So many of our ancestors had little opportunity to heal their pain. When pain is too great, people tend to avoid it. When emotions are blocked we prevent the natural release of emotions necessary for healing. These unresolved emotions are internalized because there was no other way or outlet available at the time.

Sometimes pain submerges until it can find a pathway for expression or resolution. That expression is often found in the generations that follow and can resurface as symptoms that are difficult to explain.

These ancestors need our understanding and forgiveness for any wrongdoing. This is incredibly healing not only for them but through the generations – past, present and future. When we heal, their spirits also breathe a sigh of relief. We heal them backwards, while healing ourselves forward. We heal in unison. That healing begins within our own transformation.

I don’t believe anything can be truly cleared if it’s only done from a theory/cerebral process. It needs an energetic aspect also to allow the imprints to be released from cellular memory.

The best way to do this is to go back to the source of the problem – the original ancestor that started the pattern. It is often just a matter of allowing them to feel and express their story and give them forgiveness or closure of anything they feel they did wrong. By clearing it from them, you release it out of the cellular memory up and down the line – through past, present and future generations.

Figuring out what your generational patterns are is a gift to yourself and all future generations – generational healing. It is really that powerful!

Generational Clearing is offered as a Tune In Session. This is an experiential exercise to help you to get to the heart of the generational pattern affecting you in order to process or release it. These are easy techniques that you can use afterwards in the comfort of your own home.

Generational Clearing is beneficial for both you and the souls involved.

We will work one on one to assist you to tune in to your own truth and transform whatever comes up. This is a wondrous and powerful healing that enables a soul to relinquish old old patterns passed through the generations: clearing patterns past, present and future.

In a session, we:
– Tune in to your body/emotions/mind.

– Call in your deceased loved one/ancestor.

– Tune in to them to feel what they are experiencing.

– Ask for any messages.

– Ask for any advice they have for you.

– Clear any old contracts

– Clear and protect your energetic boundaries.

Generational Clearing is so beautiful! It is designed to assist your ancestor(s) as much as you, and to be an incredibly loving and cathartic experience for all.

This is the first necessary step in the healing process. An intellectual understanding by itself is rarely enough for a lasting shift to occur. Often, the awareness needs to be accompanied by a deeply felt visceral experience.

In order to process trauma, it’s often helpful to have a direct experience of the feelings and sensations that have been submerged in the body. By understanding and seeing your family story in a new light, your body can soften and release all the old energy. You may feel a huge shift, a release of energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Generational Clearing is an incredibly loving process; honouring them as your ancestor and giving them the opportunity to meet you and speak their truth. This tends to be all a soul needs in order to release their pain and fear; which in turn unlocks the pattern from cellular memory through the ages.

I can’t guarantee that your ancestor(s) will agree to release the pain, fear and trauma but I’d be very surprised if they are reluctant or resistant!

A session takes about an hour depending on how chatty the soul is! It’s helpful to allow time afterwards for reflection and integration of the experience.

In the meantime try this exercise from ‘Raise Your Vibration Course’. It gives you an idea of what is possible when you work on an issue energetically as well as intellectually.

Exercise: Stand in your Ancestor’s Shoes
Pick one ancestor you know that had s tough life. Imagine them in as much detail as possible. What do they look like? What is their expression like? Do they have an open warm expression or a cold distant expression? Consider their occupation and the type of life they lived, their financial means and quality of life. Use your imagination! What do you know of their life and the times they lived in?

What are they wearing? Look at their feet, their shoes. Imagine the type of shoes they would have worn. Are they shoes made for socialising or sturdy working boots? Are they practical footwear or fancy pumps? Are they new or old?

Let them step out of their shoes and offer them to you to try on. Imagine trying on you ancestor’s shoes! Imagine feeling what your ancestor might have experienced and felt. See it from your ancestor ‘s perspective.

Literally stand in their shoes. Stand in the footprints as your ancestor, and feel your ancestor’s feelings in your own body.

What would they think? What would they have to say to you? What does your ancestor want you to know? To understand?

Have a conversation with your barefooted ancestor! Treat this ancestor as their higher self or soul, with a higher perspective of the earth plane – of their lifetime and yours.

Take a walk in their shoes and see from their eyes. Allow their feelings and worldview to become yours…just for now.

Be with them. Allow them to know that you see them, you hear them and you understand them.

Offer them any forgiveness for anything they feel they did wrong in this lifetime. Give them closure. Release them from the guilt, pain or fear from this lifetime.

Thank them for the role they played in bringing you into being! Be grateful to them. Honour them as your ancestor.

When you are ready, return the shoes to their rightful owner. Thank them for giving you this experience and for the profound understandings you’ve received.

Bid them farewell and wave good bye, allowing them to leave. Return to your body. Rub your hands together to finish.

Art by Jenny Badger Sultan ‘Mother Guide’

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