Do you have unresolved issues built up from your childhood? Do you hold resentments towards certain people for the harm they have done to you? Have you hurt others? Is there anything you have done to others that you regret? This is the baggage accumulated from a life time. Everyone has baggage, after all there’s no such thing as a perfect childhood! Everyone makes mistakes in their lives.

My time as a Spirit Rescue Worker has taught me that we can prepare for the transition into death. It is vital that you leave your body with as little regret, anger or fear as possible. Even the thoughts that you have when you leave can be brought through to the next incarnation so statements or oaths are carried over, often with dire consequences. How well you have dealt with your accumulated baggage and resolved your issues can make a massive difference when you transition into death.

Long held attitudes or beliefs can hold a soul back from transitioning. Emotional baggage is a great limiter preventing a soul from entering the light. Fear that their existence will end, fear of the unknown, fear of going to hell or being judged for past deeds restrict the soul’s desire to transition. Guilt can also be a reason for a soul to struggle to transition. They may feel like they have left the family or loved ones too soon and uncared for. Souls will choose to remain on the Earth plane to remain present and try to reassure loved ones.

There are things you can do in life to assist your transition:
– Connect with your soul so it feels familiar. If you have led a life deeply connected to your spiritual dimension, then you will shed the ego far easier and become pure soul.

– Let go of upsets or frustrations on a daily basis with the understanding that all happens for a reason and all are doing their best.

– Learn non-attachment from the material world. If you dedicate your life to money, the needs of the flesh and refuse to listen to your soul you will feel the rip of death much worse than if you surround yourself in love, dedicate your life to benefit others, and live as an expression of soul.

– Temper your ego and do not allow it to rule you. Learning to take personal responsibility, discernment and feeling in charge of your own destiny are aspects of the ego that are necessary for growth and development.

Work on yourself to clear negativity from your memories, emotions and thoughts translated into actions that reflect and express the soul’s gifts; purify and cleanse your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies. This negativity is stored within the body until you are ready and willing to go back and look at it. If you can see energy it will look like tar, mud or cobwebs gunking up your chakra energy centres and preventing them to operate effectively. This also drains you of energy as it requires a lot to keep the negativity contained. None of us are perfect. We all blunder along as best we can. Be at peace with who you are despite your imperfections. To have true acceptance of yourself means to love and care for yourself even when you made a mistake. Self-love is the key.

We are all so unique. There is no one way for all. We are such incredibly complex, powerful creatures with the ability to create our own reality for better or worse…Living and dead. If we are absolutely convinced of what to expect when we die then the universe endeavours to create this in order for you to feel at peace, adapting as your understanding and awareness unfolds. If you have a preconception of what the afterlife will be that is what you will experience. If you have a preconception of what tomorrow will be that is what you will experience. Out thoughts create our reality, both here and in the afterlife.

Tips to prepare for transition:
– Acknowledge your own faults and failings. Analyse yourself fairly and constructively to have an honest appreciation of who you truly are.

– Show forgiveness for those who have harmed you, remembering that they are just as imperfect as you, trying to do their best as you are.

– Practice meditation. Quiet reflection is key to a deepening of your spiritual connection and gaining an awareness of any unconscious attitudes or beliefs. Quiet ending the mind chatter also allows spiritual guidance to be detected easier.

– Practice gratitude daily. This is so very important. I have a simple prayer that I have composed specifically for my children to help them to appreciate the little things in life:
“Dear God, we thank you for all the blessings we have received, both known and unknown. We thank you for (children list the things they feel grateful for from their day). We thank you for our spirit guides who love, guide and protect us and for Jesus who lights our way. Amen.”

– Leave town as often as you can to return to nature. Walk on a beach, take a bush walk or find quiet solitude in the bottom of your garden. Alone time in nature grounds you and recharges your soul.

– Be aware of any unhealthy attitudes or beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

Life is a marathon not a sprint! It takes time to unravel the complexities of your life. Be gentle on yourself and practice loving kindness and compassion towards yourself. Love yourself. With time, practice and self-awareness the journey of life can be a many wondrous thing! Shedding the layers of our life, the accumulated baggage of our life, allows our soul to progress smoothly into the next phase.

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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