“Debra revealed insight into my soul’s journey, which was amazing and encouraging. The details demonstrated her spiritual knowledge as an authentic medium. Your reading of my intuitive gifts was spot on, I agreed with you, which was very encouraging.

Debra, you gave me the incentive to pursue my soul challenges further, with suggestions to help me. Also you gave me points to learn my life lessons, how to develop and explore my own character and values to become authentic, learn self-love and charity. Relationships were discussed too, all very helpful to me at this time, thank you.

My past, present and future were told with complete honesty. There was so much detail that rang true with me and I appreciated the prayer for restful sleep. Best of all were the personal messages related through you from my Primary Spirit Guide which gave me a lot to think about and work on. Her Reading was excellent and very worthwhile. Thank you so very much Debra. You are fantastic!”
~ Jill

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