“I really enjoyed having this Akashic reading done. Particularly because it highlights parts of yourself that may not have been obvious before, but as soon as you have this done you realize that they’ve been quite major aspects of your journey so far.

I really enjoyed the way you delivered this by using positive examples of what each part of the reading related too. I’ve had one reading in the past (numerology) where I actually walked away thinking wow I’m not a very nice person. So to walk away from this feeling Liberated and in control of my future was great.

I’ve reread your work several times now, and each time I read it there’s something new that hits home that I realize is extremely relevant to my life stage right now or how I’ve viewed and tackled things in the past.

It’s also made me more aware of my feelings towards certain situations and my reactions. So the “boundaries” that I need to work on are very obvious to me now. Like you said though it’s always changing, so even though I may feel I’m at a certain point now, that could change at any time and a new lesson will become apparent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. I can appreciate it’s taken a lot of hard work and effort on your part. Your love and passion for other people and helping them along their journey is truly inspirational.”
~ Brody

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