“I enjoy my sessions with Debra since I always get positive results. In our session I was able to revisit a trauma wound that has prevented me from moving forward and taking that next step in my own spiritual business and professional career as a teacher.
Debra took me back to the initial part of my life where it all started. I was grateful to once again revisit it and this time really understand what it was that was preventing me from moving forward to achieving my goals and my desires.
In the session I was able to heal and let this past trauma go. I now feel ready to go all in in my work and feel I have nothing to fear when it comes to feeling any failure, or perfection. What I am able to understand and accept that this life experience is a journey and that we are here not out of mere perfection but to enjoy and trust the process as we live each day of our lives. I left this session feeling hopeful, grounded and confident that I have everything I need to move forward in fulfilling my life dreams and passions.” Betty

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