Have you ever wondered what will happen when you die? Have you wondered how it feels to slip inextricably from your skin, your flesh and bone, and drift away? Do you believe you will just disperse into the universe as stardust, one with all that is? What do you believe?

If you have wondered how it feels to be a soul and explored this question then you will probably have very little fear around death and dying. If this is a new inquiry then breath deeply and feel into what you fear most. We have so many fears around death and dying, mainly because we have not been exposed to he process of dying in a real and practical way.

With the ever-present threat of COVID-19 death and dying have been brought out from the shadows and cast a spotlight on the inevitability of our demise. Covid continues its relentless march through so many countries, a horrific wave that is taking far too many far too soon.

We all need to be prepared to lose loved ones, and possibly our own death. No one is immune (even if you’ve had a vaccination). We are all going to die one day.

Death does not bring enlightenment. Death does not bring an end to suffering. Your expectations and beliefs create your reality in life as in death. Whatever you create in your consciousness on Earth goes with you.

We all need to prepare now so that when it is your time to die you can surrender to the process and slip easily from your physical body, onwards and upwards to your next adventure!

Your energy never dies. Preparing while living through meditation, lucid dreaming and spiritual practices and exploration will help death feel more familiar, less disconcerting and frightening.

Death is just a change from one form to another, one dimension to another. We all need to have an expectation of what is to come and to prepare for death as an inevitability.

How will you die? Will you fight it or will you accept it? Do you have a lot of fear (terror?) around death in general and your own death in particular.


Near Death Experiences

I have never had a near death experience (NDE). I have only ever travelled into spirit with a fully functioning body vehicle still attached! My understanding of what happens after you die is based on the experiences, the testimony, of earthbound spirits who left their bodies and could never go back.

I have spent thirty years as a Spirit Rescue Worker assisting souls who had died without fully realising their new state. They felt abandoned, ignored, lost and confused. Some of these souls sought comfort and security within familiar routines, returning to the same life they led in the physical, going through the motions and doing all the same things.

Others preferred the security and energy of joining loved ones and like-minded people – becoming astral entities enmeshed within other people’s energy bodies.

When I conduct Astral Entity Clearings for people, we honour the astral entity as soul and give them our undivided attention. We tell them we see them, hear them and acknowledge them. We blast them with love and reassurance so any concerns fall away and they can cross over fully to their next right place of expression.

I have also researched other people’s firsthand experiences to build a better picture of the most common experiences in death. There’s been an explosion of channeled teachings, after-death communications, insights from near-death experiences (NDE’s), reports of hypnotic regression and even scientific research into past lives. It is now possible to put together a clear picture of what happens when we die.

Life after death seems to be increasingly accepted in the collective and with each person stepping forward to share their story life after death is shifting away from belief and into fact. However, it’s tricky to describe this journey.

Our personal expectations and beliefs create your reality in life as in death.

Everyone is unique so everyone’s journey into spirit is also unique. The descriptions of these souls are threaded with their own uniquely personal stories. Our expectations and beliefs create our reality in life as in death, so I hope this conversation can help you to explore your beliefs of what will happens when you die.

In the coming weeks we will explore my understanding of what we all go through when we die. Our expectations and beliefs create our reality in life as in death, so in the next Blog ‘Experimenting Leaving your Body’ I have attempted to extract the universal truths within the very personal journeys of souls crossing over fully to their next right place of expression.

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