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‘How Do We Live Life On Purpose?’ is for you if:

  • You have a calling deep within you to do more, be more, than this small self. You feel it stirring and pushing at the edges but you can’t let it out.
  • You feel so stuck.
  • You can’t we fully embrace your true potential and live a life on purpose.

Do you want to live your life on purpose?
Do you want to do what you love?

The whole purpose of life here on planet earth boils down to one thing…

So let’s explore how to live life on purpose!

Back yourself! Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine what a boost that could be for you!

Book in a call with me NOW! Places are strictly limited. Register now before every place is taken.


Here is the script, yes I do go off occasionally but if you would prefer to read this is for you!

I’m so excited about this live event – How Do We Live Life On Purpose.

Where in the world are you?

What are the magic ingredients to help live life in flow?

And how do we reconnect with our own highest path and purpose?

Living Life On Purpose:

– with determination for a desired outcome.

– with an aim or intention in mind.

Living life consciously, with awareness and intention. As co-creator.

The whole purpose of life here on planet earth boils down to one thing: your own soul’s growth. This is what we’re here for.

This is what is the focus of your Sacred Contract – the agreement you made in your pre-incarnation process. Everything revolves around your life lessons. All of your relationships, the people and situations you attract into your life are all based on learning this learning.

Before we incarnate we select the life lessons we wish to learn, the parents, family and major life events that will best facilitate these life lessons. The Rishi oversees the whole process and offers advice and supervision. The souls are free to accept or reject this advice and request other scenarios that would facilitate learning.

The life lessons underpin the experiences we attract in daily life. We attract, choose and create situations that best teach our life lesson. These experiences can be uplifting or challenging. It is important to always remember that there’s no such thing as a negative or positive experience – these are labels we put on them. All learning is for our highest good, and often the most challenging experiences hold the greatest potential for growth.

So, why do we feel so stuck, rudderless?

What is stopping us from fully embracing our true potential and living a life on purpose?

I know how this feels. For a long time in my life I struggled to understand the truth of who I was and why I was here at this time. I spent years searching all over the world (literally) for the meaning of life.

In my twenties I felt rudderless: a jack of all trades, working and travelling for 5 years through Asia and the Near East to try to find myself. I found myself selling Indian jewellery on the beaches in the Greek Isles, selling advertising in an English language magazine in Cairo, I waitressed, was a shop assistant and later, after more stints teaching, I was a civil marriage celebrant.

I just couldn’t figure out what my purpose was! My life lacked meaning. I discovered the hard way that it didn’t matter where in the world I was- this question remained.

I was a jack of all trades but, combined with all the nocturnal spirit rescue work, now I look back at my life it’s all so obviously drawn to what I am doing now as a professional intuitive. It wasn’t until I studied the Akashic Records that all this made sense. That’s not to say that career is the only way to express and live life on purpose but it is often an indicator.

So is this you? Do you have the passion and drive to Live Your Life On Purpose but you don’t know how to?

Use the chat box to answer…

Here are the No.1 problems that are impacting most women right now:

1. Feeling numb, dead inside: a spectator in your own life.

2. Feeling like there’s something missing in their life: aware they are not living their full purpose.

3. Feeling powerless to change their life.

4. Struggling to know what they want, not sure how to move into more purpose in their life.

5. Aware of patterns that keep repeating in their life over and over again and never quite transcending the habits that keep them stuck?

6. Feeling disconnected from Spirit, from themselves and their intuition?

7. Feeling like they’re going through the motions but don’t feel stimulated, inspired or making a difference to the lives they touch.

8. Feeling empty inside.

Does that resonate with you? Type “yes” in the chat box if that resonates with you …

My Story

Paradigm Shift

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists.

Based on the results of a creativity test developed for NASA but subsequently used to test school children. This is a test that looks at the ability to come up with new, different and innovative ideas to problems.

What percentage of those children do you think fell in the genius category of imagination? Tested 1,600 children

4 and 5 years old = full 98 percent in the genius category of imagination!

10 years old = 30 percent

15 years = 12 percent!

Adults = 2 percent!!!

School is an institution for children to be dumbed down and brainwashed.

It’s internalised as social norms, and instilled in children by their mums and dads, grandparents and educators.

All of our teaching is external.

We don’t educate ourselves from the inside out. We don’t learn about the self.

We are taught to seek knowledge outside of ourselves. We’re even taught to distrust our own feelings and body sensations.

We’ve been taught to seek love outside of ourselves.

We’ve been taught that there’s a scarcity of love, of affection. We’ve been conditioned that we must work for it, compete for it, seek it and be a certain way to receive it…otherwise it will be withheld.

We work to fit in, to please, to be a certain way in order to be given love. We barter for love by fitting into the expectations of our parent’s, our family, our broader community who are all instilling the societal rules and roles we will be expected to play for life.

As a society we’re taught we’re not allowed to express ourselves, our emotions or our true feelings, were not allowed to connect and we’re not allowed to respond to energetic data. It must be emphatically proven!

When we’re older we turn to alcohol or drugs or cigarettes to numb out and escape reality. We disconnect.

Truth is there is an abundance of love. It is infinite Source itself. It is a beingness that is all that is. For me it is indistinguishable from Source energy.

We are in a new state of being. From this space gratitude, appreciation, awe, compassion and grace just come naturally. They aren’t qualities you need to cultivate and work on. They become natural expressions of who you are.

We’ve had decades shutting ourselves down, protecting ourselves and treating love like it’s a commodity to be bartered for.

It takes time and patience to shift away from this state of being into a more open healthy state of being. This becomes our new default. The more we practice, the more we exercise our hearts, the more open they become. And on and on it goes!

My Work In The World

I assist amazing SoulFull women all over the world to live a life on purpose.

It is time to step into our true power and use it for the benefit of all.

SoulFull women stand up, stand out, and make a difference!

I am a woman and I work through a woman’s body.

Every world religion was created by men for men’s bodies. So I offer a spiritual path for women. I offer an embodied spiritual path for women by women.

I assist women to connect to their innate power and ignite their purpose. I guide them to rediscover their highest potential and purpose on a deep soul level.

I help women to become conscious co-creators and change agents in their own lives so they can leave a significant impact on their world.

I help women remember the truth of who they are, to come home to self through their body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.

I teach embodied spirituality – to reconnect with the physical body rather than popping out with stress, busyness, alcohol, spirituality (eg. leaving body in meditation), drugs etc. absolute authenticity and radical presence – connecting with who you truly are on a soul level THROUGH THE BODY not out of it. The real you buried underneath your terrible childhood or your misspent youth. Beneath your broken relationships or your heartbreak. You. The real you. That soul level self beneath all of that. What makes you absolutely unique and so needed on this planet. You!

I work to assist women to get out of their head and drop back into wholeness with their body, emotions, mind and spirit. I help women to connect with their inner wisdom, through intuition and communication with their amazing spirit guides.

6 Keys to Living Your Life On Purpose:

1. Know yourself.

Know exactly what your soul gifts and urges are and OWN them!

2. Know your purpose on planet earth.

Also called your highest path and purpose, this is the culmination of all the learning you’ve brought with you into this incarnation plus the learning you’ve accumulated; the skills you’ve accumulated from your life and careers. This is how you want to be remembered when you’re dead. By delving into your life story, and other’s expectations, you can see the threads that lead towards your soul’s highest path and purpose.

3. Know your fears and insecurities.

This tends to be your based on the expectations placed on you by your parents and the ways you’ve tried to fit what others wanted you to be. Observe unconscious beliefs through inner critic. Become aware of your unconscious beliefs and patterns. Become aware of all the excuses, justifications, blocks and barriers holding you back…so they can dissolve. We will look at your inner drivers, the thought processes governing your behaviour (eg. Unworthy, needing to be liked, wanting to be seen as honest and wise all the time) so your conscious and subconscious mind match. Rewrite the old scripts you’ve been using. Rewrite your story and who you think you are. Choose who you want to be.

4. Know how to manifest what you do want!

Becoming a co-creator in your own life by choosing exactly what you’d like in future. Matching your thoughts and emotions with intention.

5. Know your spirit team.

These are your enthusiastic support network who work behind the scenes on your behalf. They are the stage crew, and you are the nominated presenter.

6. Know your higher self.

This is the whole of you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Know the truth of who you are. We will go beyond teachings and intellectual understanding by using guided practices to have direct experience of you as soul.

Let’s define what living life on purpose means for you- from your perspective based on your experience.

No more excuses!

Let’s be ruthless and really dig deep to release all that no longer serves us. Become aware of why you do what you do and how you do it! Be bold and uncover all that stands in your way, layer by layer.

This is where we come into full alignment and can live our life ON purpose! Give yourself permission to live from this place right here, right now. Live it moment by moment from this moment on.

So What’s Holding You Back?

Do you want to live a life on purpose? Do you want to do what you love?

If you do, it won’t happen by staying small and keeping to yourself.

It doesn’t happen by wishful thinking or dreaming…

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you did something about it and looked for the answers you seek? You will stretch beyond the small version of yourself and remember all that you have to offer the world!

How to Live Your Life On Purpose Program

Do you have dreams and ambitions but you don’t know how to go about it?

Do you keep putting it off, making excuses, hiding your light and not sharing your truth with others?

Do you want to live a life in the most powerful and profound way but feel unable to?

Are you ready?

Are you ready and willing to step up and live life on purpose?

I invite you to fully align with your own soul’s gifts and urges.

I invite you to do a deep dive to explore your own soul’s highest path and purpose – and the legacy you were born for.

I invite you to fully align with your own soul’s growth.

I invite you to come with me on an 8 week How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program.

In this program I will guide you, mentor you and help you create this new way of being for yourself in your world.

I’m here to help you evolve, develop your soul gifts, awaken your spiritual self to connect with the wisdom and guidance that is always available within you, all the power and all the love you need to change the world.

How to Live Your Life On Purpose Program
Learn through weekly teachings, reflections and live Q&As.
In this program you will:

  • Eliminate the confusion.
  • Own your soul’s gifts and the urges that drive you and discover how to best utilise these in your life.
  • Learn to fully align with your highest path and purpose in order to see your dream and ambitions come to fruition.
  • Clear any old fears and insecurities holding you back.
  • Learn any subtle or radical changes needed in your life, your career or relationships
  • Create a greater awareness of your spirit team.

How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program is designed to help you to get back into alignment with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects so that you can live your life on purpose!

Reflect (week 1-3)

For the first three weeks we will unpack our own stories of who we think we are and who we are expected to be. We cast our eyes back over the past: our childhood and adulthood that made us who we are today. We will look over these timelines and all the baggage we carry from our parents and our family dynamic.

Aspire (4-6)

For the next three weeks we will start looking at where we are at now. This will mean looking at where our passion lies and what our dreams are. In the Aspire section we are no longer looking back. We begin to cast our eyes towards the present, towards what is!

Evolve (7-8)

Finally for the last two weeks we will look towards the future to what we wish to co-create for ourselves. We claim what is for our highest good, and shed all that no longer serves us. In the Evolve section we look towards the future and what we wish to co-create!

Live Your Life On Purpose Facebook Group.

You will receive access to a members only ‘Live Your Life On Purpose’ Facebook Group. This is where you can share your experience with like-minded women with a shared vision, all looking outwards in the same direction together.

It is time to step into your true power and use it for the benefit of all.

It is time to stand up, stand out, and make a difference!

Back yourself! Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine what a boost that could be for you!

Book in a call with me NOW! Places are strictly limited. Register now before every place is taken.

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