“Every rock, every sagebrush, every lofty pine and blazing aspen, as well as the mountain itself, was bathed in a yellowish-gold light connected to luminous threads. I felt as if I were enveloped in soft down.
‘This is not a vision,’ I said to myself. ‘I am seeing the world as it really is!'”
‘Soul on Fire’ by Peter Calhoun

Tune in with the primal forces of nature; earth, sea sky and the invisible forces of wind, air and nature devas that abound in the natural environment. If you can learn to be receptive to the subtle messages from the natural world you open yourself up to more guidance and assistance than you ever imagined. Listen with an inner hearing to sense the pulse, rhythm, heartbeat of the living world.

Each of us carries within our DNA an ancestral memory of a time when we were not separated from Creation. This original states is described in the biblical rendition of Eden, a paradise on earth where all of God’s creatures lived in harmony. Returning to this connectedness is the only way. What we now think is normal would actually be considered disgraceful in a society that has not lost it’s direct connection to the earth. An example of this is our perception of ownership of land. This concept was unheard of to Native American cultures. When they were exposed to European values the Native Americans must have found them incomprehensible.

The earth has a deep awareness that is seldom understood as it has a much slower rhythm than most humans can access. Modern life sets a frenetic pace that just seems to be speeding us up with it’s technological advances. Busy being busy is admired rather than discouraged. Feeling overwhelmed is normal. Slowing down is seen as lazy or a cop out. Living as a spiritual being we all need to choose to stop, breathe and decide what matters most to us, letting the trivialities of life fall away. To be connected means not allowing life to carry us along unconsciously and letting inconsequential distractions distract from what really matters. To be connected to All That Is means to live in harmony with life, slowing down our consciousness to match the slower rhythm of the world around us.

Stop. Sit. Breathe. Enter deeply into communion with your environment. Go deeply into your inner silence. Feel at one with all. Experience the environment around you with your senses. Be quiet and allow the bird life, insects and animals to accept your presence amongst them.

A landscape can be scarred by tragic or violent occurrences. This can be experienced as lingering emotions such as sadness, anger or fear, but those sensitive will see the event unfold as if watching a film or may encounter earth bound spirits stuck in the last moments of life and unable to move on.

Sometimes it is possible for an Intuitive to heal and restore balance in such places. Holding rituals or praying can charge the land with powerful spiritual positive energy, making the land sacred and blessed. Sometimes, however, the land does not accept the assistance and, for whatever reason, the energies stuck there are not ready to move on. The negativity of the place may feel so overpowering that any healing would be short lived as the vacuum left would soon be filled once more with negativity.

Sometimes the land will turn you away because your human vibration is incompatible with the energies of the land. Sometimes the land will warn you not to proceed for your own protection, to keep you safe and ensure you are not unnecessarily harmed. You may feel like you are walking through an energetic wall or a barrier that feels wrong to cross. It will be accompanied by an emotional response, often fear, or a physical response such as “getting the creeps” with goosebumps or your hair standing up on end, or feeling queasy or a gut response in the pit of your stomach. How do you feel? What does your body want you to do? Your body is incapable of deceit. Follow it rather than your rational thinking any day.

Jean M Auel in her Clan Of The Cave Bear series describes “When the Great Mother Earth bestows a Gift, She may expect something in return, something of equal value. When much is given, much may be expected, but how can one know what that is until the time comes? So people are leery. Sometimes Her Gifts are too much, more than one wants, but they can’t be given back. Too much doesn’t necessarily bring more happiness than not enough.”

Imagine the rape and pillage that has been wrought upon the Earth without any recompense. Imagine the earth changes currently taking place. No wonder the Earth is in upheaval after all the deep fracking, mining and oil drilling that must surely have destabilised the earth’s crust while the ecological and geological catastrophe of deforestation and large scale commercial agriculture has wrecked havoc on the atmosphere and the ozone layer. No wonder natural disasters like earth quakes, floods, tsunamis and tornados are occurring at increased intensity and frequency. To blame climate change as a natural phenomenon just seems bizarre if not arrogant. How can anyone deny the devastation humans have wrought in the past 100 years alone?

Having an attitude of caregiving, of nonviolence and sharing of the natural resources is a way of life we all need to aspire to. Living sustainably, in harmony with the immediate environment, whether it be within a city or on a property, is a case is awareness of what your surroundings need and adapting your needs to fit. I am not suggesting that in order to be spiritual you must relinquish the trappings of the modern world, living self-sufficiently off the land. This suits some but not all. We are all too unique for a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. Some of us need to remain city bound in order to shake things up from the inside! I live in a city, all be it with a small population of 200,000. Despite living in inner city Hobart, I am blessed not only with a 960sqm block to allow our animals (3 rabbits, 2 dogs, 1 cat) to roam freely but at the end of our street is a natural bush reserve that stretches all the way to Mt Wellington, looming large over the city. This is an enormous swath of natural habitat, home to wallabies and kangaroos, bird life and reptiles. We are so very lucky. I still find the energetic noise of humanity hard to escape and crave the serenity of a bush retreat to energetically stretch out in, where I can share with the creatures and nature devas of the land. But I was not blessed with a green thumb so although I would love to live closer to earth and live more sustainably with a veggie garden I will need to ask for assistance for this dream to become a reality. My gifts lie elsewhere! And that’s ok. Honouring all of us as imperfect beings, each with our own strengths and weakness, is what makes us human.

Peter Calhoun says in ‘Soul on Fire’ “At our best, we must have the consciousness of a good gardener, who loves and is in a relationship with all that is living. The gardener does not create the elements of the garden, such as water, soil and sunlight. Nor does he or she cause the plants to grow. The gardener assists in the care, nourishment and protection of all that is a part of the garden.”

There is a consciousness in nature. If you enter a forest and hug trees, when you return the trees will remember you and energetically reach out to you. There is a sacred consciousness within every mountain, river, valley and forest. The consciousness is comprised of every life form within their sphere of influence.

Each of us has a part to play. With spiritual awareness comes responsibility. This means that you have a role to play in preventing acts of harm on the environment and people around you. You also need to ensure that you use your spiritual gifts for the highest good of all and not for personal gain. A single act with pure intent has incomprehensible power, like a pebble thrown into a pond we create ripples that travel further than imagined. A simple prayer, an act of kindness, a courageous stand on behalf of the land or a ritual for healing the earth can have far reaching impact beyond our awareness. Always give thanks for what you are given and be grateful for the bounty that nature provides.

We are endowed with wondrous possibilities and can make a real difference in our world. Each of us can focus on our immediate environment to heal the damage done. We can stand up for those that can’t speak for themselves and protest to protect them. Become the caregiver and caretaker of your land. If the land has been ravaged by past indiscretions make offerings to the Nature Elementals (more on these guys another time!). They enjoy fragrant smells so burn sage or plant flowers. Explain that you are sorry for the damage done and that you wish to restore balance to the land. An agreement must be made with steps to fix the damage. Be open to hear what action is needed by you. Placing crystals can assist in the earth’s healing, planting natives to attract birds and animals and ensuring that there is sufficient natural resources for the ecosystem to return to balance. Nature Spirits are very forgiving and will work with you to see that balance is restored.

Our future is not written in stone. Just as creatures have a collective consciousness so too does all of humanity. We have the power to affect and change the mass consciousness and to create sudden and unexpected change by using our individual voices together until they are heard. The future of the planet is still up for grabs and we have the power to rewrite it. We can change our future!

Eden is found in the primal memories of all, in the roots of consciousness. It is a state of being in harmony with our Mother, the earth, and all of life. It is not too late. We can return to an Eden on earth where we feel connected and at home.

Art by John Martin

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves


  1. Rose Mary Duff on August 11, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Thank you so much for sharing and teaching to enlighten others providing greater awareness to honour our environment. I find many of my patients in disharmony, not understanding why. Thank you.

    • Debra Reeves on August 11, 2015 at 4:50 pm

      You are so welcome Rose! Whatever you practice, I hope my writing inspires you to help others. Even if they aren’t aware of it, you will be affecting change in other people’s lives.

      Love and Light, Debra

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