Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Tune in to your body to release stored frozen tension. Access your own Inner Knowing

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Sink Deep into the Rich Depths of Your Own Being

Feminine Embodiment Coaching explores the threads of tension coming up to be looked at. These threads of tension are anything in your life that’s triggering you, stressing you or keeping you awake at night.

Feminine Embodied Coaching allows you to reconnect with the body’s wisdom and release accumulated unresolved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tension. Shed all that no longer serves your highest good and experience more joy in your life.

Debra will guide you with conversation, questions, sound and movement to access what you feel, sense and see.

In a Feminine Embodiment Coaching session Debra will assist you to access your own inner knowing for yourself. In this way, you can connect deeply with your own inner knowing, your essential self, your true power and potential that is the truth of who you are. Debra assists you to tune in to your own truth and transform whatever is coming up for you.

This is an experiential exercise to help you to get to the heart of any issue to feel it fully and release it. These are easy techniques that you can use afterwards in the comfort of your own home.

What to Expect
In a Feminine Embodiment Coaching session we:

  • Tune in to your body's intelligence
  • Tune in to the feelings and sensations arising from your current experience
  • Tune in to any movement or sounds your body needs you to make to express this experience
  • Release any self-limiting beliefs or patterns
  • Fill your beautiful body with a sense of pleasure or aliveness

Book Your Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session Today!

A Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session lasts for 60 minutes and costs US$80.

Use this link to book in and pay straight into my diary:


I was able to heal and let this past trauma go

“I enjoy my sessions with Debra since I always get positive results. In our session I was able to revisit a trauma wound that has prevented me from moving forward and taking that next step in my own spiritual business ...

I have a technique now

“Thank you so much for your time and for allowing me to experience embodiment coaching. Doing this, I felt like such a shift within me. I also felt the retraction and fear and was able to gently wade through it. ...

I’m still walking, talking and being in a vast universe

"My first session with Deb was my first experience with this style of healing. I struggle with self-confidence and self-love. I entered the session feeling emotional and with a sense of turmoil. I know I need strategies and ways to ...

I felt safe and supported

“Debra, the session today was so interesting and powerful. Your facilitation skills are spot on. I felt safe and supported throughout. Your guided pace felt right. The invitation and pause to let me find what you were guiding me towards ...

Thank you for your sessions

"Thank you for your sessions they have been helpful in coming to terms with my new situation and dealing with ongoing concerns. I don’t have any real negative feedback to date so I will list a bunch of positive points ...
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