I believed my Clairvoyance was completely blocked

“Debra, thank you so much for holding such amazing space for something that has literally rocked my world to the core. There’s a lot more to earthbound spirits than meets the eye and I can definitely attest to that. The doubt has turned to wonder and a desire to understand and that is truly a beautiful gift you have given me.
And until yesterday when I received your notes, I believed my Clairvoyance was completely blocked – I had no idea that what I do so naturally all the time was actually Clairvoyance! Amazing!
Thank you so much for being you and for offering what you offer! From my heart to yours with love and gratitude!
I feel very different now – alone would be a good word, although not in the sense of lonely, but rather in the sense of single or one and only, I realise I don’t feel less than myself or other than myself. In other words, the self I’ve always known myself to be is still there like she’s always been.
I do recognize there are certain choices I might of made differently or items I might not have purchased, tastes that might be different, and most importantly, beliefs and subjects I would never have explored without their influence, and I would be poorer of experience and understanding because of it. There were so many times I couldn’t understand why I was making the choice I was making and yet I always learned so much love, compassion, and respect for other people through each of those times.
The biggest feeling is truly grief – the grief one feels over having lost their entire family. And those are the roles it feels these spirits mostly played my life, the mother who always encouraged me and comforted me, the father who was so proud of me, and the daughter I always wanted and was never able to conceive.
I do feel so much gratitude and realize I wouldn’t be the me I am today had they not been there with me and I really like who I am and who I am becoming! They all played a huge role and regardless of what anyone else thinks, through your words and through honouring my feelings I can see that they were a blessing to me in many ways. And yesterday it was time for each of us to move forward with our own individual lives.
Thankfully I’m finally starting to realize doubt gets the best of me only when I don’t acknowledge I’m feeling that way and take the time to explore why. Admitting it is the first step in shifting it.”
~ Deena

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