“Thank you for your sessions they have been helpful in coming to terms with my new situation and dealing with ongoing concerns. I don’t have any real negative feedback to date so I will list a bunch of positive points I have taken from our sessions:
• The guided meditation has been helpful in getting through my day and overcoming stressful encounters.
• It has offered an alternative outlet from counselling by connecting me to my self which has aided my recovery by building on my confidence, self worth, intuition and trusting my self.
• I feel our sessions build on my ability to help myself and they do not make me feel reliant on others.
• I can take away what I have learnt through our sessions and continue to use the techniques to assist me throughout my life.
• One suggestion could be that maybe you should do a 3 session price for clients because I think each week builds on the previous and creates a stronger effect than if clients were just coming one time to try your services.” 
~ Belinda

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