IMG_4893“When I discovered that it was possible to directly communicate with virtually any species of animal, a whole new world opened up for me. I discovered that animals in the wild know our intent and the degree to which we are in harmony with our surroundings. When our minds are still and we are at peace with ourselves, wild animals will often allow us to approach them. Sometimes they will even come to us.” ‘Soul on Fire’ by Peter Calhoun

In the next series I will be looking at our connection with the natural world. This includes animals, the natural environment and the Nature Elementals, spirits that govern the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Peter Calhoun’s amazing book ‘Soul On Fire’ inspired me with his deep understanding of the natural world. As an ordained minister who left the church to find a personal connection to God, Peter spent thirty years prior to writing ‘Soul on Fire’ training then teaching shamanism. His experiences are amazing. I have used many of Peter’s concepts in my life since reading this book and am excited to share my thoughts with you. However, I write from my perspective and describe only my experiences so please track down the book to explore his perspective and experiences.

In the article Tune In with Spirit Animals I describe the relationship that’s possible with your Spirit Animal, also called Animal Totem. In this Blog I look at how we can learn skills and discover how to communicate with our Spirit Animals through the more accessible and tangible relationships we have with living, breathing creatures – our pets and wildlife we encounter in their natural habitat.

Animals have a deep intelligence long forgotten by Western culture for too many generations to remember. The biblical rendition of Eden describes a time when humans were not separate from creatures but lived amongst them in harmony with all. With the rise of the rational, thinking mind came the loss of innocence and a connection to all. We have lost our ability to tune in with our intuitive abilities or to communicate telepathically. Although animals often have a verbal language I believe this is not the dominant form of communication. Did you know cats only verbalise to humans and never to each other? Yet they still communicate. They only growl or pur to demonstrate an emotional response to another cat otherwise you can’t hear so much as a meow.

Animals are very telepathic. Communicating with animals (wild or domestic) can build a closer connection and communion to all sentient beings. Having a personal relationship with an animal gives you an intimacy and bond that inevitably spreads to encompass all animals, and in turn all sentient beings. It is exciting; feeling ecstatic joy over a sense of unity with the world around you.

Telepathic communication is an ability that needs to be practiced in order to remember. We have all used telepathic communication without even realising it at some point in our lives. If you have a domestic animal it may be easier to practice with them first. Although some believe domestic animals have had all the wisdom and wildness bred out of them until they are shadows of their former glory, I for one love our three rabbits, two dogs and my cat are conscious, beautiful beings worthy of our love and respect. Animals have the ability to give us unconditional love, without asking anything of us in return. We have so much to learn from our fur babies!

Telepathically communicating with wild animals is somehow easier as they have less mind clutter. Although they show more caution towards humans they are often as eager and enthusiastic to have an encounter with us as we are of them! Having an encounter with animals restores the damage done through negative or threatening encounters experienced with humans in the past. Often they have good reason to be cautious! Encounters are beneficial and soul nourishing for both creatures – yourself and your counterpart in the wild. After all, we are all animals with more in common with primates than anything else in the known universe.

Methods of Communication
I love to meet animals in their natural habitat and to tune in to their vibration. It is life changing and expands my consciousness. With each new encounter I learn something new.
While travelling in my 20’s I came across a lizard at Ephesus, Turkey. I had recently learned reiki and was drawn to this lizard. I sat down beside it and offered it a reiki treatment. Telepathically it accepted and so I put my hands over it. Usually moving this close would be enough to alert a lizard to danger and have it gone in a flash. This lizard not only stayed but sucked up the reiki energy for a good ten minutes. As soon as I could feel the lizard didn’t need any more reiki it turned and said it’s farewell and off it went! This was the beginning of many beautiful healing encounters with creatures.

I have had too many encounters with snakes, my beloved Spirit Animal, but suffice it to say that where ever I go I have been blessed with greeting the local population and enjoying silent communion with them. When on bush walks here at home I sometimes feel their presence. Usually it is just a friendly greeting, a touching of their consciousness with mine to let me know they are there. On occasion the snake energy has not been friendly and I have heeded the telepathic warning and gone elsewhere. We are all entitled to our privacy!

I love to meet animals in their natural habitat and to tune in to their vibration. It is life changing and expands my consciousness. Staying in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia is a special treat for me and my family. Not only did my husband and I met there 15 years ago but it is a paradise for our children with great weather and a pristine beach that borders a national park. The national park is home to many creatures including koalas. Koalas are especially rare to see in their natural habitat. They are a dwindling species and are incredibly well camouflaged so you could walk right past them perched up high in the crutch of a tree and never even know. They are quiet, slow moving creatures, the same silver grey as the trees they live in so I call koalas to me. By this I mean I tune in to their vibration and ask them to show themselves to me. I am told where to look so that I can find them nestled in amongst the branches of the tall silvery gum tree forests. This way I can meet them and look into their eyes, greeting them as one animal to another.

While travelling down the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, on the northern tip of Borneo, my friend and I were so blessed with close encounters even the guides were shocked. We saw families of orang utans, with babes in arms up close along with proboscis monkeys and a multitude of other monkey varieties. We were so spoilt! I called an elephant to me (the guides thought this was really asking too much) but we missed her by a matter of hours by the look of the swath cut through the grass into the river that the guides excitedly pointed out. We were truly blessed.

I also have personal experience communicating with the souls of animals. My first animal experience was a terminally ill dog by the name of Jackson. He was a beautiful black and tan, beloved fur baby of friends of mine. When he became unwell my friend asked whether there was anything I could do for him. I figured soul is soul so there was reason why I couldn’t communicate directly with his soul to see what he needed.

When we first started out Jackson and I needed to learn how to communicate – he as a dog and me as a human. As soul I presumed that he would speak to me. I was wrong. He used facial expressions, and deep soulful eyes that spoke volumes. He used body movements – particularly jumping for joy and running rings or lying down to demonstrate how ill he felt. Then I started to feel what he felt within my body, particularly his emotions but also aches in my body. He expressed his deep and unconditional love for his human mum and dad and his reluctance to leave them. He tried to help ease his fear by introducing him to one of my most motherly guides and another spirit who wanted to be reunited with his dog from a past life. This was an ecstatic reunion for both owner and dog and helped relieve Jacki’s fears of death, allowing an easy transition. Jackson’s human mum and dad will always miss him.

Another memorable experience was a missing cat. I was asked initially whether she was still alive as it had already been four days. Using a photo of the cat I searched for the cat’s soul. The cat was able to show me where she was – not dead but very much alive hiding underneath a bush in someone’s garden, not lost in the bush behind the house as the owner presumed. I counted the houses between the owner’s and where I believed the cat was and gave an address to start the search from. The cat also gave me a long explanation of why she had gone missing. She felt she no longer belonged in the new life of her owner and the new family unit. When the cat was found almost exactly the distance from the house I had suggested, in a neighbour’s yard, not under a bush but as far under the house as she could. The owner was so happy to have her cat home safe and shared her love and desire for her beloved cat to be apartof their family.

Symbiosis with Bees
Insects have been another aspect of creation I have learned to love. My husband Nigel became fascinated by bees a few years ago (check out ‘Beeloved Bee Pollen’ on Facebook) and after completing a bee keeping course he bought a queen to start his very first hive. I realised this was a wonderful opportunity to learn about these industrious winged creatures and to build a personal relationship with them. I began communicating with them as soul but soon discovered I needed to communicate with a hive in a different way. I attempted to communicate directly to the queen bee and discovered she was in such a deep meditative state with a single focused drive to reproduce for the benefit of the hive that she didn’t have the time or desire to talk to me. I realised that a bee hive is different to a household where we humans hold onto our independent identities. They chose to work for the benefit of the whole and did not individuate their needs from that of the collective. The hive had an overarching consciousness. It is like a separate, collective consciousness that communicates the needs of the hive as opposed to the individual needs of any one bee – including the queen. To speak to the hive I had to speak to this collective consciousness.

The bee collective consciousness and I began interacting with pictures and the emotional response I felt. We are their caretakers, moving their hive to the best locations and ensuring they are safe, healthy and well fed. In return we ask them to give us some of their honey. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, an agreement made with the collective consciousness that we honour and take seriously. I give them the feeling of a protective embrace, picturing me hugging the bees in my mind. I think they understand what I have in mind or just the intent and sentiment expressed.

Yes we have been stung. It is the nature of the business! But overall we have such incredibly peaceful, gentle bees that we really don’t need the smoker, used to sedate the bees. Other’s bees are aggressive in comparison and on the offensive, swarming onto our bee suits trying to sting us. Our bees leave us to get on with our job while they do their’s. They don’t treat us as invaders. I believe we have a beautiful symbiotic relationship with our bees and I feel very blessed to know them.

Agreements like this one can be made with any creatures, whether it be cabbage moths decimating your veggie garden or ants infesting your kitchen. Soul is soul. You can communicate with any sentient being. Tune in to their vibration. Slow your breathing down, centre yourself, be at one with them. Seek their collective consciousness and communicate your needs. Use pictures along with telepathic communication to explain what you want them to do and what you will do in return. All creatures communicate telepathically so it’s a matter of tuning into their wave length so that they hear you. They will be surprised by the unexpected visitor! It may be a case of trial and error to establish how to communicate effectively and what your creatures want. Be sure to be nonthreatening and loving so that they understand that you are acting in their highest and best good.

If you care for wounded animals, refrain from killing insects, treat the land as shared with all God’s creatures this somehow imprints on you. Acts of compassion and nonviolence towards any creatures act as invisible threads that span both time and space to connect us in mysterious ways to life in it’s infinite diversity.

We are all caretakers and need to stop treating the Earth and all that resides on it as our domain. Rather than having dominion over all of life on Earth we are caretakers to nurture and protect all. If you can respond with all God’s creatures in this way you can create a bond as equals with a purpose and awareness of their own. We can learn much from these magical, transforming animal encounters. They have much to share with us if we are open to listen.

By living and caring for animals we can help the animal to see their own uniqueness. We can assist in their journey towards self-awareness and individuation. This realisation is vital for them to transition from animals to humans, fulfilling their evolutionary potential with our assistance.

You can have a relationship with all of creation, healing the ancient rift between humans and animals. Remembering the original harmony and flow of all transforms your life. Restore the bond with all of creation and experience the ecstatic joy of belonging.

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves


  1. Tibor on October 7, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Thank you for making me more aware of animals that have souls and want to communicate with mine. I will start tomorrow to convince my bees to trust me…

    • Debra Reeves on October 7, 2015 at 7:26 pm

      You are so welcome Tibor! Please let me know if you would like a more detailed description of how we communicate with our bees.

      Also my hubby suggests you invest in a good gap free bee suit (stings on the face are the worst!!) and a bottle of homeopathic Ledum 30 for after you are stung. We still get stung so you have to be cautious. They are amazing creatures but will sometimes mistake you for an intruder. I still believe we have the happiest bees I’ve ever met!
      Good luck exploring the wild and wonderful world of bees!

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