“Since my first career reading with Debra, about 3 months ago, I have felt a shift in my awareness. With her guidance, I sensed the room of Guides who are with me always. I began seeing flashes of light, in a range of colours, at significant moments, and still do so. The wisdom from this source has helped me look outwards for career options after 25 years with the same organisation. It has also given me the courage and confidence to invest a lot of energy in writing an anniversary piece for the CEO, as is required. I will be exploring alternative career options next year, when I take three months Long Service Leave. Coincidentally, soon after my last session with Debra I got word of a yoga retreat at Rishikesh in India next May. That will begin another journey. Debra has helped me on many levels and I look forward to our meetings in the future.” 
~ Susan

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