I live in Tasmania: an idyllic island full of peace and harmony, right? Wrong! During white colonisation (from 1803) there were many skirmishes between the local populations of aborigines and the white settlers. This culminated in massacres and warfare in many sites throughout Tasmania (1824-31) and resulted in what came to be known as the Black Line – where the last aborigines were hunted down and sent to an island off the coast of Tasmania. There’s so much devastation and heartbreak here. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what these people went through or how wounded and scared the land is!

When I first moved to Tasmania I was oblivious of this. I had no idea of the atrocities. My first exposure was driving through the countryside and witnessing a vision on the grassy verge on the side of the road. I witnessed a group of women, some with babies and toddlers on their hip, and old men, surprised by a group of soldiers in red who opened fire on them. It was pretty upsetting!

I took an interest in local history and started reading all I could find. It turned out to be one of the first encounters between the local aboriginal tribe and the white arrivals…a massacre. Stories vary, but it’s believed around 80 were murdered, mainly women and children. My vision proved true- what I saw were these poor women and old men, unable to protect themselves, being surprised by a bunch of aliens who could throw deadly fire! This site is returned to the local aboriginal descendants and remains sacred. And scared. I have held conversations with these spirits, but they remain to continue to tell the story to anyone sensitive enough to see; residual energy of these souls playing out this encounter over and over again.

There are earthbound spirits living amongst us. They are literally everywhere. I find the idea of haunted houses and tours rather hilarious because it makes it seem like a rare phenomenon! That is not my experience at all. It’s just that these earthbound spirits have been more active and have developed their skills to be seen or heard or felt even by the most energetically numb people.

You can have issues with earthbound spirits entering your home for loads of reasons: if it’s the house it could be built on a cemetery, reclaimed land, on the site of trauma that has left the land wounded and scared energetically. It could be the site of a battle or some other death that didn’t give the soul a chance to process what was happening to them. Then there’s ley lines, negative magnetic fields and portals where earth bounds pass through on their way to transition. So many options! 

So, what do you do if you inadvertently buy a house that is on sacred land or built near a cemetery? Here is a method to use to cleanse your home and remove and residual energy in a new home:

• Cleaning your home is actually an effective way to clear negative or disturbed emotions of the previous occupants and other negative or disturbed energies.

• Start from the farthest part of your home with anything you can physically use that has mystical properties for, such as you holy water, white candle or smudging with sage.

• Purify all entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Clean them regularly using a bucket of water, and lemon juice (5 lemons), a cup of salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean all your doors, doorknobs and windows, wearing gloves so no energy is absorbed through your skin.

• Draw or place symbols that have a deep personal connection to you. If you have a deep connection, a faith in the symbol then it is loaded with potent power and meaning. If you are adopting it because someone told you it’s good for protection, but you have no personal connection to it, then it’s just not going to be effective for you.

• Bless the land by offering a prayer to the original custodians of the land. What is used in Australia is: “I wish to acknowledge the Traditional Owners (name them if you know) of this land. I would also like to pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other communities who may be here today.”

• Throw a party! This serves to clear out the old and creates noise and celebratory energy to blow out any residual energy of the old owners.

• If you don’t want to throw a big party, clear with sound such as music, bells, cymbals and singing bowls, singing or chanting. Just walk through your home ringing a bell, chime or singing bowl to clear out any negativity in your space.
• Use the power of your intention that is loving but firm (think the tough love type!) to create firm strong boundaries around your home.

• Use a prayer for protection that deeply resonates with you and your faith. If you come from a Christian background this might be the Lord’s Prayer or Hail Mary. What’s important is the power in your voice when you say the words and the intent you give them.

• Finally, call on your angels and spirit guides. That’s what they’re there for! Each of us are assigned angels and guides before we are born to love, guide and protect us. But remember that they cannot interfere with our free will, so you need to invite them to help you.

My kids love doing a combination of these practices after I’ve cleaned the house. We have come up with our own ritual using sound, intent and prayer. They go from room to room saying “I call on my spirit guides to fill and surround this room with Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Truth” while hammering away with my Tibetan cymbals! The cymbals are rung three times in each room or until you hear a change in the resonance of the sound.

Other methods to try are:
• Hang a mirror, Christian cross or a middle eastern Evil Eye, Hamsa/Eye of Miriam/Fatima or Jewish Mezuzah at your front door to reflect negativity and keep it from entering your home, horseshoes on doors, wind chimes, or place salt around entrances or cloves of garlic on a wall. The symbol will only work if you believe in it. I personally have a Hamsa hanging in my hallway opposite the front door to deflect other people’s jealousy or negative thoughts entering the house.

• Plant a hedge of white sage along the fence in the direction of a cemetery or a source of negative energy nearby. Sage is used universally to cleanse unwanted negativity when burnt. I believe if you grow it into a hedge and program it to serve as your helper and protector it will act as a barrier to keep out any unwanted energies. You can also talk to your sage plants and ask the living plants for protection while it grows.

• Use crystals that carry spiritual protection properties, such as agate, amber, amethyst, black onyx, citrine, coral, emerald, garnet, obsidian, ruby, tourmaline. Charge your crystals with your intent and either carry them on you, wear them as jewelry, or place them around your home.

• Use a white crayon to draw symbols of protection or write a short protection prayer above or below your threshold, (like under your front door mat), above your front door and window frames. 

• Learn tools to strengthen your energetic boundaries. This includes strengthening your aura and personal boundaries so you aren’t a soft target for any old disincarnate spirit passing through your area.

If the energy remains, find a psychic healer to close any portals and clear any residual energy from the land or your home.

Your home is your sanctuary. Create a space of love and light that attracts high vibration souls who are on your path. Create a haven for you and your family.

Do you have other tips for how to prevent earthbound spirits in your home? Share your cleansing rituals with us in the comments below! 

Art by Michelle Blade

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  1. Gayle on October 2, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Love reading your Tune in! 💜

    • Debra Reeves on October 2, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      Thanks Beautiful! Much love to you.
      Love & Light, Debra

  2. Mary Allison on October 10, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    So beautiful, perceptive, and accurate! Thank you for sharing these valuable experiences, suggestions and remedies.

    All of your suggestions will work when peoplem simply apply the knowledge you have graciously shared.

    I appreciate your empathy about spirit so much, as well. I agree with you about the hilarity of most “hauntings” as a concept.

    To me, it is profound objectification when sites are used for “fun” or entertainment at the expense of those spirits still hurting, especially around certain holidays.

    You are so talented and needed in this universe, Debra. Thank you for your service.

    • Debra Reeves on October 10, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Wow Mary, that’s high praise! Thank you so much for taking time to read. I honestly love what I do so I hope it shines through in every word! We are all souls on a path to wholeness…some just need a bit more help to make it home. Much love to you!

      Love & Light, Debra

      • Mary Allison on October 20, 2017 at 5:47 am

        Debra, I just tried your purification mixture! GREAT, thank you!! 🙏

        I am curious whether vinegar could (or should chemically?) be added to possibly boost the mixture’s energy cleansing results.

        Sorry to bug you with this, but I value your expertise in these matters.

        I hope you and family are doing miraculously well.

        Light light light and love to you, for all that you do. But also for who you are. Bless you.

        Mary Allison

        • Debra Reeves on October 20, 2017 at 6:25 am

          Hi Mary, thank you so much for your beautiful words! Is the purification mixture you tried this one?

          “Purify all entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Clean them regularly using a bucket of water, and lemon juice (5 lemons), a cup of salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean all your doors, doorknobs and windows, wearing gloves so no energy is absorbed through your skin.”

          I’d personally steer clear of ammonia or any strong chemicals. But yes absolutely vinegar is so versatile and is great for this purpose. It’s more about intent really. My boys use ‘Hod Spray’! It’s blessed rain water. They absolutely believe in its power so it works.

          Much love to you! Let me know if you have any tricky housemates you need help with…of the invisible kind!

          Love & Light, Debra

      • Mary Allison on October 20, 2017 at 5:49 am

        P.S. – Your light shines through in every word that you write.

        • Debra Reeves on October 20, 2017 at 6:25 am

          Thank you Mary, that’s so sweet of you! I really appreciate it!

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