It is a powerful time we live in! Changes are occurring on an individual, personal, community, national, global and universal scale. Knowledge is power so with greater understanding, insight and awareness you will be better equipped to ride out these Earth changes.

Over the next few months my blogs will focus on you and your awakenings where you are thrown into transition and will need to consider adapting and changing to be in alignment with your new understandings. I will focus on aspects of your life as an expression of who you truly are in your work life, your relationships and love life. I will explore attachments or blocks in your life caused by an unhealthy attitude to money, past lives and your soul connections through your Sacred Contract. I have much to share with you all and I hope you can reciprocate and share your thoughts and experiences with me also!

We are experiencing a shift in vibration on Earth. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and dimensional changes occurring. Old paradigms of thinking are melting away and collectively we’re expanding our awareness to heights never before seen on such a wide planetary scale. This affects us all as we are all experiencing dramatic changes personally, socially, culturally, along with massive shifts in the Earth itself.

This is a fantastic time to be here and experience evolution firsthand. You have incarnated at a time of unprecedented change. Souls are incarnating on Earth at accelerated speed. Many grow up with the awareness or a suspicion that something isn’t as it seems, that there’s more to life than what it appears. This helps to remember all the soul learning of previous lifetimes to propel you into a more spiritually connected life.

Critical Mass
More and more people are being shocked out of slumber at an ever-increasing rate. As greater numbers awaken and as the energies accelerate the process accelerates. In the past 1 person affected 10, who go on to affect 100. Now 100,000 affect 1 million, who go on to affect 10 million. This is a quantum leap, a critical mass.

Many rebel against mainstream belief systems and conditioning that we are told to believe as fact. Instead these accepted norms are questioned and many agitate to change what no longer served the highest good of all. Look at the number of organisations that have been created in the last two decades to uphold the rights of those unable to defend themselves – human rights, environmental and wildlife organisations to name a few. Huge mind shifts are also occurring with beliefs that had been ridiculed suddenly accepted as mainstream relatively quickly, occurring simultaneously in different parts of the world.

Never before has it been possible for a collective consciousness to be so real – perhaps before it has been a collective “un”consciousness. Now with the worldwide web the communication of new ideas and ways of being are able to be shared. Since the global connectivity gained by the internet instantaneous dissemination of information has meant that changes are occurring. The same is true with adult literacy rates that are now at all time high levels with the majority of the human race able to read, be informed and to share, support and grow each other. This has meant information has been taken out of the control of leaders who could corrupt and manipulate the masses. In old times scriptures were only available to be read and interpreted by the literate church leaders where as now individuals in society are able to access and interpret a higher number of source documents for themselves.

There is a quickening occurring where our understandings are expressed in the real world and causing huge shifts in values and beliefs of multitudes all at once. Lower vibrational systems, programs, entities and belief systems dissolved sometimes with ease, sometimes with resistance.

We are not alone. Many helpers are incarnating to assist at this time. Light workers and awakened beings are coming through to assist and anchor the positive energies on the Earth plane. Without these beings the tide of negativity would be far harder to resist and everyone’s ascension would be so much harder. Everyone needs help remembering. Earth is heavily influenced by the collective consciousness and millions have been connecting with her to smooth the transition during the Shift. Many Light workers travel the world to anchor energy and open portals to help the worldwide energy transformations. We all have a role to play whether it be as an example for your loved ones or for your community, country or internationally. It does not matter whether you work in secret or in public.

Earth Changes
Massive energetic shifts are taking place that affect the Earth and the way people think and feel. This is the beginning of an exciting new time in the Earth’s history and big change is typically rough. This is a massive shift in consciousness, a dramatic change in how we experience reality. These changes are occurring at accelerating speed.

This window of evolution coincides with many planetary alignments, some of which only occur in million and billion year cycles. In December 2012 an alignment brought several planetary cycles to a close (ranging from 26,000 to 62 million to 16.9 billion years), in a major astronomical event. Many of these cycles marked evolutionary change on a massive scale in Earth’s past. The Mayan calendar accurately tracked 16.9 billion years of evolution on Earth came to an end in December 2012. Every 26,000 years our planet and Sun align with the center of the galaxy completing the precession of the equinox. This moves us into a new zodiac age. We are now in the Age of Aquarius.

Global warming is simply an affect of the collapse of the astral planes of consciousness as we go through the Shift. There is less protection between the Earth and the Sun. However, Earth is a very patient, conscious entity with a long and extraordinary history. The Earth has the ability to regenerate.

Will it get worse before it gets better? Possibly. Intuitives channeling information warn to expect the unexpected. The turmoil the world represents the amount of inner change occurring within humanity. There will no doubt be more upheaval and crises economically, environmentally and socially before the Earth has shifted into the new. This is nothing to be fearful of. It just is. Seek ways and means to assist those in need and to be prepared if calamity strikes your area.

Between 2012 and Sept 2015 the Earth itself experienced huge shifts in consciousness. Dr. Simon Atkins and many other intuitives predict that during this final eclipse the frequency of the planet rose about 2-3 Hz, bringing about huge shifts in awareness, consciousness and intuitive energies. This rise in vibration for the Earth will continue to raise the Earth into a higher and more evolved consciousness that will continue well into the future.

Energetically, these planetary shifts affect and influence life on Earth on all levels, but also offer opportunities for accelerated growth and development. These planetary events open a new doorway offering a new way of being. In order to make the most of this new vibration you need to release old, outdated parts of your ego. Letting go of aspects of who you are that no longer serve your highest good is a process that requires you to evaluate who you truly are and what you want from life. This is a process of unravelling, of embracing what works and what you love and shedding everything that no longer resonates or makes you feel downright uncomfortable! Often this process begins without conscious choice through a life event or a spontaneous shift in perspective out of the blue.

There are many beautiful intuitives channeling wisdom at this time to ease worry and assist in resolving any fears. These intuitives help you to understand exactly how each shift affects you on a personal level and guidance on how to ride out these changes. I would like to share a few of their words with you. Please follow the links below to read more.

Mona Delfino says
“Self Empowerment is front and center! I did a channeling in December of last year, and the information that came through says it best. ‘2015 will be like kneading the dough. You knead the dough and add all of the good ingredients and create a consistency that will rise. Add the spices, the salt, the yeast, the enjoyment of the kneading. Then in 2016, we’ll put the bread in the oven as it solidifies into more awareness. In 2017, you eat the bread you made.'”

Dana Mrkich says
“This is what feels true for me right now: Humanity is shifting and awakening, happening to more people, more rapidly every day. Change and transformation are happening as more and more of us experience constant ‘vibrational upgrades’ and heart openings, that trigger everything from making healthier choices about what to eat, where to live, what kind of relationships we want around us, and what we feel called to do in terms of work and purpose, to growing awareness about the many aspects of our global systems that have worked against people and planet for a very long time, to the increasing tide turning toward demanding a new kind of reality in every life area, and going about the business of creating it, doing it, living it, embodying it…”

Mona Delfino says
“I see and feel my own personal shift from old thinking to new understanding of the truth of who I really am. Staying centered and happy no matter what is going on around us is essential, I feel, to our moving into and living more in the light – each one in their perfect timing. Just look how far we’ve come in, really, a short time. I see that increase of how we collectively pull each other into the light- at time quantum leaps all around. I don’t think we’d adapt very well if it happened instantly overnight – just look at nature – gradually adapting to change, but always adaptation…”

I am in the process of writing a Tune In Course that will look at these concepts in detail and how this affects and influences you in your life. Please contact me if you would like more information on my Tune In Course. It will be jam packed full of wisdom, experiential exercises and guided meditations for you to raise your vibration and experience for yourself who you truly are!

Art by Dhira Lawrence

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Article by: Debra Reeves
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