Energy Clearing

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An Energy Clearing is a way of clearing your aura so that you can start protecting and maintaining it on a regular basis.

If you feel that you are carrying around accumulated ‘gunk’ in your aura from years of absorbing other people’s emotions, then this is worth checking out.

These Energy Clearing sessions requires a paradigm shift in our thinking of what is possible with health and healing. In these sessions you will open your awareness and explore your inner landscape in a safe therapeutic and grounded way, facilitated and supported by Debra.

Our bodies are living libraries – they are repositories of vast stores of information and gifts waiting to be unlocked when the time is right. The emotional body is a layer or body, formed around your physical form. This emotional body holds any unresolved emotional baggage. Your feelings are all processed and stored here.

In each session you are lovingly guided by Debra every step of the way and share her decades of experience and insight with you. This is the gift that keeps on giving- a wonderful clearing out of old outmoded patterns and beliefs.

Each Energy Clearing session invites your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to heal itself. Each session begins the process of shedding decades of self-limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. We will gain clarity on these self-limiting beliefs and patterns to reduce the impact so you can begin shedding layers. We have infinite potential for self-healing! We are triggering the process so that your body can begin to self-heal.

Awareness is the first step to healing so we will explore these feelings with curiosity. It’s necessary to feel it before we can heal it. We focus on the area and explore what is stored and trapped as energy rather than following the story – the memory or the emotions attached. We tune in to the raw sensations that have been longing for your attention. We allow whatever comes up and we give your body permission to do whatever it needs to release all that no longer serves your highest good.

All of these drain your energy and make you feel like you’re “not yourself”, ungrounded or imbalanced and can impact your physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.

We will clear the source of the energy drain, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. You can start a new way of being with a healthier more unconditionally loving dynamic that benefits you and your loved ones. Your relationships can continue on a healthy, equal footing without the old dysfunctional patterns or memories. You will be free to love others more freely, more fully, than ever before. You will feel more free and independent from any unhealthy patterns that existed.

These sessions are a beautiful experiential session. Debra guides you through the process and assists you to facilitate your own healing journey. This gives you the best possible opportunity to heal on every level. Plus you get to learn what your intuitive gifts are and how to use them!

These Energy Clearings serve you long after the session is complete. Energy Clearings have reverberations through your being in every level, layer and dimension. This will occur whether consciously or unconsciously aware. The shift can take days or weeks to fully integrate. After each session you will receive a record of all that you experienced plus any exercises to help you to clear and maintain your energy fields on a regular basis.

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Spiritual Practice

Astral Entity Clearing

Astral entities are disincarnate souls stuck on the earth plane. Whether we're aware of it or not most of us have attachments. These souls are not to be feared or treated like parasitic invaders, sucking our energy (although they can) and influencing our thoughts, words and actions (although they can)!

These souls are somebody's beloved mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband or wife. They are lost, confused and often desperately seeking our help. An Astral Entity Clearing gives these souls the help they need.

An Astral Entity Clearing is beneficial for both you and the entities involved. We are all soul, all Beings of Love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. An Astral Entity Clearing is a wondrous and powerful healing that enables a lost soul to be reunited with Source, to continue their transmigration to their next right place of expression.

Astral entities tend to drain your energy. The more attachments you have, the less energy and vitality you feel. These souls can cause physical symptoms in the part of the body or chakra where they are stuck. This creates pain and eventually dis ease if left unattended.

What to Expect
In an Astral Entity Clearing we:

  • Tune in to your body/emotions/mind
  • Ascertain the number of entities
  • Find the hook or trigger that's attracted them to you
  • Tune in to the entity to feel what they are experiencing (what is trapping them on the earth plane)
  • Release the entity to the light
  • Cut all psychic ties and protect your aura

Afterwards you will be given a prayer to help reinforce your energetic boundaries, only connecting with highest beings that are on your path.This prayer will reprogram your subconscious mind. If you feel that you are carrying around accumulated ‘gunk’ in your aura from years of absorbing other people’s emotions this is a way of clearing your aura so that you can start protecting and maintaining it on a regular basis.

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An Astral Entity Clearing session lasts for 60 minutes and costs US$259 (please specify "Astral Energy Clearing").


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