Are you under psychic attack? Do you have a poltergeist or unexplained paranormal activity?

I have plenty of helpful suggestions to help you help yourself. If you have had an Astral Entity Clearing with me or read my blogs you’ll know already how I feel about this term “psychic attack”.

For those who aren’t familiar with my story let me bring you up to speed. I fell into Spirit Rescue Work when I was 20 – assisting earthbound spirits to cross over fully into the light. I moved into a haunted share house in my last year of uni…she was a very active poltergeist. She was very scary – slamming doors so the whole house shook, moving things on shelves and physically poking people etc. Everyone felt her or saw her so there was no doubt she existed.

In the decades following I met countless earthbound spirits, including another, particularly hostile, poltergeist. I discovered if I dropped my fear and treated them as people without bodies they came to me without the rage and frustration and showed their own sadness and confusion instead. Most didn’t even know they were dead. Most felt ignored & abandoned. I gave them a counseling session and then helped them cross over fully into the light when they were ready.

We are all soul, all beings of love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. It’s just a matter of talking to them. Treat them as a confused and frustrated (do not fear them) and talk to them about how them makes you feel. Tell them you see them you feel them and you’d like to hear them and have a conversation with them. You mean no harm. Explain that they are safe and loved. You will help them to cross over into the light. Listen for the first thing that pops into your mind. I continue to do this work for people now with earthbound spirit attachments. They are called Astral Entity Clearings.

I tend to use the term ‘astral entity’ when they are attached to your energy field and ‘earthbound spirit’ when they are attached to your home. Now I perform Astral Entity Clearings to locate and release any spirits/souls attached to a person or their home. Both can wreck havoc in your life.

So having explained my background you’ll understand I’m not saying there aren’t some pretty frightening and threatening souls out there. There are. Just like people, sadly there is the odd rotten apple in the barrel. What I can say with confidence is that poltergeists are the exception and not the norm.

For a soul to be a poltergeist means they have worked hard to develop skills to move things on the earth plane. A poltergeist has gained some pretty impressive techniques to scare and intimidate. As scary as it is, that’s some pretty awesome talents on show right there! You have to admire a soul who’s gone to that much effort!

Most often these souls feel more frightened and threatened than you do. Even when an entity is wreaking havoc and sounds scary and fearsome I always go in with the same intention – to treat them as lost and confused souls who need to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Some need to be blasted with love so all the shields, that tough scary exterior, just falls away. Blast them with love! Blast them and they’ll either not resonate and be off quickly or they’ll soften and loose that outer facade – the demonic or monstrous or frightening persona. Then you can speak to them and reassure them and help them to feel fully seem, heard and acknowledged. Then they are happy to go to their next right place of expression.

Divine means undivided. One. There is no us and them, good and evil. It’s like a child acting out in rage – it’s the behaviour that needs modulating not an inherent evil within the child.

However, you won’t be able to stop a child’s rage with kind words and hugs. Most will resist cause they feel like they’re in control. You have to show them that you are not gonna give into their demands and assert your boundaries. I describe this as using your mama bear voice. Firm but fair! There must be a balance in order for peace to thrive. In light terms you have to use positive energy to strip away the dark. Then you can heal the wounds.

Earthbound spirits are real. Astral entities can attach themselves to beautiful lightworkers. We are magnetic! It is like they mistake us for the light of Spirit. It is very very common for Empaths to have attachments. And very easy to release them.

What to Do
First of all drop the fear and the belief you are being attacked. Believing yourself to be under a psychic attack or using language that suggests fear of something sinister out to get you actually creates that scenario.

Poltergeists and the creepy souls who are intentionally attempting to scare you feed on fear. It’s just like a psychopath in real life. They feed on the attention – they don’t differentiate positive attention from negative. Even if you feel fear rise spontaneously within you regularly if you can learn to control this response rather than buy into it, it reduces the attractiveness of your energy. If you can cut off this response and shift into blasting them with love instead it will either be off-putting and you’ll no longer resonate or you’ll dissolve their fear and frustration.

Also, develop a strong sense of self and your personal and energetic boundaries as this makes it harder to feel ‘attacked’ and needing to be defended or saved. Take ownership of the situation. Put your foot down! State very clearly and firmly, over and over, this spirit is NOT welcome. Any interlopers or tricksters approaching your energy body are NOT welcome.

What do you want? What are you open to receiving? What are you going to refuse from now on? Learn to stand in your integrity and state clearly what you want – and what you don’t!

Choose your words wisely. This helps you create strong new rules between you and Spirit so you no longer attract lost and lonely souls floating about your neighborhood.

If they are insistent – desperate – raise your anger and clearly and firmly set boundaries. It’s not ok! You have sovereign right over your body. No one and nothing can invade your energetic body without permission. Tell them in no uncertain terms, very clearly over and over to “ENOUGH! This ends now! Go away! You are not welcome here. I do not give my permission. Leave NOW!”

Most important is learning tools to strengthen your energetic boundaries. This will prevent you from being a beacon of light, welcoming any soul in the area! This includes strengthening your aura and using a strong protection prayer every time you enter Spirit.

It’s not ok! You have sovereign right over your body. No one and nothing can invade your energetic body without permission.

Ways to stop Psychic Interference
So are you being terrorised by a poltergeist? Do you have some pretty major paranormal activity in your home? Let’s just get one thing straight. This ends now. This has gone on too long and is wreaking havoc in your life.

Here are a few ways to stop psychic interference:

1. Imagine standing in front of them without a shred of fear. Reach for their hands and hold them if they’ll let you. Look deeply into their eyes. Say to them “I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you. You have my undivided attention.”

Look lovingly into their eyes – really connect with the truth of who they are. Everyone – anyone – responds to this level of engagement. I believe that all anyone ever really wants – to be seen, heard and acknowledged for who they truly are. The masks just slide off and they show themselves. They are always so deeply affected by kindness and honesty and a genuine desire to connect. That’s it. Oneness in All That Is; connecting with their I AM Presence, their soul aspect or what ever you want to call it.

Treat them as a confused and frustrated (do not fear them) and talk to them about how they make you feel. Tell them you’d like to have a conversation with them. Tell them you mean no harm. Explain that they are safe and loved. You will help them to cross over into the light. Listen for the first thing that pops into your mind.

If they don’t respond by softening and shedding their frightening aspect then it’s time to assert your boundaries and clear them from your presence.

Shout at this entity “ENOUGH! This ends now. This has gone on too long. This behaviour is unacceptable! I will not tolerate your interference in my life. You do NOT have my permission. You do NOT impose on me and my sovereign boundaries. Stop it NOW!”

Say it with absolute conviction. Think of them as you would a difficult teenager who has self-destructive tendencies. Imagine this entity as a frustrated and confused soul, not as a malicious or vengeful one. Get angry! Show no fear or doubt. Shout loudly! But at the behaviour – it’s unacceptable! Send them your love and acceptance but help them understand you will not tolerate their interference. If you need to, find an object that symbolises this entity for you and shout at it!

Every time something interferes with you shout this. Loudly! Use your best mama bear ROAR!

2. Call in the Big Guns
Call in Archangel Michael for assistance and support too if you need. “I call on Archangel Michael to assist and support me in removing this astral entity and stop ALL interference. I ask that Archangel Michael remove this being from me on every level, layer and dimension – through time and space – so that it is no longer a part of my life.”

3. Raise your vibration so the entity can’t stay with you. Blast them with love through the heart – this is not in their vibration so they can’t stand it and won’t resonate with you anymore. Fear attracts, love repels.

4. Pull your Aura in Close
You can only be attacked if you allow the energy in. Practice pulling your aura in close to you with a protective shell on the outside (imagine a sphere or bubble: front, back, side to side, above your head and below your feet). Use your intent to establish a protective barrier that will allow in only that which serves you. Create the intent that all else be reflected back to its source with love and compassion. Your inner self will know where that barrier will be, but for you it will be approximately 30 feet out.

5. Become invincible. Learn and use regular protection, then grow your energy container until your light is the strongest, biggest, brightest Light that it can be… this is an ever-expanding process that keeps on evolving.

6. Ask your spirit guides to be given enough warning that this entity is coming that you are prepared to handle it.

7. Protection Prayer
A prayer for protection is helpful. Choose something that deeply resonates. If you come from a Christian background this might be the Lord’s Prayer or Hail Mary. What’s important is the power in your voice when you say the words and the intent you give them.

Please keep me posted on whether a shift occurs from the prayers.

8. Help the astral entities to find their way home. It’s just a matter of talking to them; explain they are dead and that there are loved ones waiting for them in the light. Treat them as a confused and frustrated (do not fear them) and talk to them about how they make you feel. Tell them you see them, you feel them and you’d like to hear them and have a conversation with them. You mean no harm. Explain that they are safe and loved. You will help them to cross over into the light. Listen for the first thing that pops into your mind.

An Astral Entity Clearing is beneficial for both you and the entities involved. We are all soul, all Beings of Love and light- some just need more help than others to find their way home. An Astral Entity Clearing is a wondrous and powerful healing that enables a lost soul to be reunited with Source, to continue it’s transmigration to it’s next right place of expression.

Best wishes to you and I hope you can help this soul.

Please share your own experiences in the comments.

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  1. Maggie Murphy on January 29, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Hi Debra,
    The clearing that you taught me to do has been invaluable. I wanted to emphasize what you said about raising one’s vibrations, as a tool to prevent these energies from taking hold. For me, the presence of these entities has often been very oppressive, not just for me but the whole family. Keeping busy, being happy and living an active life is one way to deter them.
    In addition, I also find that its very important to minimize clutter in one’s home and also to balance the elements, i.e., where there is too much water, place something of FIRE and that is meaningful to you, like Grandmother’s crystal sugar bowl- in that place. Put light-refractive objects in dark corners.
    And also, Debra, your loving approach toward these energies ensures that they do not feed off the wrong energy. Don’t give them more life than they already have by attempting to identify them using tape recordings or other devices. I was surprised, Debra, when you helped me clear them without first identifying them, but it seems to have been effective anyway. As you say, Debra, they should be treated as if they are unruly teenagers, and shown the door to a better place for them. Don’t over react to activity or allow it to fascinate you. If something moves in my house that shouldn’t move on its own, I “trend” it, meaning I put it on a shelf in my mind and only if it happens again do I count it as extra- energetic. These things are of no fascination to me because I have lived with them for so long. Its important to live a
    good life even as they move in and out of your life. They have gotten the better of me at times, causing a heaviness on my house that has made it difficult to live a happy life…
    I found that this spiritual housekeeping has been invaluable for breaking up the oppressive energy that so often accompanies these energies.

    • Debra Reeves on January 29, 2018 at 8:00 am

      Thank you Maggie, your experiences are invaluable. I couldn’t agree more, especially with raising your vibration (aka coming from a place of love) and not getting carried away by it all. This is easy done when you are a beginner – everything is new and often terrifying! So when you react to every single paranormal activity you are encouraging it – giving the Entity the attention they need.
      Much love to you Maggie. You are one wise woman!

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