It is possible to have a personal relationship with a faery. This faery can act as a bridge between you and this unseen world, with other faery folk and all the other creatures who reside in their realm. Building a new friendship with a faery is the same as with anyone else. There’s bound to be a cultural divide to span so patience and sensitivity is needed.

When you have built a rapport of mutual trust and respect you can exchange names and offer help in return for assistance given to you. Faery friends can act as allies and be helpful with tasks related to their natural habitat, such as a Sylph acting as a weed or pest repellent for your veggie garden, or an Undine offering solutions to a polluted water course.

If you would like faeries to live by your home research online about the type of faery you are drawn to to learn their likes and dislikes or consult the faeries themselves for their preferences. Make them feel welcome. Gnomes (also Dryads, Durdalis, Earth Spirits, Elves, Hamadryads, Pans, Pygmies, Sylvestres, and Satyrs) have particular trees for specific kinds so plant herbs, plants, trees or stones they are most attracted to. Undines (also Limoniades, Mermaids, Naiads, Oceanid, Oreads, Potamides, Sea Maids) will resonate most with a water feature whether it be natural or man made. A Sylph (the classic fairies made famous in Disney movies) will have an affinity to wind chimes and windmills.

Many faeries offer aid to those who ask. How to approach a faery depends on the faery group and what your request is. A favour always requires an offering of more or equal value so always be sure to reciprocate with an offering that your faery appreciates. Faeries wish to be thanked for their efforts with libations such as fresh milk, water, wine, honey, butter or bread to show your appreciation especially for your faery. Some love strawberries with a passion but you will need to consult your local environment and consciously choose what resonates. Another way is to offer a part of your food or drink to the faeries in a small container set outside where it won’t be found by native animals.

Seeing Faeries
To see a faery learn to see with the heart and mind as well as with the eyes. Practice being open to astral or inner plane experiences, a realm not visible in every day waking consciousness. Planes of existence coexist, separated by veils of consciousness. We and other thinking creatures are able to temporarily enter these other worlds.

If you are clairsentient, meaning you can feel spirit, it is possible to converse with these fascinating beings. Most fae are very feeling based and do not trust words as a clear form of communication. So learn to sense a presence with you. My brain translates the vibration into words so I can understand it. Fae are not human. So this is more telepathy like you would use for animals.

As with all spirit communication, it takes patience and practice on both sides to perfect. There will always be information lost in translation as you come from such different worlds and will need to learn each other’s language. Can they ever really know how you felt by your description alone? Can you know the taste of a piece of fruit by a description? You may get some idea but you can never know until you taste it. This is true even with loved ones so it is important to build a rapport with your faery friend over time.

It is also possible to meet faeries in nature, although their ability to stay on our plane is as limited as our ability to remain long in the astral. Woodland streams are a good spot to hunt Undine, Sylph and possibly Gnome faeries. Choose a private, secluded spot where you and your faery folk won’t be suddenly disturbed as loud noises scare them away. They won’t enter a garden with tomatoes or cats either.

You can experiment with a simple practice that will develop your ability to slip into an expanded state of consciousness. If outside in nature sit a respectful distance from any stream, slightly shift your consciousness and focus your attention softly at the edges of the stream. Leave your eyes partially open, gazing through your eyelashes at your surroundings.

If indoors close your eyes and concentrate on an object or phrase (prayer, mantra) to the exclusion of all else. Stay still without moving a muscle and concentrate in your task. After about 20 minutes your body will be numb, you mind will tire and it will automatically send itself outward. Have a goal in mind that you would like to go to the faery kingdom.

After your visit thank anyone you met along the way and request that you be allowed to visit again. Return to your body through the top of your head (crown chakra) and back into your heart (heart chakra). Breathe deeply to ground yourself firmly back in your physical body and rub your hands together to disconnect the energy. Offer a libation to show that you are serious and believe wholeheartedly in their existence.

Psychic protection is always recommended when leaving your physical body and visiting the astral plane. Be sure you are fully protected and grounded before venturing off into the unknown.

Art by Freydoon Rassouli

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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