“Money is like water. It can be a conduit for commitment, a currency for love…Money flows through all our lives, sometimes like a gushing river, and sometimes like a trickle…It can carry guilt, shame and regret or rich blessings…When it is flowing, it can purify, cleanse, create growth, and nourish. But when it is blocked or held too long, it can grow stagnant and toxic to those withholding it or hoarding it…Stop the flow of money toward those people and products that demean life.” ‘The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources’ by Lynn Twist

Money is an energy exchange. The Universe is based on energy in various forms, exchanged in various ways. It is the natural flow of things. Money can be loaded with negativity due to your mindset or upbringing. Sometimes even past lives come into play to affect your perceptions of money.

Money is actually not negative or positive. Money is neutral.

Money is a form of energy exchange, a trade of an item or service for a piece of paper that can be traded for an item or service required.

If you do something for someone they reciprocate in kind, offering a fair and equal trade in the form of notes or coins. It’s as simple as that! Stripped of all our associations and negative programming money is simply a trade.

Money is not inherently evil: it’s just paper with a perceived value that enables you to obtain other things we value in other ways. So what is evil? Evil is the unconscionable, obsessive and moral bending desire for more. Evil is the bottomless, soulless and obsessive-compulsive pursuit financial success at any cost, at the expense of your authentic self. Evil is trying to buy happiness again and again until you realise that short lived imagined gratification or emotions are an illusion that can never be fulfilled.

Tune in and look at how you perceive and attract abundance in your life. I’m not talking little abundance that allows you to subsist. The intent that you send out to the Universe is exactly what you receive. If you are a loving and giving soul, as I know you to be, then you will be living in abundance! And if you aren’t then it’s time to question why not.

A block to your ability to receive money can be due to:
– Past life vows or oaths EG. A monastic vow of poverty, ascetic practices such as ritual fasting. Past lives where you squandered great wealth or lived in such abject poverty may make you obsessed with survival.
– A childhood oath EG. “I will never use money to manipulate my kids” or “My dad cares more about his work than about me”.
– Unconsciously adopting parent’s negative beliefs of money EG. Money is the source of all ill, it corrupts, the rich are not nice people.
– The myth of the starving artist EG. suffering for your art, believing art is somehow more legitimate if it is created through poverty or strife or bribing “charging for my art is selling out”
– The myth of spirituality opposing materialism EG “let go of your attachment to the material plane”.
– Self-limiting beliefs EG poverty mentality, low self esteem, feeling you don’t deserve it.
– Fear of the dark side of money EG corruption and greed.
– Influenced by your partner’s beliefs.

I have experienced shifts in fortune first hand.

In about 2005 my husband saw our beautiful psychic healer, Endra and she tapped into childhood beliefs surrounding money. Endra was the first one to introduce us to the concept that money was merely an energy exchange. My husband came home excited and shared his discovery with me. It really was one of those “Aha!” moments (I call them epiphanies) that has stayed with me.

I suddenly realised that reduced to this energy it is intrinsically positive and supporting, a loving gesture from the Universe!

I reclaimed words like abundance and prosperity in their truest sense; using this new found freedom and openness that affected every thought and action. I became more giving, more grateful with an incredible sense of being blessed and held in the palm of God’s hand. Never underestimate the impact of an epiphany!

Within days of this healing a massive shift occurred in my husband. Without any change in circumstance we began experiencing a sudden and obvious change in fortunes.

It was like a tap was turned on – more like a flood!

People were suddenly offering us money, his income jack potted overnight and where ever we went prices were discounted without our even asking. I was gobsmacked! How could a new understanding have such an immediate and dramatic effect? The shift in my husband’s ability to receive meant that he was open to abundance like never before. We were blessed with incredible abundance! And we were so very grateful!

Money, like space, is a conduit for flow. Any unbalanced expression of energy creates friction, obstruction and hinders life’s movement. How can you experience money as a conduit, as sacred flow? Be aware of the choices you make and the repercussions. Allow your money to carry your highest intentions, desires and life sustaining dreams.

There’s a difference between putting food on the table and nourishing your life – it’s about attitude, rather than money.

Do you live with a belief that there’s not enough, of scarcity? Or do you trust that the Universe will always provide? Have you tested this theory and know this to be true? Don’t get me wrong. The Universe helps those who help themselves. But when you are in partnership for the greater good the Universe will enable you in any way it can.

Money can become a conduit for your deepest aspirations and dreams. The Universe does not want you to live small, insignificant lives. The Universe seeks to enable and encourage you to be who you truly are and to experience a life that offers the greatest ability to live your highest path and purpose. Most people need to be financially supported for this to occur and so the universe is on hand to offer this assistance when or if it is asked.

When my husband and I were suddenly thrown into abundance we didn’t know what to do. Our first thrill and excitement was quickly taken over by consternation. What should we do with it all?

We had long serious conversations about it. We were all very adult about it. We didn’t want to fritter it all away. We wanted to make hay while the sun shone! So we invested every last dollar. I used to laugh about us having beer taste on a champagne budget. And we did. We hardly changed a thing. Sure we had more holidays, but we didn’t get silly. It was never an international destination. Stay small. Be frugal. And we always returned to our humble little home at the end of it.

For years I scratched my head and wondered whether we had done the right thing. Hindsight being the wonderful teacher that it is, we now see that we held so tightly and felt so undeserving of our windfall that we didn’t enjoy it or allowed ourselves greater physical comfort from it. We stayed in the same mentality of lack even when we were incredibly abundant!

Predictably the tap was eventually turned off. Without fanfare or warning, we found ourselves without any income at all. For a year! Very rapidly we watched as all that hay diminished or simply vanished in the GFC. Ironically it was easy enough to adapt to the new circumstance, because we had changed so little!

We just kept restricting and constraining and worrying about spending like we always had! I wouldn’t want the tap to be turned on again: it served no purpose for us as we were unwilling and unable to truly appreciate and share it. It was an incredible learning curve in our understanding of ourselves and each other.

I came out of this with an understanding: to be abundant is a state of mind that has less to do with your bank balance and more to do with self love. To be abundant is to feed your self and honour yours and your family’s needs.

I understood that for the Universe to assist you needed to share your blessings with others (tithing 10%) in order to allow the money to continue channeling throughout the community. With money comes responsibility; to be there for others who are struggling and to help in any way you can.

Lock it up and you cut off the energy, block it. Gratitude is fundamental. You are blessed by the Universe to enable you to be of benefit to others. Feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity and go out and try to make a difference for those around you.

And that’s the problem: if you have mental or emotional blocks to truth that represent either craving or aversion to abundance, the universe can offer you nothing. The universe cannot compromise your free will and so awaits a time when you are willing to receive.

Money does not equal abundance. Abundance is more than being financially comfortable. This is the first step to abundance but does not guarantee its success. To be abundant is different to feeling abundant, as my own story testifies. Unless we have healed the way we deal with money as the conduit for our values, ideals and passions, it is likely that we will experience money in unhealthy ways.

“There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief in lack and limitation.” Paul Zaifer

Create Abundance In You
Give yourself permission to make money. Feeling repulsed or grasping towards money are both reactions based on fear, extreme patterns crippling you from being who you truly are. Poverty and suffering are distractions that pull you away from being able to do what you love.

Healing your perception of money as an outward expression of your values, ideals and passions is likely to completely revolutionise your ability to receive abundance.

Abundance isn’t a quantifiable amount. It is an experience. When you know and trust that you have enough, that you are enough, then you will free more free, more open and loving. It automatically expands your heart and allows you not only to give but also to receive.

It feels natural to share the resources that flow through your life; your time, your money, your wisdom, your energy, to serve your highest good and the good of all. Your soul and money interests merge to create a rich, satisfying, and meaningful life.

Energy Exchange
Mother Teresa stated: “the way to know me is to know my work. I am my work.”

When you are expressing your soul gifts in a meaningful way through your career you connect with life and your higher path and purpose. You feel energised and passionate, with a newfound joy of life and a reason for being.

If you are great at what you do and are of service to your community you trade for your skill, time and effort.

By asking for a fair and equal energy exchange for your services you are not only honouring yourself, you honour person receiving also. Unfortunately it is common for people to expect services for free especially if it is artistic, creative or spiritual. Even more unfortunate is that the service will not be valued because it was given for free. We are so used to judging value by the price tag attached (IE “you get what you pay for”).

Something given as a gift or for free will not be as respected, honoured, reflected upon or cherished as highly as if it had required payment in kind. Sad but true. Allowing others to shirk their part is to reinforce their self-belief of lack. They gain ownership and responsibility of the work by exchanging your energy.

The universe wants you to shine! God wants us to be who we truly are and radiate that goodness out towards all sentient beings. You can’t do that living small. You can’t do that while telling everyone you don’t deserve gratitude and praise, acknowledgement of your gifts and worth to the world. To own your true self means to say to the Universe “I am worthy. I share my goodness and I wish to be rewarded in kind. I am part of an equal exchange of energy.”

You are a Being of Love and Light, a child of the Universe no less than the stars or the sun. How can you experience your true wealth? Feel a wealth of resources and gifts flowing through you now, always.

Live in abundance! Fling open the doors! Have the whole bowl of cherries and savour them, letting the juice run off your chin! Embrace all that you can be with the abundance to express yourself fully and explore all that life offers. Prosperity. Abundance. Plenty. These are yours.

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