Are you preparing for your own death and the death of those close to you? Death is inevitable but most of us don’t put any thought into it. We banish it to the backs of our minds, out of sight out of mind. We somehow go through life ignoring this transition will come.

Buddhist religion prepares for death. A Buddhist wants to leave their body fully conscious and without any thoughts that would hold them back. In order to be fully conscious, we need to be drug free and lucid. A Buddhist may choose to die without loved ones present in order to ensure the pain and sadness of loved ones doesn’t distract them from their soul’s journey.

If you are conscious at the time of death, you will feel weightless and ecstatically happy. The soul feels no pain or sadness, only bliss and oneness with the all that is. This is the ideal. This is what meditators and spiritual practices are trying to help us to achieve.

If you are given drugs you might experience a fog of blackness instead of light. I asked if anyone had experienced a NDE (Near Death Experience) in the SoulFull Sister Revolution. Marie described having a drug overdose: “I remember I kept falling and fainting and blacking out. He took me to the emergency room where I continued going in and out of consciousness until I fully lost consciousness. I remember how dark and empty it was. It was the most silent of silence I had ever heard in my life. Even though it sounds like it would be scary it wasn’t. I had this sense of peace and acceptance. It was just a black void with no sound or no light just feeling.”

There is no pain at the time of death even if we die in the most violent, horrific way. Bliss envelopes us at the time of passing – or before. Chances are our soul has already left the body when we were attacked and will remain at a safe distance witnessing what is taking place but feeling detached and unharmed.

Pain comes when we resist the pull and try to fight the transition. Sometimes our physical body is in such poor shape we need to resort to medication to allow our body relief in our final days or hours. If we can relax and make peace with our inevitable death, much of the suffering will reduce.

Even when in a drug-induced death we experience the same peace and comfort. Marie described this process in an NDE (Near Death Experience) as feeling: “I remember feeling like everything felt so right and ok. It was a very reassuring feeling. And then I woke up. I was obviously confused and didn’t realise where I was at first.”

If we are unconscious at the point of death we may wake as soul and be disorientated. If we register what has happened it feels like a pause in consciousness in a sleep-like state, shifting from asleep to awake. Slowly consciousness will return. At first you may realise you are separated from your physical body and not solid but suddenly expanded and lighter.

You may feel yourself rushing up. It might feel strange at first because you will not be looking from the perspective of your physical eyes but from a new vantage point, separate from your physical body.

The scenery will change and you may see a brilliantly lit tunnel. Your experience of the spirit realms is created by your expectations and beliefs. We create our reality in life as in death. How you lived your life and your consciousness is exactly what you will experience when you transition.

The tunnel is blindingly bright. You can barely look at it much less see what lies beyond. If it is your time to die you may feel it pulling you weightlessly towards it but you feel no fear.

Ashley described this process in an NDE (Near Death Experience): “I was no longer my body. The next thing I saw was a bright loving light. It looked like a million light bulbs close together forming one huge loving light. I went towards it and was pulled through to a place where I remember feeling peace and love beyond measure. I was then welcomed by so many people I knew and loved! Some were people I knew only in heaven before coming to earth. The love and happiness was so strong! I don’t remember seeing bodies, only energies or auras. We communicated telepathically. They were surprised I was there so soon.”

If you are blessed with awareness and consciousness before you die you may see beings waiting to welcome you. These beings will depend on your expectations. Spirit wants us to feel safe and as secure as possible in such a radical, potentially traumatic, transition. These beings will be carefully chosen to be whoever will make you feel most safe.

If you believe that you will be greeted by Jesus at the pearly gates then you will create that reality but it’s just as easy for you to create the gates of hell! Angels may await to accompany you onwards. Exuding powerful energy, they may hover above, a reassuring presence filling you with ever greater love and bliss. These angels shimmer with light and had a thick translucence. They will guide you towards the blazing light before you.

You may see loved ones waiting for you. Incredibly, it will be crowded with beings of light instantly recognisable as loved ones or ancestors ready to welcome you. Whoever is waiting to welcome you will make you feel so much love, so much excitement like a long-awaited reunion.

You feel an overwhelming sense of peace and a flood of love that erases any fear. You may long to stay here, to be with them and loose all desire to return to your body, your life on the earth plane. If it is your time to die, they will welcome you in. If you need to return to your physical body they will lovingly greet you then redirect you back to the earth plane, to your physical body.

Next blog I will cover the next step in the journey – The Life Review

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