“Debra did a combined career / general intuitive reading for me and I loved it! Debra had obviously spent quite a bit of time beforehand gathering the information for me and then we went over it together over Skype… she was very personable, and very positive, and answered all my questions very thoroughly. And I thought it was really great that she gives you a typed version of it the reading as well as the face to face interpretation, both were so important in getting the most out of it, I think.

Best part of course was that it was super accurate too! I had never had a “real” reading before (something I had always wanted to do) and I was very impressed with all the information and how well it actually matched what I was feeling. I felt really excited about the whole thing because it gave me confirmation of what I already knew …. sometimes all you need is that little bit of confirmation to help you feel perfectly confident moving forward. It was also really cool being introduced to my main spirit guide, which I had always been curious about! Thanks again Debra :)” 
~ Tracy

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