helping you to tune in to the truth of who you are

You may have guessed by now that Debra is ALL about direct experience!

Tune In Session

Assists you to tune in to your own truth and transform whatever is coming up for you. Each Session is Unique.

Energy Clearings

An Energy Clearing is a way of clearing your Aura so that you can start protecting and maintaining it on a regular basis.


Debra conducts several types of readings. Akashic Record, Spirit Guide, Decision, Relationships, General Intuitive and Insight Readings.

All these session are one on one with Debra Reeves

You will be called on Skype or Facebook Messenger from the comfort of your own Home.

Payment is due before your session time. It is not possible to refund missed appointments.
You will receive a written copy of your Reading or session.
Please allow an hour for your session and time afterwards for reflection and integration of the experience.

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Akashic Record Reading (with a focus on Career)

I had a Career Reading with Debra. It was an amazing experience. Debra's calming presence really relaxed me and her sometimes mischievous smiles made me very inquisitive regarding what's coming up next for me to discover about myself. Her reading ...

I believed my Clairvoyance was completely blocked

“Debra, thank you so much for holding such amazing space for something that has literally rocked my world to the core. There's a lot more to earthbound spirits than meets the eye and I can definitely attest to that. The ...

Validated what I had always known

“I just had an Akashic Record Reading with Debra. I have put it off for a while because I thought that I would be able to do a Reading on myself. It’s alright to ask for help from others. Debra ...

Debra offers her knowledge and skills.

“Debra offers her knowledge and skills. The way she delivers it (most important is the delivery) is palpable, insightful, deep, evidence based, practiced, scrutinised, proven by her experience, and grounded, real. Debra brings the spiritual into a natural form, a ...

About Debra

“My heart is full of love and I feel a sense of understanding and well-being that I have rarely experienced in my present life. Knowing that I act as a team takes a lot of pressure away from me. Thank ...

About Debra

“Debra is able to "morph" her energy to fit that of the person with whom she is working, without interrupting the flow of who they are to themselves - no small talent. The physical feelings I had, and continue to ...
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The 6 Keys to Live a Life on Purpose

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