“Thank you for accessing and reading my Akashic records. I found it very exciting, fulfilling and enlightening, and have not really thought about anything else since my reading, lol!

It was very detailed and accurate, with a couple of surprises thrown in such as my past life and my soul group. The realisations that the reading has brought to me about my life, particular events and memories have been enlightening to say the least! The reading has been amazing for me, as it has opened up so much about the whys and what’s in my life. I have had many memories come back to me and I understand why I felt the way I did and why things happened the way they did. I am beginning to let go too (mostly) lol! A lot of things make so much sense now and I feel more peaceful, accepting and much less frightened.

I realised that I have actually always been in tune with my higher self but doubted the messages that I received, but no more! I now have clear guidelines to work towards, and I feel I am on a very exciting path now :)”
~ Beth

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