My father is adopted. I was always intrigued to know who his natural birth mother and father were. You see, my sister and I don’t look like the rest of our family. My mother’s side are all from Scottish borderlands with England (I am a 5th generation New Zealander). They are all fair skinned and blue eyed.

Unlike me. I am olive skinned and dark haired. I look different.

I presumed it would be Maori or Polynesian but my first psychic reading at 16 announced I was Italian! I was thrilled! Alas, absolutely nothing from that Reading proved true otherwise I’d be married to a guy with a prominent birthmark or scar who inherited a supermarket chain. Nope. That didn’t happen. But it took a while for me to accept…

While travelling I looked like the locals in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Israel. I just felt like I fitted in. Then, to prove I wasn’t just imagining it, at airports Israelis would come up to me and start talking rapid fire Hebrew! I would apologise and they would look genuinely shocked at the words coming out of my mouth and my accent!

My dad’s birth mother had made it abundantly clear she wanted nothing to do with my dad or his family on the one and only day they met. Her family never even knew my dad existed and the father was married (the pregnancy and birth was so well hidden) so this was as far as we could go.

Before I left New Zealand in 1994 to go travelling, I met my natural grandmother. I gave her an hours’ warning before arriving on her doorstep. She was polite and chatted but wouldn’t discuss the circumstances of my father’s birth or who the natural father was.

She gave me who the father was last year (in my dad’s 68th year). According to her, my skin colouring and features come from her side through a Spanish ancestor! Her sister had tried to track down the records in the local church in the UK but unfortunately, the church had burnt down so all leads were lost.

Using his name, however, my dad was able to trace both sides of his family back to England! They stayed centuries in the same areas so if I decide to go to England I’d be able to walk down the paths of my ancestors and see the same gene pool in those around me.

For me our genetics was something I HAD to know! My dad has honoured this and had a DNA test this year for further clarity. It hasn’t given us all the answers but it’s given us some. It didn’t give us any more detail on the Spanish ancestor as there obviously wasn’t enough to be specific to an area. It described 5% being from the Iberian Peninsula (Includes Spain and Portugal). Ancestry alerts people with the same genetics who’ve had DNA tests…so my dad was contacted my one of the family of his father. A cousin. Awkward! He replied with the truth. There’s been no response.

Soul Lineage
From parent to child, from brothers and sisters to life partners, our paths cross with other people. According to the Akashic Record teachings, we are part of a soul group who reincarnate together in different relationships and different roles.

As part of our pre-incarnation process, we create a Sacred Contract. We choose our life lessons and significant relationships (parents, siblings, children, friends and life partner) in order to serve each other from lifetime to lifetime. We are a part of a soul group who incarnate together over and over in order to support each other’s soul’s growth. Each soul group contains between 5-20 souls. Spiritual development is most often between soul group members and each soul has strengths and gifts that others benefit from during incarnations.

We choose to come through together in various relationships and genders. Every significant person and event are opportunities for growth and transformation. They act as stimulants for learning life lessons and always the most challenging offer the greatest potential for growth. 

We agree to be born to parents whose genetic traits and family lineage provide the assets and liabilities to help in learning your life lessons. A parent’s financial position, level of intellect, psychological and emotional disposition and geographic location are all part of the equation that creates the sum of your life.

There are no accidents of birth; everything is provided for your journey including the social, ethical and religious values of your family that form the foundation of your consciousness and the lens that you first experience life.

Is your Family Story your Past Life Story too?
So what does this all mean?

Do you believe that soul groups reincarnate with each other over and over? Then that means that the same souls reincarnate in the same family line over and over…

That means that you could have been your own great great grandmother! Or your own great great great great great grandfather! Or your second cousin! You have a vested interest in all this – it’s not just your family story you’re exploring. It could well be yours!

Does that mean meeting your ancestors can help to remember your past lives?
Can generational patterns inform you of cellular memory from past lives?

Perhaps that’s why genealogy and DNA testing is so popular right now. Perhaps we unconsciously understand that our roots extend way back in the same genetic gene pool – way back through our family line.

I believe that I entered my family lineage through that Spanish ancestor. I believe that I was in Spain prior in this family line and hopped into this new English line when a Spaniard (or Portuguese) somehow found themselves marrying someone English. There’s only one thing for it: a trip to Spain – or specifically the Andorra region – to wrestle up some memories! There’s also something about persecution for being a Rosicrucian in there but that’s a whole other story!

Imagine how much can be unraveled through your family line! Imagine all the intricate webs of connections with other souls that we’ve had from one lifetime to the next. It’s mindboggling!

Have you considered the link your soul has back within your family lineage? Is this a thread worth pulling? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please tell your story in the comments…

Art by Jenny Badger Sultan


  1. Ryan on October 23, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Thanks i appreciate you sending me this. I do know my ancestors back to the late 1600s on my fathers side. They moved to the US from Scotland. My moms from Czechoslovaki early 1900sCurious question in my mind about reincarnation threw the family. Thanks Here where i live being a single father for years it is not easy financially not i as i wanted living paycheck to paycheck. I work hard but so many parts of my life empty. bad feelings often from peoples feelings If i knew my soul purpose im closer to more peaceful life need guidance to get there thank you again Ryan.

    • Debra Reeves on October 23, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      Hi Ryan, thank you so much for reaching out to me. Is your current situation caused by generational patterns or current life circumstances?

      I’m not sure how old your children are, but as a mother of 3 boys, I understand that your feeling of isolation, emptiness and lack of purpose may be more related to the reality of being up kids by yourself? I imagine solo parents anywhere in the world have gone through these same feelings.

      I feel for you – it’s an incredibly tough gig! There might not be much left in the tank for outdoor pursuits…like feeding and fulfilling your own soul’s purpose! Does this resonate for you?

      You are welcome to email me ( if you prefer to take this conversation away from the public domain. Much love to you and your children.

      Love & Light, Debra

  2. Beth on October 23, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    Hi Debra, another awesome blog post!
    When I had my Akashic reading you mentioned that I had recently changed soul groups to help this particular soul group and to accelerate my learning. Also that it made me feel like the black sheep, and it has been a tough gig! How right you are lol! Makes so much sense to how I felt in my early life. Keep up the great work ❤️❤️

    • Debra Reeves on October 29, 2017 at 4:16 pm

      Thanks so much Beth. Sometimes understanding is so healing isn’t it…I’m so happy its helpwd you understand your childhood better! Much love to you.

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