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Past Life Cellular Memories

I believe we all have the ability to tap into our past lives. This is part of cellular memory trapped within us in every level layer and dimension. It is an intrinsic part of who we are. You can see this as part of your soul group inheritance, specifically the ancestral knowledge of your own genetic…

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Are Past Lives Part of your Family Genealogy?

My father is adopted. I was always intrigued to know who his natural birth mother and father were. You see, my sister and I don’t look like the rest of our family. My mother’s side are all from Scottish borderlands with England (I am a 5th generation New Zealander). They are all fair skinned and…

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Heal your Family Story 

I was so thrilled to meet my great great American ancestor, Frank and get to know him. We had the pleasure of getting to know him and the opportunity to hear his side of things. I described this in the first article of this series on generational patterns, ‘Ancestors- Skeletons in the Closet’. Frank was able…

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