Do you have a presence in your bedroom at night? Do you feel like someone is trying to contact you? Do you tend to pick up on energy of a place and get a sense of who lives there? Do hospitals and cemeteries freak you out?

Do you see earthbound spirits where ever you go? Do they reach out to you? Do they ask for your help?

Chances are you are being called to assist. Being a HSP (highly sensitive person) an empath or intuitive means you sense more than others do. Depending on your intuitive gifts, you might see or hear or feel when you are in the company of an earthbound spirit.

If you find yourself attracting earthbound spirits then Spirit may be seeking your assistance to fully cross over.

Whether you feel ready and willing to help Spirit or you just want to start getting a decent night’s sleep, the method is the same. You’re going to need to contact the earthbound spirit and help them find peace.

Experiment and see whether you can contact earthbound spirit and have a conversation. If you need assistance to release the soul please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer training courses and one on one sessions to assist you to contact and communicate directly with spirit for yourself. That’s what I’m here for!

Tune in to your emotional state. How do you feel? How does this earthbound spirit make you feel? Your feelings are the easiest barometer for energy. Rather than asking “is this earthbound friendly?” I tend to tune in to my feelings instead.

It could be an earthbound spirit or an Angel but if you jump to conclusions and go on the defensive you’ll never know. Fear makes us treat anything it like an invader! So, it pays to be gentle and give Spirit the benefit of the doubt. 

There are many earthbound spirits amongst us who are just lost and confused and need our love and assistance the most! Drop the threat energy. Be impartial.

Do you feel frightened because of the surprise? If you peel away the initial shock of the unfamiliar experience, are you genuinely freaked out and scared? Is the presence threatening and unpredictable?

Are your feelings telling you something else? Do you feel nervous, anxious, confused or frustrated?

These feelings are all really common for an earthbound spirit – after all how would you like being snubbed all day every day by your loved ones?! Chances are an earthbound spirit doesn’t even know they’ve died so life as an invisible person is incredibly upsetting.

We all have the ability to use discernment and use boundaries. If it’s imposing and not respecting your personal boundaries, frightening and threatening then by all means smudge and ask the spirit to leave.

If you have a persistent and insistent spirit who won’t take no for an answer, draw strong personal and spiritual boundaries. Use your strongest firmest voice – your mama bear voice! Tell any threatening entity who’s boss! They have no right to enter your space without your permission. Stand your ground. Be firm and use your toughest voice! “Be gone from here and never return!”


¥ Take three deep, cleansing breaths. Relax.

¥ How does it make you feel?

¥ Speak to it. Ask the energy what it wants. Ask:

o What attracted you to me?
o What do I need to learn from you? 
o What do you need to learn from me? 

¥ You can ask why it’s come and whether it has any messages for you. Just accept the first thing that pops into your mind.

¥ If they make you feel shy or uncomfortable then this may be a nosy or inquisitive earthbound spirit who may be passing through or visiting to help you develop your intuition. You can ask to practice with them to develop your intuitive abilities or wish them well on their onward journey.

¥ Ask if there’s anything else they need from you before they leave the Earth plane. Reassure them and radiate all the love they need to feel ready and willing to cross into the light.

¥ Point towards the tunnel of light opening up next to them. Point out their loved ones waiting there. Tell them they need to go to their next right place of expression. Say goodbye, wave as they leave you and go to them. See them reunite with their loved ones. See how supported and loved they are. Allow them to walk into the light and disappear.

¥ Close the light portal. See it get smaller and smaller until it is a tiny pinprick of light, and then gone.

¥ Now return to your body. Breathe deeply and feel your body. When you are ready, open your eyes and rub your hands together to end. If you feel light headed or dizzy stamp your feet or clap your hands. Please drink plenty of water. Get up and walk around, eat something, and/or drink water to help you return to your normal consciousness.

¥ Thank your Spirit Guides and God, the Universe, Source for offering this gift of love to you. Offer your gratitude that you can share this gift with your planet.

If they make you feel fearful or scared then tell them they are not welcome and blow a bubble around yourself, and if need be, enlarge it to surround your room, your home, or even your neighbourhood until you feel safe.

This is a strong protective bubble that can still reflect love and light but will keep unwelcome energies from you. Love is the best protection there is.

Let us know how you get on! Were you able to connect with the earthbound spirit? What did they have to say? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Art by Helena Nelson Reed

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