Generational Patterns and Past Life

Heal your Family Story 

I was so thrilled to meet my great great American ancestor, Frank and get to know him. We had the pleasure of getting to know him and the opportunity to hear his side of things. I described this in the first article of this series on generational patterns, ‘Ancestors- Skeletons in the Closet’. Frank was able…

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Clear Generational Patterns

“You might have inherited not just your grandmother’s knobby knees, but also her predisposition toward depression caused by the neglect she suffered as a newborn.  Or not. If your grandmother was adopted by nurturing parents, you might be enjoying the boost she received thanks to their love and support. The mechanisms of behavioral epigenetics underlie…

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Ancestors – Skeletons in the Family Closet

It felt like we’d been hit by an energetic wall of energy. A presence had arrived in the car. “Did you feel that?” I asked my husband. “Yeah!” he replied. I started asking questions, very tentatively at first. “Hello?” “Hello!” Came back immediately! “Who are you?” And that’s how I met my great, great grandfather!…

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