This is the final blog in this series on What Happens When You Die. I hope this inquiry has helped you. By having a belief and being curious about the dying process, death and what happens when we die, helps us embrace life more fully. We might discover how many fears we held that are not helpful or even true.

We are all evolving, in life and in our lifetime between lives. Just as there are many dimensions on Earth that your consciousness can resonate within at any given time there are also many dimensions within the spiritual worlds where your soul goes based on the quality of our hearts and our states of consciousness when you die.

In order to enter into the higher planes of existence, you must first raise the vibration of your soul consciousness through a process of purification. Raise your vibrational frequency and you will naturally resonate with higher vibrating planes within the spiritual realm.

As you raise your vibration you will rise into higher and higher planes of existence until you are surrounded by clear light. At the highest level you are surrounded by a powerful energy of pure love and intelligence – the underlying fabric of everything in the universe.

At this level you will understand that you no longer need a form, that you are a multidimensional being of love and light. You will feel oneness with all that is, yet still have your free will and the ability to choose to reincarnate.

Before we incarnate, we select the life lessons we wish to learn, the parents, family and major life events that will best facilitate these life lessons. More guides oversee the whole process and offer advice and supervision. You are free to accept or reject this advice and request other scenarios that would facilitate learning.

Ashley described this process in an NDE (Near Death Experience): “I was shown a place where everyone has a pre-set life on record chosen by us. I was shown my life path. Reincarnation is real but it is our choice to incarnate. We do so to learn and grow. God is Love and total energy of Love. We are sent to Earth to love and be loved unconditionally.”

During this pre-incarnation process we make a Sacred Contract, an agreement with other souls from our soul group. We are all guided and governed by Universal Laws, a Divine Plan and by our own personal Sacred Contract. This Sacred Contract contains a wide range of agreements regarding all that we intend to learn in this lifetime.

Your Sacred Contract maps out your mission in life, your highest path and purpose. Your Sacred Contract offers an opportunity to empower your spirit. Your personal and spiritual growth is for the highest good of all sentient beings. One of your soul urges will be to serve others. In a Sacred Contract, you evolve spiritually including insight, purpose, self-understanding and the attainment of spiritual qualities such as compassion, selflessness and faith.

Your Sacred Contract comprises not only what kind of work we do but also our key relationships with key people who help us learn the valuable life lessons we have agreed to work on. Everyone has life lessons to complete. It tends to take two to three lifetimes to complete each life lesson. Once completed, a new life lesson will begin.

It is usually only possible to see exactly how a life lesson has played out at the end of life, in the life review. However, an Akashic Record Reading gives insight into the underlying currents at play and may help you to understand why you are attracting certain people, patterns of behaviour or situations.

The life lessons underpin the experiences we attract in daily life. We attract, choose and create situations that best teach our life lesson. These experiences can be uplifting or challenging. It is important to always remember that there’s no such thing as a negative or positive experience – these are labels we put on them. All learning is for our highest good, and often the most challenging experiences hold the greatest potential for growth.

Free Will
A Sacred Contract includes the element of choice. A Sacred Contract is a learning process so it cannot be broken. It commits you to developing your inner consciousness and your understanding of how to work with forces greater than your own free will.

You are often given more than one opportunity to complete your learning. Each time you attempt to avoid an opportunity or challenge the consequences become more accentuated. Deny and ignore a learning and your experience becomes more and more challenging. Eventually you will be given a shock impossible to ignore.

You can postpone completing your Contract for lifetimes if you choose. You can take your life and leave your Sacred Contract incomplete but you can’t avoid your Contract altogether. You will return with aspects of your Contract carried over from the previous life, life and life, until you are willing to apply yourself to its fruition.

When we gather together to support each other, we uplift our shared purpose and help to uplift the world together. Nobody can forge this path for you because it is your own unique path. Nobody can predict for you where the path will end because every twist and turn of the path will be a surprise and anything is possible. But one thing is guaranteed.

I believe that our Sacred Contract gives the potentialities, the pre-ordained milestones, threshold moments and crossroads in your life. These significant moments are predetermined, but the timing is undefined. There is no linear time – this is a construct of our third dimensional reality. This means that life’s significant events have flexibility and are open to adjustment. They are by no means cast in stone.

For example, a wonderful client’s husband was being treated for terminal cancer. He was doing everything in his power to heal through both mainstream medicine and alternative therapies. During Insight Readings her spirit guides could not give a definitive answer to whether he would survive – according to them this was up to him to decide. I was told he could die when he was ready – whether that be in a day, a week or a decade.

The spirit guides were on standby, watching and waiting for their assistance to be needed to lovingly greet him and help him transition. This client’s husband chose when he was ready to die. He informed staff at the hospice and prepared himself and his beloved wife. We died a day later.

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