Last week I accessed an Akashic Record for a woman who felt strongly that her past (parallel!!) lives were impacting her current lifetime. So I took a look.

I absolutely LOVE what I do! For those who haven’t worked with me, I am a professional intuitive and Spiritual Coach. I love to play in the Quantum Field of energy healing, changing timelines and releasing old old stories, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Then we can begin to manifest; co-creating a life lived on purpose!

One of the intuitive readings I offer are Akashic Record Readings.

In an Akashic Record Reading I access the record of your soul – past, present and future. An Akashic Record Reading describes who you truly are on a soul level. This insight helps you to understand why you act the way you do and why you attract certain situations and people to you.

In an Akashic Record Reading I usually only give the place and period where your soul experienced the most growth. An Akashic Record Reading is 8-12 pages long!!! So I’m very conscious of not overwhelming my client with too much information all at once!

So many of us are impacted by our past (parallel!) lives but we don’t know how. We go into these beliefs and patterns so unconsciously. These beliefs and patterns are often reinforced in our childhoods to give us new triggers to help us to learn.

In order to relinquish any misconceptions from the lifetime takes an awareness of where these thoughts stem from and forgiving your failure in this past life. Acceptance and forgiveness.

So for this client I was told the earthly place and period in history that she have experienced the most growth was in ancient Greece (during the Classical Period – 500-323BC). She had about 23 incarnations.
I asked my Akashic Record Gate Keeper to show me one life that was impacting her current incarnation. For me, I see this play out as a film reel in my mind’s eye. So I describe what I see and allow the film to continue, pressing “play”.

I have my client’s permission to share her lifetime with you – all of the learning she received from it and how it was impacting her current incarnation.

“The lifetime I was shown was a life in abject poverty. I see you squatting in the dirt, a dirty boy of no more than 3-4 years old. You seem to be deeply engaged in something on the ground. Ants? Bugs? But it is to catch and eat not out of a love of insects. Your arms are raised and there’s a pointed stick ready to kill something as soon as it leaves its burrow to catch the insects on the surface. This is using all of your attention and concentration…although you don’t have the energy to sustain it. You are hungry, tired but determined to succeed.

Now I see you as a young adult, early twenties. You have a servant role in a family. You are respectful but not cowed. You hold your head high, proud of what you have achieved. Many of your peers did not survive childhood and those that did have not secured the life of security and a steady income that you have. What you earn you return to your mother, ensuring your siblings a better life than you had. You see the benefits of success for the benefit of others and you strive to improve your standing in the family for the greater good of your family (not from any desire for self gain).

One night as you return home with your earnings you are set upon by three men you grew up with. They are jealous of your success and want to take what is yours. They don’t give you a chance to offer it to them (as you would have – seeing how desperate their need is) but over-power you and with a hit to the head. You fall to the ground without seeing them or realizing what is occurring. You are unconscious and the impact was more severe than intended and caused your death (blood to the brain).

You leave your body with regret –knowing that this small sum wasn’t worth killing for – that these men were just as capable as you to change their circumstances. And that their rash move would be dealt with harshly by their community.

Most of all you mourn your family’s loss of income. You know that life will become very tough for your family and they will struggle to survive. Once more you feel powerless and small, as you had as a child.

In this lifetime you may feel a deep bond and responsibility towards your family and will be more focused on the greater good than your own needs. You will be highly principled with a compassion for all, especially the wounded souls who act out their wounds.

If this is imbalanced you may feel duty bound and overly responsible for loved ones. You may struggle to put yourself first, even when it is to your detriment. This will need to be more balanced otherwise you will experience carer’s fatigue, burn out or overwhelm. You may allow yourself to be drained and depleted in the mistaken belief that this serves the other person’s highest good. Enabling. Your system needs to be cared for with the same love and compassion you give to others.

In this lifetime you do not need to feel so responsible. Your family will not die! They are safe and need to learn to fend for themselves, just as you did. Relying too heavily on you will not serve them or their soul’s growth. So try to relax and allow them to make mistakes, always being there to help them get back on their feet!”

I’d love to hear what this brings up for you. Please share with us in the comments.

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