This year has begun with a bang! I kicked off with a 21 day retreat in India with the incredible Chameli Ardagh. I’m still struggling to put my experience into words – it was such a deep and profoundly life changing time!!

As soon as I returned home I did a 6 week intensive online business course (definitely not my strength but hopefully you’ll see some positive changes in how I do things!) and a 7 week Hospice training to be a volunteer for palliative patience in hospital and at home. Phew!

I followed it up the retreat with a 21 day Sadhana for Durga with Chameli. My sankalpa (intention) for it was to open up my womb space and create more connection between womb and heart. I made an intention to practice drawing my energy downwards instead of only up into Spirit!

I spent my twenties trying various ways to cultivate stronger and more vibrant upper chakras. I just didn’t realise how much I had abandoned my lower chakras until recently. I am reenergising the lower chakras, drawing my attention down into my womb and then grounding my energy down through my legs and into the Earth. So I really should have guessed I could expect some…


I am suffering…bigtime!!!! Talk about discomfort with this shift in energy!!! The goddess provides the opening and shifting of blocked energy to receive even more energy flow.

For a week I had shooting, stabbing pain in my right ear and intense radiating lower back ache for absolutely no known reason. Yes. I’m in pain and I can barely walk. Ouchies!!

There’s so much of this going around: ear ache and lower back pain has been reported by so many of my friends – and all are as perplexed as me as it’s popped up without an external reason. I seem to be suffering a combination of ascension symptoms, clearing old childhood stuff and misalignment of my skeleton.

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Energy Work

I booked in to see my wonderful healer, Endra. In the meantime, a shimmy shake in the shower helped ease the pain!! At one stage my body did a spontaneous shudder that clicked and realigned vertebra all the way into my neck. So things were definitely in flow and moving where they need to be!

Endra is amazing! Endra is trained in Intuitive Massage, is the “change”. She’s studied many forms of bodywork and somatics, studying the emotional body, as well as utilising her natural gifts from past lives. Also yoga really helped her understand the importance of focus.

Endra treats the energy body and the physical body. She is able to see the underlying causes whether it be trapped memories, emotional or mental beliefs or patterns. She sees the people involved and can trigger deep healing.

What this means is that Endra helps you understand the stored emotions that caused the imbalance…meaning it won’t return!

Endra believes we are changing the information, the particles, that the universe holds when we heal. It is truly deep, beautiful work! She is AMAZING! She is my go-to girl!

Endra’s session was a revelation – as always. She starts by feeling into my aura and describing what the energy was doing. Then I lie on her table and she scans through the layers to get an understanding of any trapped memories or emotions. She sees trapped as knives, daggers, colours and as statements (old beliefs) and describes people she sees.

When Endra feels an area that needs attention she asks me to go in and describe the spot – an emotion or a colour, belief or a memory. Anything that comes up. I either get swamped by images and details or I get nothing. When I just won’t look I know it’s too painful for me. So much resistance! In those numb spaces it helps that Endra can see and describe what she sees, to helping me to stop hiding from the pain of remembering. She triggers the emotions to come to the surface to be released.

There’s so much trapped within. Argh! It’s just so excruciating to go there. Again! Sometimes it feels insurmountable. Sometimes it’s so brutal to look at again (and again and again!!). It’s depressing. When will it end?? Not this old chestnut again!!

My lower back pain remains. Two hours on the table and Endra released so much but one hip was raised about 5cm above the other! No wonder I was in so much pain!!

The emotional release was huge so hopefully my physical skeletal system will realign now. But realistically I think I’ll need another session with Endra to get through it. This is a huuuuge clearing of old beliefs that no longer serve me!

I am not a healer or a medical empath. I can’t see as Endra does. My soul gifts lie elsewhere. I value and honour Endra’s gifts! I love having such a gifted healer nearby. She is truly amazing!

Sometimes it’s too hard to do this work alone. If you feel unable or unwilling to cope please seek an empathic professional therapist or counselor? Do you need to seek professional medical assistance? Please just feel into what you need.

There are so many layers and levels to be looked at and released. But so much is released if you can just hang in there and keep doing the work. Over and over! And that’s ok.

The cracks are how the light gets in. You don’t need to be perfect. Celebrate your flaws, your brokenness and your wounds.

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Art by Tanya Shatseva

Love & Light, Debra
Professional Intuitive
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  1. Vicki on September 20, 2017 at 6:10 am

    Ear pain and lower back pain! Very, very familiar… constant ringing in my ears – for at least 25 years. Where to go now?

    • Debra Reeves on September 20, 2017 at 1:39 pm

      Hi Vicki, thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience.

      Have you had your ears checked for any underlying conditions? Are you sure it isn’t tinnitus or something medical?

      It may also be spiritual interference…

      Over the years I have had ringing ears or ear ache. It comes and goes. I understand it as clairaudience or telepathic communication with Spirit. Your ears are modified to the new vibration in order for you to tune in to Spirit Guide communication. It takes a bit of tuning! It’s just like finding the right radio station. Your Spirit Guides are fine tuning your vibrational frequency to send and receive messages with ease! It can sound like loud static or high pitched ringing until you’ve tuned in to the right frequency. If they need to physically reset your hearing devices to tune in it can be painful and cause ear ache. Your Spirit guides are assisting you to open up the channels of communication – literally and figuratively! They are helping you. If this ringing or ear ache becomes too intense just ask Spirit to tone it down a bit. It doesn’t need to be uncomfortable.  

      I am concerned that you’ve had this condition so long!! I can’t imagine what that must feel like!I hope you can find healing – whether it be through the medical profession or with a trusted therapist or energy worker.

      Much love to you.
      Love & Light, Debra

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