The night Annette and her son experienced sleep paralysis at the same time, miles apart, was the final straw. Annette knew if she didn’t do something now, this was going to haunt her son as well and she did not want him to go through what she had.

It was when her son was terrorised that Annette said Enough!

Annette needed help. It wasn’t the stories passed down from Annette’s mother and aunts, sharing generations of decades of paranormal encounters (read the previous blog: ‘The Family Curse’) that compelled her to do something.

Even sixteen years experiencing episodes of sleep paralysis wasn’t enough to compel Annette to do something (see previous blog: ‘Sleep Paralysis Takes Hold’)

Annette didn’t feel confident confiding in most people for fear they would think she was crazy if she told them. Annette knew I was one of the few people she could tell. Annette had shared her experiences with me before.

We have known each other for years. We were in the same Mother’s Group with our first-born babies, eighteen years ago. Over the years we had lost contact for about five years, so I hadn’t heard about her recent experiences.

Annette contacted me and reminded me of the stories of her family, spanning two houses in two countries and three generations.

I remembered Annette’s stories of sleep paralysis and waking with physical marks. Annette had sent me a photo of showing red marks on her body so I saw exactly what she described. When Annette described her son’s experience, I knew it was time to confront this spirit Face to Face, once and for all. I suggested we have an Astral Entity Clearing.

Astral entities are disincarnate souls stuck on the earth plane. Unlike an earthbound spirit (attached to a property) this spirit was travelling with Annette and able to be in multiple locations.

What is an Astral Entity Clearing?

Let me explain an Astral Entity Clearing in general before I describe Annette’s session.

An Astral Entity Clearing is beneficial for both my client and the entities involved. These souls are somebody’s beloved mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband or wife. They are lost, confused and often desperately seeking our help. An Astral Entity Clearing gives these souls the help they need.

I explain this to my client before an Astral Entity Clearing, so regardless of the form the spirit takes, we will blast them with love. When we can hold space for a spirit with love and reassurance – whether it is a deceased loved one or a frightening poltergeist – we offer them the compassion they crave.

We tell the lost soul that we see them, we hear them and we acknowledge them. We give the lost soul our undivided attention. Often this is such a gift that they drop any scary façade, relax and change form.

All relationships are reciprocal. I invite the spirit to have a conversation with my client so my client learns why they attracted the spirit to them in the first place and how long they’ve been with them. The client also asks what they’ve learned from the spirit and what the spirt has learned from them.

This work is familiar and deeply rewarding to me. I learned to connect with spirit by moving into a share house with four others and a poltergeist when I was twenty-one years old. I followed it up with years being contacted by earthbound spirits. They would literally come and sit at the end of my bed, sometime half a dozen at a time, and look expectantly at me. It was as if the call had been made and everyone knew “This one can see us!”

I discovered that if I dropped my fear and treated these lost souls as people without bodies, they came to me without the rage and frustration and showed their own sadness and confusion instead.

Most of these spirits didn’t even know they were dead. Most felt ignored and abandoned. I gave them a counselling session and then helped them cross over fully into the light when they were ready. At the height of the madness, I’d lie down each night to be joined by five or six lost souls begging for help!

It got very intense until I learned to control my intuitive gifts, filtering and boundaries. I couldn’t be available for absolutely everyone. It was exhausting – I wasn’t getting any sleep! I eventually shut this down when I had children.

I was trained to offer Astral Entity Clearings – to assist the living and the dead (learn more at in the Energy Clearings section of Services).


Intention is Key

Considering this spirit had been such a coercive, malevolent, interfering force in Annette’s life, it was understandable that she entered into this Astral Entity Clearing with a lot of fear.

Not me. When Annette reached out for help, I rubbed my hands together in glee! It’s not every day you get to work with a spirit like this! These types of spirits are rare.

This was no ordinary spirit to have learned to use sleep paralysis on an unsuspecting Annette as she slept. It takes perseverance and skill for a spirit to develop to be able to interfere with us and physically manipulate things – to send objects flying, knock on doors or walls.

Experience meant I was confident I had the spiritual tools and skills to take on something like this. I can count on one hand the number of spirits who were intentionally frightening and feeding on fear. Only one was the scary frightening variety. That’s one in almost thirty years.

Don’t get me wrong – I had no idea what I was getting myself in for! After all, this was one scary spirit hellbent on terrorising and controlling people with some impressive abilities! But I didn’t change the intention I bring to any Astral Entity Clearing.

I enter into a Clearing with an open mind. Intention is key. If my client or I have pre-conceived expectations of what we will see it makes it harder to see the spirit. The fact is, there’s no form in spirit so whatever form the spirits take is either symbolic of their mood or personality, or represents the form they had in their most recent lifetime.


Annette Confronts the Spirit

After years of being overwhelmed and paralysed, frightened out of her wits, Annette was incredibly brave confronting this spirit. I guided Annette in to meet the spirit face to face. It was the only way she would release the hold it had on her.

Annette found it difficult to visualise the spirit at first. Eventually she could see a grey figure with large black round eyes, his head bowed as he shrugged away from her.

Annette could make out his large head bow down, chin on his chest. He looked grey with the long thin arms and legs. He seemed to retreat from her, not wanting to be seen.

This was not the fearsome creature she expected. Annette could see he was actually more afraid of her than she was of him! Shocked and gaining confidence, Annette stood her ground and continued to do as I instructed, blasting him with her love and reassurance.

The spirit seemed reluctant to leave Annette, as if he feared what lay in store for him when he crossed over. We invited him to see his loved ones waiting for him but he cowered away from them also. Annette felt him say he was not with them or part of them.

Eventually, Annette could just make out him as he faded into the light. This made Annette feel very emotional, almost a feeling of guilt. Annette began to cry as she felt he had gone.

These sessions can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. Afterwards, Annette felt zapped of energy and a bit uncoordinated. Annette opened a fizzy water and it went everywhere, then she knocked a spice jar onto the floor and glass went everywhere. Annette began to worry that perhaps this is a repercussion…

Annette went to bed feeling scared; that maybe the Clearing had not worked and she would be punished. But the next day Annette felt much better and confident that it had worked. Annette has had no interference since and feels happier in herself.

An Astral Entity Clearing shows us that these spirits – even the scariest ones! – are just lost souls. They need our help. They need the people who can see and hear spirit to reach out to them and help them cross over fully to their next right place of expression.


Opportunity Knocks

Too often we just don’t talk about this stuff. We compartmentalise and doubt that it even happened. If we don’t talk about it, we won’t realise how common it actually is. And we can’t see it for what it is: an opportunity!

So, what’s the opportunity in all this?

When I was only 21 and in my final year of university, I moved into a share house with four others…and a poltergeist?! It changed me forever. It took me on a weird and wonderful journey with incontrovertible proof of Spirit.

Within that year I had reactivated all m intuitive gifts. I could see her, feel her, hear her and I could take the energetic temperature of the room so I knew if she was present. I did all this out of self-preservation. She was that scary!

She would slam doors so the whole house shook, move things on the mantle piece, pinch you and billow wall hangings. Everyone felt her or saw her so there was no doubt she existed.

This rather intrusive poltergeist proved the incontrovertible existence of the spirit realm for me. This experience threw open the doors to the spirit realm and made all of Spirit feel accessible. I began, slowly but surely, exploring the infinite possibilities open to us in Spirit.

And life has never been the same since!

Earthbound spirits, astral entities are spirits, and deceased loved ones need our help. They need the intutives to help them to cross over. They need us to blast them with love and reassurance.

If you see, hear or feel spirits around you regularly then consider it a gift rather than a curse! Embrace your psychic gifts and train to be a Spirit Rescue Worker. I am here to teach you how to develop and control your psychic gifts, to call in support and protection and to ensure you are helping these lost souls.

We are all soul, all beings of love and light – some just need more help than others to find their way home. We need to help these lost souls to be reunited with Source, to continue their transmigration to their next right place of expression.

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