“My first session with Deb was my first experience with this style of healing. I struggle with self-confidence and self-love. I entered the session feeling emotional and with a sense of turmoil. I know I need strategies and ways to heal and feel content with myself and where I’m at in life. Like most people I’m lucky in lots of ways but I’ve suffered some setbacks and have some childhood wounds to sort out.
Deb led me through the session gently and kindly and as the session closed I felt a warm, wonderful sense of well-being. I’ve maintained a strong semblance of that feeling as I’ve moved through the days since and I can visualise the image I chose to kind of meditate in and I’ve replicated that feeling successfully many times since. My mind drifts to it subconsciously.
I have never loved meditation. I’m too fast and too busy. But I’m aware that my busy isn’t busier than anyone else’s. Something about the way I cram things into my life as a working sole carer of two children, feels unbalanced and ‘off kilter’.
This sceptic is a convert as I have felt less frenetic and more grounded ever since.
After my forth session, I have started to feel like earth is small; like I’m still walking, talking and being in a vast universe. Nothing has changed, yet everything has. I still feel the same and feel everything as before, but I feel part of something enormous and there is a feeling in my chest of oneness and belonging. I feel part of something greater in the world opening up.
I feel so much more than this small life. I’m still here and living my life. But I’m living above it. I feel more aware than ever before. Like woke rather than awake. My eyes are fully open. Heartfelt thanks Debra. You have a gift.” ~ Tash

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