Have you had a dream where someone is trying to get your attention or where the dream suddenly changes and you feel like there’s something or someone in your bedroom entering your dream?

I’ve just had one of those dreams. I was having a lovely dream when one of the characters in my dream suddenly started pulling at me to make me sit up. All of a sudden I wasn’t romping about in my dream landscape but was in my bed (only in the dream).

I’ve had these often enough now to enter my dream and think “Hang on this isn’t part of my dream. This is in my bedroom” and wake up! This time it was an earth bound spirit who was being insistent on being heard. He wanted to speak to me urgently and thought this would be a really effective way of getting my attention!

All in a days work for a psychic? Hmm yes I’m afraid so but even I need my sleep! I asked him to leave me to sleep and promised I’d talk to him in daylight hours.

If you have ‘dreams’ like this or feel watched or uncomfortable at night then you are probably not alone. You will know you are in the presence of an earth bound spirit if you can sense someone in the room with you. I liken it to the feeling you get in a crowded room when you feel someone eyes on you from behind. You might instinctively turn towards the direction of the person but by then they’ve stopped looking so you can’t pin point who it was exactly, but you know intuitively that there was someone boring a hole in your back.

If you haven’t developed your intuitive abilities yet (see my Courses page) then you may not be able to see or hear earthbound spirits yet. Instead, focus on your feelings. How do they make you feel?

If they make you feel fearful or scared then tell them they are not welcome and build a gold, silver or pink bubble around yourself, and if need be, enlarge it to surround your room, your home, your property until you feel safe. This is a strong protective bubble that can still reflect love and light but will keep unwelcome energies from you. Love is the best protection there is.

If they make you feel shy or uncomfortable then this may be a nosy or inquisitive earthbound spirit who may be passing through or visiting to help you develop your intuition. You can ask to practice with them to develop your intuitive abilities or wish them well on their onward journey.

Boundaries are always good. Even if you are willing to communicate with them you will need to decide on ground rules – like not waking you in the middle if the night! It’s always easiest to see spirit in the dark so offering time before you go to sleep to practice your intuition is a good idea. Most importantly is treating them with loving kindness. Honour them as you would a stranger who you’d like to get to know. Be respectful.

Do they feel familiar? Do you feel emotional or reminded of a someone? Are they a loved one who’s passed over, checking up on you?

There are far more benevolent earthbound spirits than there are malevolent; just as there are far more good, loving people walking about than there are malicious ones. Your feelings are your best guide to tell you whether the spirit is friend or foe.

Chances are they may be going through a lot themselves so you will often find you will both need to be part counsellor part friend. If they are new to communication too you will both need to practice to be heard. Just be honest and patient. It’s worth it!

Art by Oleg Korolev


  1. Kim on May 3, 2020 at 12:45 am

    I had a dream early this morning that I went to a house where I knew people had died. I was with my sister and a few other young girls. We invoked the spirits of the people who used to live there and they came that night pulling on my leg, moving the covers and rolling some dice out from under the bed. I was afraid at first using aggression to try and get them to leave. Then I realized I could pray to send them back to source. So that’s what I did and I felt a beautiful energy rush over me in my heart. Then I saw the ghosts as if they were human again and they thanked me for what I did for them. They were trapped and I freed them from their suffering.

    • Debra Reeves on May 19, 2020 at 12:02 pm

      Hey Kim, what a beautiful dream! It pretty-much sums up the feels ad profound experience of an Astral Entity Clearing! I love how you described “I felt a beautiful energy rush over me in my heart.” YES! Exactly that.

      There is no form in spirit. No form. We are all energy. Even what we see as solid are actually just molecules moving so fast they appear like a solid form. A spirit might chose not to take a form and be seen more as their essential self – as an orb or light, or in light body (a bright cut out of a body).

      Earthbound spirits will try to hang on to the familiar – including the form they had n their most recent lifetime. Imagine the fear when the physical form starts to dissolve! So they recreate it and their surroundings. When they have released their fear and resistance to crossing over it is such a relief for them! They are so very grateful for anyone willing to help them!

      I wonder whether you do this work often in your dreams? Or was this a one-off?

  2. Amanda on July 18, 2020 at 7:01 am

    I had a dream last night with what I believe was a earthbound spirit. I have been thinking to go back to my home country, and in the dream I was looking for apartments and then while I was checking an apartment out, I saw a men crying staring at something I couldn’t see, he was saying he was sorry for what he did. then I saw an older lady and a little girl also staring at someone I couldn’t see. It seems that the mother of the lady girl passed away or suicided because the men betrayed her. The older lady asked if I couldn’t see her, and I say no I can’t. Then the old lady say, well you can’t see her because you don’t feel anger in your heart, then I payed and I asked god to please not let me see anything. But then I saw her and she appeared. She was furious and very upset, I can’t remember what she say, but she was upset with the guy for cheating on her or something like that. Then I was by the little girl and the lady ghost was sad that she couldn’t take care of her anymore, then I felt like telling her that I would keep an eye on her to make her feel better, then she was super mad and told me that I couldn’t do that and that that was her job. Later on I was still in that house and it was raining outside, I was going to leave but I remembered I saw an umbrella while I was walking to the door and then decided to go get the umbrella but the lady ghost yelled at me asking me to leave without any belongings from the house, o think the umbrella was of the little girl, but the house was empty at that point.

    • Debra Reeves on April 30, 2021 at 3:28 pm

      Amanda how did you feel when you woke? Did tis dream feel real to you? The level of vivid detail gives me the impression that you met these souls and assisted them to reconcile their lifetime. This is called Spirit Rescue Work. A Spirit Rescue Worker assists souls to fully cross over to their next right place of expression – like a counsellor for people without bodies! It’s a calling. No one chooses it!

  3. Florence on August 14, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    I just had a dream about an entity trying to communicate through my phone. The entity was scared of it’s loved one forgetting them. I’m deathly afraid of entities but I can still feel them. When I woke up I quickly got under my covers and asked it to please leave. Once I felt courageous enough to reach out to grab my phone from under the covers I did my research. I summoned Archangel Michael and tried to ground myself but I still kind of feel it’s presence. I will try to reassure it and tell it kindly to have a safe journey. I’m only 15 BTW. I tried again but it’s still burning holes into the back of my neck so I will wait till morning.

    • Debra Reeves on April 30, 2021 at 3:14 pm

      Hi Florence, how are you? That was a very full on experience to go through! Have you had anymore since? I would love you to reach out and share any new experiences you’ve had. To understand these experiences more please watch the videos here on deceased loved ones and earthbound spirits.

      We are all soul, all Beings of Love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. These souls are somebody’s beloved mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband or wife. They are lost, confused and often desperately seeking our help. An Astral Entity Clearing gives these souls the help they need.

      I am aware there is the 1% who are ratbags trying to make trouble…this might be who you encountered! If you ever feel threatened or unsafe you do EXACTLY as you would respond in real life- tell them to back off! Tell them you don’t give them permission to access you in any way. Tell them to go away. And yes, Archangel Michael is awesome for protection and cutting through lies and illusions. So call him in.

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