“I just had an Akashic Record Reading with Debra. I have put it off for a while because I thought that I would be able to do a Reading on myself. It’s alright to ask for help from others. Debra came into my life when I needed just that!
In my Reading with Debra she validated what I had always known. She gave me the hope and confidence that I was lacking. She reassured me that my life is ok and that I have nothing to fear.
I walk away from my Reading with gratitude for life and for others! I walk away with more knowledge and wisdom about what I can offer the world with my gifts and wisdom than ever before. I feel now I have more purpose to live my life joyfully, peacefully and with faith and that I am always divinely taken care of and supported by God and my spiritual team!
Thank you Debra from the bottom of my heart. You are a beautiful soul and a true angel! I recommend that any person book a session with Debra. You will walk away with some much clarity and purpose! Sat nam!”
~ Kalyan

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