“Debra is a warm and generous soul with a true gift. My intuitive reading was incredibly detailed, more so than I expected. It covered information about my soul gifts and learning, my spirit animal, and also messages from my primary spirit guide. Probably the most fascinating thing for me was the direct contact with my free-thinking, free-spirited guide. There was so much about her that resonated with me, right down to the smallest of details. I had many questions about my current career path, and I felt that the guidance Debra accessed for me was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment in time. I had plenty of time to clarify any questions that came up for me, and I never felt rushed. Debra provided me with a transcript of the whole reading, which included the communication with my spirit guide, and I have continued to refer back to this while the reading ‘settles.’ I have had other readings in the past, but this experience was completely unique and one I would recommend to anyone with questions about their life path.”
~ Yvonne

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