I was so thrilled to meet my great great American ancestor, Frank and get to know him. We had the pleasure of getting to know him and the opportunity to hear his side of things. I described this in the first article of this series on generational patterns, ‘Ancestors- Skeletons in the Closet’.

Frank was able to connect with me and my family and share his side of the story – in stark contrast to the family stories about him! We put Frank to rest, honoring his place in our family line. This created a massive generational healing that will be felt in our family line; past, present and future. 

In the next blog ‘Clear Generational Patterns’ we looked at epigenetics. Scientists are now able to identify biological markers in the DNA, showing clear evidence that trauma is passed down from one generation to the next. Genetic changes stemming from the trauma suffered by trauma survivors are capable of being passed on to their children, the clearest sign yet that one person’s life experience can affect subsequent generations. We have the power to change our DNA, and the DNA of our children. Now, the science of Epigenetics even proves it.

What generational patterns lie within that no longer serve you? What parts of your family story no longer resonate with who you are now?

Old family or ancestral stories often come to the surface to be released. These are the stories that created unconscious and conscious patterns and beliefs. They cannot hold you if you give the energy an outlet to be released.

Exercise to Rewrite your Story
This is an exercise from my ‘Raise Your Vibration Course’. You will need to write or type your answers so that you can process your thoughts clearly. In the Course there are plenty of exercises for the energy work needed to release the trapped unresolved baggage. This exercise will help give clarity to where these unresolved issues are, where they hide within and how they affect you and your life.

Please consider this exercise a gift to yourself and all future generations! Generational healing is really that powerful!

Start by looking at any family or generational patterns and beliefs and how these affect you.

What do you take for granted about yourself or your family? 

What statements do you automatically make about you or your family? Do you believe them as fact? What is true for you?

How do you go about shedding these old generational patterns and creating new ways of being? Generational patterns release like any other statement but if you haven’t worked with them before you may not be confident to do this alone so be gentle on yourself. Take this time to look at your family or ancestral patterns. 

Figure out what your generational patterns or stories are. The easiest way to do this is to consider the blanket statements you make about your family. Consider the blanket statements you make about:
–       Your mother
–       Your father
–       Your siblings
–       Your grandmother
–       Your grandfather
–       Your family

Write about them, using these statements: 
H/She always…
H/She never…
H/She thinks…
H/She believes…
My family always…
My family never…
My family thinks
My family believes…
Awareness is key in order to release the pattern. Like most blanket statements, it is enough that it’s brought to consciousness and becomes a moment of self-discovery. Process, integrate and release any areas of your life ready for attention. 

Stop believing the story! Reassess what is true for you.

Next, it’s important to look at where these patterns and beliefs hold you back and no longer serve who you are now. Notice any self-limiting beliefs that hold you back or is a block to truth. Whether conscious or unconscious, self-limiting beliefs attract the same people and situations into your life over and over. The Universe always gives you what you ask for!  

What’s non-negotiable and where are your hang ups? (that’s where your generational patterns and beliefs play out most).  
Do you lie to yourself and others? 
Do you try to please others at the expense of your own needs? 
What were the beliefs instilled in you as a small child?
Are these beliefs blocking your abundance or personal happiness?
Are your expectations unrealistic? 
Are your expectations too low and you expect little from others? 
Does your internal dialogue criticize everything you do? 
Whose voice does it remind you of? 
Who are you? 
How do you differ from the rest of your family? 
How are you similar? 
What self-limiting patterns have you adopted that you need to shed?
Who do you want to be? 
How does this differ from who you are now?
What beliefs need to be shed to step into this new version of you?

It’s all upto you! Nothing is set in stone. Take a good long look at yourself and choose. It’s not easy. You need to take a good long look at yourself and be brutally honest.  

I personally believe we have plenty of material to work on from this life without accessing and dredging up all the pain from your past lives! But if you find that after this exercise there are significant self-limiting beliefs that haven’t been addressed then it might be worth looking into past lives. If you have phobias and hang ups that are not explained in this journal exercise then you may need to look further back, to past lives.

Tune In Session for Deceased Loved Ones and Ancestors
This exercise is the first step in clearing generational patterns. I don’t believe anything can be truly cleared if it’s only done from a theory/cerebral process. It needs an energetic aspect also to allow the imprints to be released from cellular memory.

The best way to do this is to go back to the source of the problem – the original ancestor that started the pattern. It is often just a matter of allowing them to feel and express their story and give them forgiveness or closure of anything they feel they did wrong. By clearing it from them, you release it out of the cellular memory up and down the line – through past, present and future generations.

A session takes about an hour depending on how chatty the soul is! Please allow time afterwards for reflection and integration of the experience.

Identify and release one generational pattern at a time so as to allow for time to fully process and integrate each shift. Generational patterns can involve a release of emotion, because there are years of frustration and blocked emotion within. It is powerful when all the unreleased pain that built up within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of your ancestors as they were playing these patterns out is finally released. 

These patterns are deeply embedded and impacted you since conception, so your system may react strongly with symptoms such as nausea, even throwing up or feeling like you have a bad flu. Just know that feeling sick or having dramatic lows or highs is a natural and normal part of the process of release, as your body flushes stuff out. This process gets easier with time. Don’t be surprised if you’re weepy or emotionally fragile for a few days afterwards. 

If you would like to explore this with me, just contact me for a one on one Tune In Session.

Art by Jenny Badger Sultan

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