“Debra, Thank you SO VERY much for the lovely email after our FABULOUS reading Monday. I was so nervous before we talked and very scared of what I might hear. However, I came away from your reading with a real sense of purpose, calm, and confidence. I couldn’t wait to go home and look into my spirit animal and other information you gave me. I’m not scared to call on my spirit guides and I’m really practicing listening. My aunt tragically passed away yesterday and so I view her passing as an even greater capacity to trust my inner voice and listen. I actually had a dream Monday morning (about 2am) about a beautiful dark haired angel who was trying to fly but her wings were so big that she had a hard time getting them going. She suddenly made a huge FLAP and was off into heaven. The sound of the flap was so loud that it woke me from my sleep and I laid in bed contemplating the dream. It made no sense to me but when we found out that my aunt was found deceased yesterday after having passed a day or two before I suddenly thought it could be her. And it brought me great comfort. 

I also have been asking for assistance with my father in law’s aurora and mine interfering and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in both of us. Thank you.

I look forward to learning to listen to my guides as I begin this journey and I know I’ll be back with you soon for more readings!

Thank you for your time and wonderful work. It was an experience of a lifetime.” Stephanie

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