry- we…

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What’s the difference between Imagination and Intuition?

“Beloved, you are come to me! I have waited long and hard for this moment. And yet you doubt. You doubt that you can hear or see me. You doubt my very existence! You doubt that you can connect with me just as easily as this! It has been built up in your imagination as…

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Thanks so much Debra for the general reading.

“Thanks so much Debra for the general reading. I really love and appreciate that my my primary spirit guide came forward and has gifted me with their name. I love how you described her so that now I can picture her in my head. I feel a great sense of calm knowing she is here…

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