“For almost my whole life time I have been in search of a spiritual guide. The moment I came across Debra’s website I knew that she was the one! I had been longing to explore my Akashic Records for years and knew that the Universe had guided me to Debra. I was so overjoyed! Debra possesses a special gift along with an abundance of kindness, compassion and patience.
During the reading I felt very safe and comfortable to let go. After the reading it was a lot of information to take in. Thanks to Debra’s amazing in depth notes all about my soul I was able to reflect and focus on how to apply all the information that was given to me. Since then anytime I have had a question or concern Debra has been there. I have already felt the shift in my life. Debra’s reading gave me the encouragement to change my doubtful thought pattern I can get when I feel anxious or stress. It’s as if my threshold has been raised. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am better able to feel and connect to thoughts, symbols and guidance.

I have also had the Astral Entity Clearing with Debra as well. That too was an amazing gift to see how getting out of ones rational mind can look like. It is inspirational to listen to Debra communicate with the guides, angels and astral beings. After a session with Debra you will feel the abundance of joy. This is a promise.”
~ Brooke

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