Past Life Flashbacks

One evening when my eldest son was about three years old, he was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, assisted by my husband. He piped up about “my Maori life” as a “medicine man”. He turned to my husband and said “you were there, Dad” and over his shoulder he said to me “but you weren’t. Sorry Mum.” So matter of fact. It was a clear, unsolicited memory of a past life that we had never discussed. Why he remembered it brushing his teeth I’ll never know!

Children are so much more connected to their soul and so they have access to their memories. They’ll often tell long, detailed stories or they have wisdom or skills they haven’t been taught. Role play games can be inspired from other lifetimes and may indicate unfinished business from a previous life. They may feel drawn to recreate the life, have a natural affinity with this role and a desire to play it out over and over.

Dreams and nightmares are another rich resource of past lives. If you dream of unknown places, people or events, you may be trying to trigger memories in order to process or release past life memories or connections.

Past life memories are particularly vivid if a person died suddenly in the previous incarnation. Foul play, murder, accident or suicide, a soul has no time to prepare and often leaves life lessons unfinished or relationships incomplete.

Past lives help put the pieces back together and create a fuller understanding of who you are on a soul level; the experiences, beliefs, attitudes, spiritual traditions or religions that have shaped or influenced your soul, not to mention the fears, phobias and self-limiting beliefs brought with you into the now.

Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts believed that resolving past lives are even more complex than many understand. They describe a multi-dimensional reality where all past, present and future is simultaneously lived now, each in its own dimension with each personality in each dimension being an aspect or expression of a greater soul or greater being. By exploring these other lives in other dimensions Robert’s believes you can bring knowledge and understanding into your life now. You are also simultaneously creating healing and transformation in your past and future lives by working on yourself in this life.

Your Sacred Contract
In your Sacred Contract you choose your life lessons, significant relationships (parents, siblings, friends and life partners) in order to serve each other from lifetime to lifetime. You choose to come through in various relationships and genders, swapping roles with each other. There will be a sense of familiarity. These relationships are not always loving. They may be fraught or another soul may agree to come through to be a malevolent force in the other’s life. Everything is chosen for your higher path and purpose for the greatest soul learning.

Hard earned spiritual, intellectual and artistic skills become part of your soul, meaning efforts are never wasted and invariably interests are picked up where you left off from lifetime to lifetime. Child prodigies can be explained in this way with the soul’s learning evident from an early age to be fostered and strengthened in the new life. An example is Peter Teekamp who unconsciously replicated sketches from his previous incarnation as Paul Gauguin.

The Dalai Lama and other Lamas choose to reincarnate over and over for the benefit of humankind. Their selfless devotion to the enlightenment of all sentient beings is truly breath taking. However, sometimes a soul will choose new life lessons and so a new life path that will unfold to create the best possible learning opportunities. For example, the soul of Beethoven may have chosen to incarnate without any musical talent in order to explore new learning.

Social status in life – poor and rich, famous and unknown – seems determined by the life lessons chosen in the pre-incarnation process or the accumulated karma created in previous lifetimes. We probably have not all been queens and kings; we may not have led idyllic, enchanted lives.

Some people are affected by the accumulated lifetimes of our soul more than others. A past life can affect you in so many ways and often only makes sense when you know what the life was. Each person is as different as the cocktail of past lives lived.

Our souls have been here many lifetimes. Many are beginning to remember all the accumulated wisdom stored on a soul level. These are incredible treasure-troves of hard earned wisdom learned. These lives can be with glimpses of lives lived or just through recovery of skills and wisdom, hard won through other lifetimes. New doors open up that were locked as ancient knowledge is recovered, activating lost or dormant abilities.
It is truly something to embrace wholeheartedly. Whether you believe in linear time or multidimensional parallel lives the truth remains: we are amazing beings!

This is not just for you personally. This is also for collective expansion of awareness and knowledge. Magical moments will unfold if we are open and ready for it. Moments when a deep triggering of soul and collective soul memories open up. We can at last see what has been hidden and obscured or totally had been removed from the planet.

Whether I believe my eldest son’s Maori medicine man life was occurring in parallel to his current life or within a linear timeline, where he lived it in the past before his current lifetime, the truth remains the same. By merging these timelines, by aligning his current awareness or consciousness with all of his lives (past, present and future) he unlocked unlimited, multidimensional potential! He can access the wisdom gained and see through a Maori medicine man’s eyes whenever he desires.

Art by Lucy Campbell

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