Have you had a NDE where your life flashed before your eyes? Some people who have been in a car accident and lived have described seeing a film reel of their life’s major events. This is known as a life review.

Those who weren’t so lucky and did not survive will experience a tunnel of light (I described this tunnel in the last blog: What Happens When your Soul Leaves the Physical Body?). Inside the tunnel you re-experience in graphic detail everything you experienced since childhood. When we die, we not only shed our physical body. We also begin to shed accumulated negativity and pain.

During a Life Review the soul will often replay and relive the highlights, like watching a movie. Some events are viewed from another’s perspective to give the soul greater learning and understanding.

Your spirit guides assist you to review what happened during your life and the lessons learned from it. Your soul not only reviews its own experiences and choices but also discovers the effects of your choices on others during the life. The soul learns that all choices have consequences not just for the self but for everyone.

Ashley described this process in an NDE (Near Death Experience: “I was then brought to a room full of other people and their spirit guides. Each of us were standing around something like a circular table. It has a dome in the centre of the table. I looked into the dome and started my life review. I could witness and experience my life from many different perspectives. I felt what they felt from my actions, etc. from their point of view. It was hard to go through, but I knew it was to learn and grow from my time on earth. I remember hearing others cry, laugh, etc. because of what they did on Earth.

My spirit guide told me it was okay, and that we are all loved. That it was not a judgement; that we all learn best by experiencing it ourselves. God did not judge us. We are all learning beings. The hardest of judgement just came from feeling our lives from so many different perspectives. I could take as long as I wanted, it was to learn and gain empathy.

Then, I was taken to a room where the energies that had a really hard time with the life review were put to sleep to recover and heal. They were surrounded by a loving white light.”

This healing lasts several days in linear earth time, and is part of the wider process of embodying everything that you learned in your lifetime into the fabric of your soul. The negativity falls away and leaves only the learning and wisdom.

In life we can practice to develop the awareness so that we know what to do when we go through the life review. It means reflecting on life’s challenges. It means considering how we could have responded differently and improved the situation for the benefit of all. Do a daily review and resolve anything left with an emotional charge.

Every night, offer a prayer of gratitude. Review your day and see all the things you received that day – both known and unknown. Feel any hurts that you experienced or caused. Assess whether you need to do anything to resolve anything you did that inadvertently caused hurt to others.

If we can prepare to leave or body will an open mind and no resentments or regrets, we will find we transition smoothly to our next right place of expression.

What Happens When You Are Afraid?
If you’re too afraid to enter the tunnel you can delay entering and having your life review. There is no time or space in spirit so you can take as much time as you need.

You might need to be reminded that you can shed their life, the personality you created in your most recent lifetime, and stop doing the routine as if nothing has happened. You might need to remember that you are not this body. You are not this life you had. You have left this body, this life. It is finished, completed.

You might need to remember that you are not tied to the earth plane. You do not have to be tied to the Earth’s vibrations anymore. You are free! You are a divine spirit with another place to be. You are loved. You can release all pain and fear.

If being separate from the physical body feels too disconcerting the soul may decide to create a form they feel most comfortable with. Thought is creative. Think it and you manifest it. Thought creates reality much faster in spirit.

In the beginning you may experience a sense of helplessness or confusion. Where are you? Is that really you or is this really you? How can you be in both places at once? You may feel frightened or worried. It’s a lot to take in!

There is no form in spirit so whatever form they take is either symbolic of their mood or personality, or represents the form they had in their most recent lifetime if they have recreated this life, this form. This body is not the same as a physical body.

In Astral Entity Clearings I describe this body as a thought loop, recreating the soul’s most recent lifetime.This form can be temporary until they adjust or they can go into a more permanent thought loop, recreating their life for themselves and going through the motions of their life as if they are still living.

Some souls will seek comfort and security within familiar mindsets or routines; returning to the same life they led in the physical, going through the motions and doing all the same things. This is commonly called an earthbound spirit, or ghost.

You may cling on to the mindset you had on Earth. If you were angry, abusive, judgmental, addicted, depressed you will continue to experience those states of consciousness until you transmute the energies that keep you trapped in your suffering. If you were an alcoholic, you will gravitate and feel most comfortable amongst other alcoholics.

We are all soul, all beings of love and light. Some just need more help than others to find their way home. There is always a vast Spirit Team around you ready to assist you. If you become too confused and frustrated you become unable to be accessed. It’s like being in a fog of depression where no one can get to you. There is no time or space in spirit so it is just a matter of time for you to acclimatise to your new surroundings and adjust. There is no right or wrong way to do death! You have free will. You can take as long as you need.

Some souls experience it as a bliss-filled release while others need to adjust. Some souls know how to do it right away, manifesting their thoughts and feeling at peace while other souls take longer to re-orientate and adjust.

Formless Existence
After you have adjusted to your new state, you can begin to appreciate the perks of being formless. The soul feels different to having a body. Physical pain is gone. There’s also no hunger or thirst, feeling too cold or too hot. The soul may notice this immediately or it may take few days to realise, especially if they suffered long-term pain and expect it to continue in death.

There’s also an ease of movement. It takes practice to learn what a can and can’t do. The soul can’t touch or lift physical objects anymore, although some souls relearn this ability and develop skills to move physical objects.

The soul can do other things that your old physical body could not, such as passing through solid walls. As you adjust to this new weightlessness and acknowledge you are no longer alive your mind will cross to concern for your loved ones. Are they ok? How are they coping?

You realise you are capable of travelling with a thought. Time and space are meaningless. From the perspective of spirit there is no passage of time. Time is just a perceptual phenomenon for us while in physical form. To the soul the passage of time in human terms is irrelevant.

Ashley described this process in an NDE (Near Death Experience): “Heaven looks just like Earth. Unbelievably beautiful. You can travel anywhere you want just by thinking about it. Time doesn’t exist in heaven. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. The image of God is the emotion/energy of Love.”

Think of a loved one and you’re immediately with them. You may see the next room or be able to remotely view loved ones elsewhere in your family home or even thousands of miles away in another country.

You will experience this in vivid detail and you can listen and experience not only what’s said but also their and feelings. There is no longer any separation from your loved ones.

Usually, the recently deceased find it difficult to communicate, like trying to talk to someone on a radically different wavelength (imagine trying to have an existential discussion with a preschooler)! They need to practice in order to be heard by us lowly Earthlings!

Even after you die, you’ll still be with your loved ones. Without the limitations of time and space you learn you can travel with a thought. You suddenly have greater access to your loved ones. You will be able to connect and hear their thoughts, their feelings. There is no separation. You can help more and be of greater service to them when you have transitioned.

They can communicate with you through their heart and mind whenever they want. You will hear all telepathically and feel what they feel. You will receive messages telepathically from others in the spirit realm also. These messages will be profound and will help to recognise the true nature of your being.

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