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Founder of The SoulFull Sister Revolution: empowering perimenopausal women to take back their power, passion and purpose

What happens when you move into a share house with four others...and a poltergeist?! I was only twenty at the time and in my final year of university but it changed me forever. It took me on a weird and wonderful journey with incontrovertible proof of Spirit.

Fast forward thirty years and I am now offering to teach others all I’ve discovered for myself.

My name is Debra Reeves and I am the founder of The SoulFull Sister Revolution.

I have over 30 years’ experience communicating directly with Spirit and am trained as a professional intuitive and Feminine Embodiment Coach.

Originally from New Zealand, I live on the heart shaped island of Tasmania, off the southern coast of Australia with my hubby of almost twenty years, our three teenage sons, two border collies and two cats.

I fell into the weird and wonderful world of Spirit. In my final year of university when I was twenty-one I moved into a share house with four housemates and a very active poltergeist. She would slam doors so the whole house shook, move things on the mantle piece, pinch you and billow wall hangings. Everyone felt her or saw her so there was no doubt she existed.

This rather intrusive poltergeist proved the incontrovertible existence of the spirit realm for me. This experience threw open the doors to the spirit realm and made all of Spirit feel accessible. I began, slowly but surely, exploring the infinite possibilities open to us in Spirit.

And life has never been the same since!

I spent the next five years travelling through Asia and the Near East, living and working in thirteen countries. I met amazing people and explored culture through religion and spirituality, striking up conversations with the locals and studying whenever I could.

By the time I was 27 I had studied Usui Reiki to master level, spiritual healing, Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, traditional Thai Massage (Northern style) and Vipassana Meditation.

I discovered the keys, spiritual tools and resources to radically transform my life and revolutionise my beliefs and patterns.

My spirit guides became my greatest source of guidance, support and inspiration. I am so grateful to them!


I underwent a massive inner and outer transformation.

Without seeking meaning and a purpose in my life in my twenties I would be a radically different person now. I shifted my inner perspective to the point where I attracted a life partner and was able to give and receive love.

I met the love of my life and got married. We had three beautiful sons. Life was good on the outside.

But when I got married and I had children I kind of lost my way. I was still doing my own spiritual work but it behind closed doors, in the comfort of my own home. Nobody even knew this about me. I became a mother and I lost my authentic voice.


I still felt incomplete, wounded, broken, and needing to be fixed.

Inside I felt empty, a spectator in my own life. I was giving everything I had just to keep everyone else happy and cared for. But I wasn’t happy and fulfilled within myself. I was just going through the motions day after day, year after year. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. Life felt pointless and deprived of real, deep meaning.

I knew there was more to life than this! I’d experienced it when I was travelling purely through intuition. I knew life was magical!

And the life I was living was drained of its magic. I felt stuck, rudderless and I didn’t know how to change.

It wasn’t the life I’d signed up for! It wasn’t the life I’d envisaged all those years ago when I first reconnected with Spirit for myself and rekindled my own personal connection to my spirit guides.

I was frustrated by how life had panned out but I didn’t know what to do!
I wasn’t progressing spiritually as quickly as I wanted to.
And nothing seemed to be working.

But deep down…I knew I had it in me- I had all that I needed to transform my life and the lives of my friends and family. I wanted to make a positive impact in the world for the highest good of all.

…I just knew it!

Is this how you feel too?

When life gets tough, when there are too many demands, something’s got to give! And most often it’s easier to numb the still small voice within and listen to the loudest voice in the room! So we go numb, we ignore our intuition; we shut down our body’s sensations. We detach from own selves.

And we disconnect.

I get that unconscious need to escape to reduce the stress and overwhelm. But life doesn’t need to be like this! You can be real and authentic and come home to yourself. You can feel fully and embrace all that life has to offer.

The good news is I discovered I had everything I needed and you can too!

When my last child, my third child, started school it was like the Universe gave me an almighty kick up the backside. It was like the Universe said “Enough. Time is up! It is time to get on with your work. Chop chop!”

I learned how to access the Akashic Records. This is an amazing database of information. It holds a record of everyone’s soul – past, present and future. By reading people’s Akashic Record, I could help them to understand the highest path and purpose of their lives, their soul gifts soul urges and the life lessons they were born to learn.

I learned how to receive messages, clarity, and guidance from a person’s personal spirit guide team for Intuitive Readings. And from there it just snowballed. I learned how to channel information, to channel guidance and meditations so that I could give people the spiritual tools that they needed for Programs and Trainings.


Only it did not come alone. My perimenopause came in the same year as Covid-19. 2020. But it all started in 2019 really. It started with three overseas trips - to India (on a retreat to connect with Hindu goddesses), to France and Spain (to connect with Mary Magdalene)and finally a trip home to New Zealand for Christmas. By the time I arrived home in January of 2020 my spirit guides had new instructions for me:

I was told to batten down the hatches by spirit, to stay at home, not socialise and write this damn book. It makes sense now!! But it means I was already in lockdown for two months before COVID-19 restrictions even hit!

My world became very small. I only saw one friend. Then none. My hubby was living three hours north - building a floating sauna. We saw him one or two days a week.

I have sat in the uncomfortable space of inner transformation that will continue for a long time yet - years perhaps? I LOVE writing but it was an intense time to be focusing on something that doesn't make an income in a time when our businesses were closed! So I felt into how to serve my community best. It was a challenge to stay on task, to stay focused and to do what needed to be done: write.

Fast forward to the end of the year and PERI

I went up two bra sizes and a massive spare tire suddenly appeared around my waist. I’ve never gained weight unless I’m pregnant so it had to be hormonal - peri menopause. I am forty-nine years old. I haven’t had hot flashes or mood swings but this year my menstrual cycle has taken a pause. After being regular as clockwork the arc of the moon across the sky no longer marks my cycle. My husband and I went away for a very spur-of-the-moment get away without our kids. I struggled to remember the last time we were away by ourselves for more than a night or two. My husband took millions of photos of me. I was horrified at so many of them. I was unused to seeing how big I’d become. I deleted tons of photos. I discovered I looked small if I crouched. So, these are the photos I shared.

I discussed this with my husband. His solution? He encouraged me to get my gear off and photographed me naked. I’ve never been afraid of my nakedness, so I didn’t think much of it at the time. It was only afterwards that I felt the shift this had given me.

It was liberating.

I felt a new found self-acceptance of my new shape and size.

A new thought took hold; that my body is in flux. I am a shifting sea of hormones. The last thing my body needs is pressure to be a certain shape and size. So, I’ve decided to accept my new shape and size. I’ll wait for my hormones to balance out before I consider weight loss. No point trying while my body has so much going on. I’m happy with who I am. Right now, who I am is a woman going through “the change”. No point forcing or pushing. I’m going to soften, relax and go with the flow.



Within the space of 5 months, (in this order) my hubby and I bought a new house with a long settlement, put our house on the market, I was diagnosed with cancer, we sold our home, we became homeless and moved into my hubby’s family home for 8 weeks (with our three sons, two dogs and two cats), had 6 weeks chemoradiation, I was hospitalized with side effects and the day after we moved into our new home I was discharged from hospital! It was a huge 5 months.

My pelvis has been to hell and back in the past 6 months. I was diagnosed with cancer on May 23, 2023. The 60mm tumour was “invasive”, sitting right on my anal verge and growing into my vaginal wall - where all the nerve endings are - meaning I was in a world of pain. I had a rare form of cancer that responds extremely well to chemoradiation (so no surgery required) so I underwent chemoradiation. After treatment my body miraculously started healing. Within 2 weeks, I grew the softest velvety baby skin between my legs. A fresh start. A new beginning.

Chemoradiation has meant I am in medical menopause. I have entered the new phase of my life without any build-up. The end of the treatment also marked moving into a new home with my hubby and three sons. I literally got discharged from hospital and moved into my incredible new home.

So. Much. Change.

Cancer has taken me into one of the biggest initiatory changes of my life. Cancer has shortened my perspective. I want to live now! Cancer has been a sobering experience. I no longer have the luxury of endless infinite time. I no longer believe I can’t die. I feel like my life has been chopped into morsels between check-ups.

Having cancer has been jam-packed with whole new learning. It feels like it is a next level with deeper learning. Looking back over the past few years, it feels as if the universe gave me preparation for cancer by introducing me to death doula work, training as a hospice volunteer and in clinical pastoral care. This training helped me get my head around cancer when I was first diagnosed.

Now I’m learning to cope with new challenges, new obstacles, that are put in my way to scare me. But it’s not true. None of it is true. I do not need to react every time. I am whole and complete. I feel indestructible, unshakable, unflappable today. I feel like I will manage anything the universe throws at me.


I help peri-menopausal women get out of their heads and into their hearts

By tuning in to our own body, thoughts, emotions and soul we find an infinite resource to all our longings. Reconnect with the body’s wisdom and shift accumulated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual baggage.

We can connect deeply with our own inner knowing, our essential self, our true power and potential that is the truth of who we are.

I work with peri-menopausal women who are intent on taking back their power, passion and purpose. I assist women to get out of their head and drop back into wholeness with their body, emotions, mind and spirit. I help women to connect with their inner wisdom, through intuition and communication with their amazing spirit guides.

I get that unconscious need to escape to reduce the stress and overwhelm. But life doesn’t need to be like this! You can be real and authentic and come home to yourself. You can feel fully and embrace all that life has to offer.

TIME IS UP. Own your truth. Reclaim your power. Access your passion. Embrace your purpose.

IT IS TIME. I invite you to join the REVOLUTION!

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