What is your understanding of what we all go through when we are dying? I asked if anyone had experienced a NDE (Near Death Experience) in the SoulFull Sister Revolution. This blog shares their experiences of dying and returning to tell the tale!

Our expectations and beliefs create our reality in life as in death. I have attempted to extract the universal truths within the very personal journeys of souls crossing over fully to their next right place of expression.

Most of us know how it feels to be soul. We leave our body every single night, in sleep. When we dream, we experience another reality that can often feel as real as our daily lives. Sleep and dreams prepare us for life after death.

When we are dying it can feel similar to the half-asleep dreamlike state. We can be fully unconscious in a coma and still be aware of everything that’s going on around you. Your soul can practice shedding the physical body and becoming purely soul, consciousness without form.

Jessica described leaving her body when she haemorrhaged giving birth to her forth child: “Everything went dark and I saw myself from overhead lying on the table. It was like I was in the ceiling looking down. So so peaceful…I can only describe it as floating, fading, no pain. I felt light like air, like I could move through walls almost.”

Jane described: “I was completely surrounded in a “sea” of white. Like a thick layer of cloud that was totally weightless. And I remember the peace and still feel it. I truly can’t put it into words. I had no sense of the human world at all. I had no sense of the panicking medical staff. I was God in all its glory. Pure love and pure peace. It’s something as humans we want to achieve but even in meditation, I have never felt like this.”

Raven described: “The tunnel is more like a vacuum at first with no sound. I felt disassociated from my body. Always with no fear as pictures of my life seem to go by.”

You may experience watching the scene from the ceiling or high in the air seeing what is taking place below. As soul you may hear perfectly the conversation of the people around your physical body. People have recounted entire conversations in the same room and in different rooms and even countries after a NDE (Near Death Experience) or a coma.

Sometimes you are told to return, that this isn’t your time to die.

Danielle described going through a “wormhole” and coming back with information before it happened and told she wasn’t supposed to be there.

Blanca described: “My body floated in the air. I went to say goodbye to my mom and then to the light. It was bliss! But once close to the light, I was told to go back – I had a lot of work to do.”

Marie described returning to consciousness after three days in a coma: “Before I woke up I started to feel like I was floating/falling backwards. I didn’t see my body but I was within my body looking up to nothingness as I floated down. I remember feeling like everything felt so right and ok. It was a very reassuring feeling. And then I woke up.”

Jessica described the experience of returning to her body: “Then I was jolted awake with a breath that felt like it slammed me back into my body.”

They came back changed and lived different lives.

Marie said: “I instantly knew I was given a second chance and that God or the Universe did this so I could live to tell my story and help others. I felt that the moment I woke up and even through all the confusion and I never looked back.”

Jane said: “I do have a very different perspective on life. And people don’t get it – sadly!”

Sometimes the body is too injured to accommodate a soul anymore.

Sometimes the soul remains out of the body and cannot return. If your body is unable to heal and sustain life, you will gradually spend more and more time away from your body. As you adjust to life as a soul, the ties to your physical body lessen. Your loved ones will feel the change and will feel you slipping away. They will feel the absence of your soul and the shell in the bed that is your physical body.

In my time as a clinical pastoral carer and hospice volunteer, I was taught that it is best for family and friends to share stories, memories and for the mood to be as uplifted as possible to assist the soul. By focusing on happy memories that bring joy the soul will be less resistant to leaving, knowing their loved ones will be ok.

If the soul is leaving children behind or feels concerned for their loved ones they are leaving, they may need their express permission and to let go before the soul relinquishes ties completely.

Dying loved ones often need encouragement to fully cross over.

They feel guilty for leaving and feel our pain and grief acutely. Reassure them that you are ok and that although you love them and miss them you know it is for their highest good to leave the earth plane and go to their next right place of expression.

Any resentments, guilt or unfinished business will make it harder for the soul to leave the body easily and can prevent the soul from transitioning fully to their next right place of expression. They need to be forgiven from anything they feel they did wrong in their most recent lifetime. They need to know they are safe and everything is ok so they do not need to fear crossing over.

On our death bed we need reassurance and love. Everything is going to be ok. The dying need to know they are loved and will be desperately missed, but that their loved ones will be ok.

If you can move through any fears, you will relax and watch in awe at what is taking place below you. After the initial shock wears off you will feel any fear subside and a sense of peace and joy.

The soul stays in a blissful state feeling safe. You might hear music, see beautiful coloured lights, or see their loved ones hovering nearby waiting for the soul to join them. It is common to see the dying make eye contact and register emotions on their face, seeing someone in the room that the living can’t see. The soul is lovingly prepared so that the transition will be as smooth and easy as possible.

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